Private Schools in Jamshedpur Become Sustainable by Adopting Green Buildings


Whatever damage has been done by us to the environment let our next generation not take after us. We all expect them to be the best possible version of themselves thus, teaching them ways to sustainable living is the need of the hour. This is why private schools in Jamshedpur have adopted green buildings as a step to educate kids students about renewable energy and their benefits. The school management believes that this will encourage children to educate their families and neighbors about the same. This can further lead to the adoption of solar energy systems in local by households as well.

In an inspiring move, numerous private schools in Jamshedpur have chosen to embrace solar energy, not only to reduce their electricity consumption but also to serve as an inspiring model for their students and the wider community. These institutions are promoting renewable energy by installing solar panels on their rooftops. Not only does this help them save on electricity bills, but it also serves as inspiration for the next generation to believe in and adopt green energy.

Before this, other schools including DBMS English School, J.H. Tarapore School, Jusco School Kadma, Motilal Nehru Public School, St Mary’s English High School, and Tarapore School Agrico have already adopted solar energy systems.

Ashu Tiwary, the principal of Motilal Nehru Public School, said, “This is the future. It is a 40 kVA power source that we generate, and it is sufficient for school hours. We use the bare minimum at night. We have installed the panels in summer this year.”

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DBMS English School in Kadma also installed solar panels about two years ago, resulting in significant electricity savings over that period. The J.H. Tarapore School in Dhatkidih had installed renewable energy sources long before the pandemic hit, making the entire school self-reliant and environmentally friendly.

Lata Sharat, principal of J.H. Tarapore School, said, “Students will eventually practice what they see and as responsible citizens, they will inspire change by educating their family and friends about green energy.”

Private schools in Jamshedpur have adopted green buildings and in this context Gaurav Anand, climate change activist, said, “Institutions going solar means a positive change. Schools are an ideal place because they have a lot of open yet unused spaces like rooftops. It creates a lesser carbon footprint helping those in the vicinity of the building. Government schools should also start using renewable sources of energy.”

Source: Private Schools In Steel City Choose Green Buildings To Save Energy

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