MPREIS Puts First-Ever Hydrogen Truck into Service

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Jan23 MPREIS Puts First-Ever Hydrogen Truck into Service

As per reports, MPREIS puts the first-ever hydrogen truck into service. The Tyrol-based Austrian food store has successfully launched its first hydrogen truck, the first in Austria as well as the first of the company’s vehicle fleet, which will progressively be converted to fuel cell trucks. The vehicle is fuelled by MPREIS’s green hydrogen.

MPREIS, which has always been a leader in environmental preservation and sustainability, produces green hydrogen. The Tyrolean family-owned firm is one of Austria’s largest solar operators and was the first in Europe to build a passive home supermarket.

The hydrogen-powered vehicle will be refueled at the company’s headquarters in Völs, which includes a hydrogen refueling station. MPREIS’s H2 station is also Austria’s first H2 filing station, complete with a trailer filling station.

In March 2023, MPREIS puts first ever hydrogen truck into service. This makes the Tyrol-based local grocer Austria’s first medium-sized firm to begin carbon-neutral and emission-free delivery of products to its stores.

HYZON Motors tweet | Jan23 MPREIS Puts First-Ever Hydrogen Truck into Service

Following a successful testing stage, MPREIS will progressively replace diesel vehicles with fuel cell trucks, therefore pursuing the company’s decarbonization. Moreover, it is Europe’s most robust hydrogen filling station.

HYZON Motors produced MPREIS’ first hydrogen truck. The HYZON truck delivered to MPREIS is the HYZON Hymax 250, which has been customized to meet MPREIS’s requirements. JuVE AutoMotion will be the exclusive supplier of Hyzon vehicles for the whole Austrian market, supplying up to 70 hydrogen trucks to MPREIS.

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The MPREIS H2 truck is estimated to save 65,000 kg of CO2 per year. The 19-ton H2 truck takes 39 kgs of hydrogen to fill its tank, and with a full tank, the hydrogen fuel cell truck can travel around 450 km. Each hydrogen truck reduces emissions and saves approximately 25,000 liters of diesel per year.

Ever since 2016, MPREIS has been working on the project to produce green hydrogen. MPREIS Sustainable Energy Solutions was established under the supervision of project developer Ewald Perwög. As MPREIS puts first-ever hydrogen truck into service, the company showcased its dedication and leadership in conducting sustainable business.

Source: HYZON Motors

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