Ola Diamondhead Review


The Ola Diamondhead represents a transformative change in electric motorcycles, showcasing an innovative design powered by sustainable energy.

Ola Electric is yet to launch the Diamondhead, a dynamic addition to the world of electric motorcycles. As a supersport bike, its distinctive aesthetics and advanced features set it apart from traditional ones. If you’re a superbike enthusiast looking forward to the arrival of a new trendsetter, this article is for you. Dive into the Ola Diamondhead review to discover the bike’s estimated mileage, top speed, specs and pricing.

Ola Diamondhead Review

Ola Electric has been creating breakthroughs in the fast-evolving field of electric motorcycles with its revolutionary new technologies. The Ola Diamondhead is the most astounding among four motorcycles unveiled by Ola. It is distinguished by its distinctive design and superior technologies. This SuperSport electric bike defies standards with its unusual features, which have attracted the interest of enthusiasts and riders. 

Ola Diamondhead Launch Date 

The Ola Diamondhead is an advanced featured bike, and while there’s anticipation for a release by the end of 2024, Ola has not confirmed any official release dates for their motorcycles, but it is believed that the company intends to announce the official release date well in advance and will begin pre-booking procedures ahead of time.

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Ola’s Electric Motorcycle Look and Features 

  • The Ola Diamondhead lacks the normal front forks seen on regular motorcycles, which are dual telescopic or USD forks. 
  • Instead, the front wheel is supported in place by a new swingarm-like mechanism
  • With its domed windscreen, wide adjustable clip-on handlebars, a one-of-a-kind Lightbar Headlight, and LED tail lighting. 
  • Its adjustable foot pegs and handlebars provide flexibility for riders. 
  • Its advanced hub centre steering emphasises an enhanced control system.
  • The Diamondhead’s design, characterized by straight and forceful lines, incorporates simplicity, shape, and utility, making it appear constantly in motion. 
  • The Diamondhead’s simple design ensures that the rider is always focused on the core riding experience. 
  • Even the main headlamp can be seen above the front bumper, giving it an extremely stealthy, aerodynamic shape. 
  • While its underlying platform is distinct from Ola’s other models, its dual discs on the front wheel, a single disc on the rear wheel, and a slightly bent mono shock are notable.
  • Unlike most motorcycles with chain drives, the Diamondhead motor is connected to a unique belt drive system. 
  • When activated, it has a hidden digital console beneath a retractable cover that gives consumers access to their ride statistics.

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Ola Diamondhead Top Speed and Range

Electric motorcycles, like the Ola Diamondhead, are becoming more advanced, offering greater speed and range than ever before. This motorcycle offers rides that outperform many of its competitors, with an estimated top speed of 130 to 150 kilometres per hour.

In terms of range, the Ola Diamondhead is expected to cover over 300 kilometres on a single charge, demonstrating its potential as a trustworthy companion for long journeys. As with any upcoming release, it’s crucial to note that these are anticipated figures, and the actual specs may vary once the motorcycle is officially launched.

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Ola’s Electric Motorcycle Specs

OLA Diamondhead review 1
Pic Credit: Ola electric

In this Ola Diamondhead Review, we delve into the eagerly anticipated electric bike’s potential features and specifications. Rumours suggest that it may include a quick charging option, promising a substantial range per charge. Although Ola has yet to officially announce the bike’s specifications, various unofficial reports predict the following:

Vehicle and Motor TypeElectric Motorcycle
Drive SystemBelt Drive
Estimated Top Speed130-150 kph
Anticipated Bike RangeOver 300 km on a single charge
Charging TypeFast Charging
Wheel Size17-inch (Front and Rear)
Tyre TypeTubeless (Front and Rear)
Brake System (Front)Dual Disc
Brake System (Rear)Single Disc
Wheel DesignAerodynamic Cowl Rear Wheel
Head LampLightbar Headlight
Tail LampLED

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Ola Diamondhead Estimated Price

The Ola Diamondhead, which is estimated to cost around Rs 3.50 lakhs, provides a glimpse into the future of motorcycling making it an appealing option for fans looking forward to the next phase of two-wheelers. The on-road price, which includes additional fees such as RTO registration, road tax, and car insurance, is naturally expected to be higher. Estimates are subject to change depending on location, dealership, and any ongoing deals or discounts. Ola is expected to formally reveal the exact pricing details for the Ola Diamondhead in the coming months.

In this Ola Diamondhead review, we delved into its distinctive look and specifications. The motorcycle features a dome-shaped windscreen, wide clip-on handlebars, and an eye-catching LED strip headlight. Nevertheless, the estimated price of the Ola Diamondhead is competitive, even when compared to some high-end gasoline-powered superbikes. For more EV-related content, keep exploring our website.

Note: The model mentioned in the blog has not been launched in the market. All information mentioned here is sourced from market research, with no assumptions from our side. While current specifications and pricing are based on market speculations, we recommend checking the official site or our blog for the most recent updates.

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