Eco-Dynamic Tech has introduced Artpiece, a solar awning designed specifically for recreational vehicles (RVs). It is lightweight and provides shade along with increasing the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle through its vibrant colorways. The awning is bifacial and equipped with highly efficient heterojunction cells. It generates approximately 8,000 watt-hours of clean energy per day. With a peak power of 1040 W, this solar canopy combined with RV battery storage can power numerous devices. It is available on pre-order in the United States for $2,999 with shipping expected to start in December 2023.

Eco-dynamic Tech, the Illinois-based startup, has launched a rollout 1000 W solar awning to power your RV. It is lightweight and can generate around 8,000 watt-hours per day, according to the company’s website.

Due to its beautiful patterns in colorways like Peacock Blue, Apple Green, and Narcissus Purple, it is named Artpiece. It has integrated LED lights and can provide shade as a canopy along with providing clean energy.

The awning is equipped with heterojunction (HJT) cells that are both flexible and highly effective, blending crystalline silicon with thin-film silicon. It is bifacial which enables the absorption and production of electricity from both sides. The awning offers:

  • Peak power around 1040W
  • Operating current 9.6 A
  • Optimal operating voltage 108.3 V

The 1000 W solar awning Artpiece sits on aluminum brackets and can be rolled up in seconds using an electric motor. You can also do it either by manual rolling or wireless control even from a distance of up to 115 feet (35 meters). According to Eco-Dynamic Tech, the awning is chemical, water, and UV resistant.

The company recommends pairing the awning with battery storage in the RV for 8 hours of sunlight, to power the following things.

ProductWattageHours (Time for which it will be powered)
Air conditioner300 W26.6
Coffee maker500 W16
DVD player300 W26.6
Electric grill1500 W5.3
Fan40 W200
Hair dryer1000 W8
Laptop220 W36.3
LED lights5 W1600
Microwave1000 W8
Oven2800 W2.85
Refrigerator150 W53
Television200 W40

At the moment, the pre-sale price currently for the product at 25% off is $2,999 and is exclusively available for pre-order in the United States. Shipping of the Artpiece, solar canopy in multi colorways is expected to commence in December 2023.

Measure the side of your RV where the awning will be and send the dimensions to the company. It will ship the free solar awning to a local installation site (TBD) near your address, where a professional will attach it to your RV.

Source Artpiece for RV


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