Portable Solar Panel Stand

Setting up a solar panel system is beneficial for years to come. There are portable stands available for setting up small solar panels. Get to know about them for setting up your portable solar panels.

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portable solar panel stand
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Having a portable solar panel system comes in handy when you are on the move mostly. It is also beneficial for outings and camping or hiking because you will have power for lighting and other important electrical applications. But you cannot carry the panel around just like that. A portable solar panel stand is made for this. You can use it for placing the solar panels and rest assured. Would you like to know about the portable and small solar panel stand?

What is a Solar Panel Stand?

It is a frame on which solar panels are installed and is also known as a solar panel holding stand, panel stand, or mounting structure. Mostly it is used on rooftops, but you can use it on the ground too. Basically, there are 5 types of solar stands.

  • Ground Mounted Racks are among the most commonly used stands. You can set up multiple modules together with this stand, but it requires more space.
  • Roof Mounted Racks are the best fit for rooftops. These stands do not take up much space and use unused space too.
  • Side-of-Pole Mounted Racks are considered best for the remote solar lighting system. It is another pole mount variant, but the support is given on the sides.
  • Top-of-pole mounted racks are used to anchor solar panels on poles. The structure of the rack is fixed to the ground, adjustable to different shapes, and commonly used in public areas.
  • Tracking System Mounted Racks are adjustable solar stands that can be used in tracking and solar water pumping systems. One-axis and Two-axis are its types where the first one measures the motions of the sun and the latter consists of a photovoltaic concentration system. The two axes stand has trackers to track the daily and seasonal positions of the sun.

Portable Solar Panel Stand

Portable solar panels are small solar panels that you can easily carry around. Similarly, a portable solar panel stand is an easy-to-carry stand on which you can set up the solar panels. Using solar panel stands is beneficial in the following ways.

1. Ground Mount

  • In this type of solar panel stand roof penetration is not required, and it is easy to maintain.
  • Being fixed to the ground they cool down easily and are installed safely.
  • You get a great energy output.

2. Pole Mount

  • It requires less space and can be easily adjusted.
  • You can install it with a sun-tracking system
  • In outdoor spaces, it can be installed seamlessly.

3. Roof Mount

  • Many materials are not required for installation.
  • Installation costs are low.

These are a few solar panel mounts you can choose from-

1. Renogy 28in Adjustable Solar Panel Mount Brackets, with Foldable Tilt Legs

Renogy 28 inches solar panels stand
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The stand is compatible with mounting on vehicle roofs and other flat surfaces and is designed for off-grid systems. You can optimize its performance by tilt-positioning the solar panels while the vehicle is at rest. Reposition it to the flat when the vehicle is moving.


  • Quick assembly with precise hole placement and stainless-steel fasteners
  • Compatible with 100 watts Renogy solar panels


Dimension: 27.95*1.97*0.98 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds (1.58 kilograms)

2. ECO-WORTHY 28-inch Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount with Folding Legs

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The Eco-Worthy stand is flexible and adjustable which helps in increasing the efficiency of solar panels by up to 25% by tilting the panels. Reposition the panels to flat when the vehicle is moving.


  • This portable solar panel stand is easy to install with precise hole placement and stainless-steel fasteners.
  • Applicable for off-grid solar systems, marine, recreational vehicles (RV), sheds, roofs, motor homes, etc.
  • The stand is made from rust-free aluminum alloy. It makes it long-lasting and durable to withstand all climatic conditions.
  • Compatible and supports most brands of solar panels from 100 watts to 200 watts.


Dimension: 14.76*28.03*28.03 inches

Package Dimensions: 32.13*2.91*2.36 inches

Weight: 3.39 pounds (1.53 kilograms)

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Small Solar Panel Stand

A small stand is precise for holding small solar panels. They are adjustable and enable easy inclination of the panel for it to receive maximum sunlight.

Solar Panel Bracket – Small

Smal solar panel stand
Image from voltaicsystems.com

You can attach this small solar panel stand to any vertical or horizontal pole or even a vertical pipe. It is small and portable.


  • Compatible with solar panels of 1 Watt (P101) Voltaic urethane and 2-Watt (P102) urethane.
  • Rugged and withstand high winds and rough weather conditions.
  • Mounting hardware is not provided in the package.


Material: 2.5 millimeters 6063 Aluminum

Weight: 1.90 oz. (54 grams)

Horizontal Angle: 40°

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Flexible Solar Panel Stand Materials

By the term flexible here it means adjustable. The solar panel stands that you can easily adjust as required are available online and in markets. For a good solar panel stand its material should be considered as they make a huge difference in the longevity of the solar panel. It should have good quality material that is durable. Factors determining a good solar panel stand:

1. Rustproof

Most solar panel stands, including the flexible solar panel stands, are made from galvanized steel and their finishing involves a rust-proof coating.

2. Long-life

Stands with good-quality materials are made to last for years. This is possible by using the latest technologies and techniques. Along with a material that lasts for at least 25 years. However, the life of any product depends on its maintenance also.

3. Universal Design

The design of all solar panel stands, including portable solar panel stands, must fit universally. This means the stand must be adaptable and compatible with a variety of solar panel brands.

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Solar Panel Stand For Camping

You need a minimum of 120 watts to 150 watts of solar panels for camping. But increasing the wattage will give you extra power to meet the energy requirements like a cellphone charger or an extra LED light. For small solar panels, you need small portable solar panel stands that can easily be mounted on the roof of your vehicle.

1. RV Solar Panel Kit Tilt Mount Brackets

Image by au.renogy.com

This is suitable for rooftops or vehicle roofs for mounting a 100-watt solar panel. The stand is easily adjustable and has stainless steel fasteners.


  • Adjustable solar panel mounting brackets are designed for off-grid solar systems.
  • Compatible with Renogy Solar panels under 100 Watts.
  • Quick to assemble with precise hole placement and stainless-steel fasteners.
  • Recommended for flat surfaces or on top of RV (recreational vehicle).


Dimension (tilt bracket): 14.57*0.79*0.98 inches

Dimension (fixed bracket): 27.95*1.97*0.98 inches

Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.58 kilograms)

Warranty: 1-year material warranty

2. Solar Panel Roof Drill-Free Corner Bracket Mount

Sola rpanel roof drill: Portable Solar Panel Stand 6 image by au.renogy.com
Image by au.renogy.com

This solar panel stand for camping is lightweight and provides drill-free mounting to flat surfaces. With an air gap between the surface and the panel, the temperature of solar panels will be maintained. With this portable solar panel stand you can mount the solar panel on caravans, RVs, boats, and even motor homes.


  • Long lasting high-quality ABS construction that is also non-corrosive
  • Drill-free mounting with easier and more flexible installation.
  • 100% recyclable and ultraviolet resistant
  • Suitable for any aluminum-framed solar panels and compatible with all Renogy solar panels.
  • Suitable for flat aluminum, wood, or GRP material roofs


Material: Resistant ABS plastic

Dimension (side bracket): 7.0*4.6*2.3 inches (length*breadth*height)

Dimension (corner bracket): 5.9*5.9*2.3 (length*breadth*height)

Weight: 7.2 oz (204.11 grams)

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty

So, now you know about the range of portable solar panel stands available in online stores. You can choose the one that suits your solar panel. Remember the factors that are necessary for a good solar panel stand even if you are buying a small solar panel stand.

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