REC Solar Panel Review: Are They Good?


These are renowned for their exceptional quality and appealing features.

With a strong reputation for producing high-quality products and a loyal customer base, REC is a trusted name in the solar industry. In this REC solar panel review, we will explore its products and services. Our goal is to provide you with insights to help you make an informed decision for your renewable energy needs.

REC Solar Panel Review

Let us start with the REC solar panel review. REC Group is a famous Norwegian solar panel manufacturer. It has produced several millions of solar panels, generated gigatonnes of solar energy, and given solar power to millions of people since its inception in 1996. REC has operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia, with the majority of its panel manufacturing taking place in Singapore. REC solar panels are not only high-quality but also affordable. You may anticipate paying the national average cost per watt for your REC solar panel installation. One of the features that distinguish the REC solar panels is their award-winning half-cut cell technology.

REC is one of the solar industry pioneers and a main trailblazer of solar-powered PV innovation. Some of the most energy-efficient solar panels on the market are REC’s cutting-edge Alpha series panels, which feature high-performance heterojunction cells. These panels have elevated REC to the same level as the best manufacturers in the world. In the highly competitive solar energy-based market, the reasonable REC Twinpeak and N-top boards have extraordinary incentives in cash and are upheld by a 20-year product warranty and above average 25-year performance warranty.

Let us have a look at REC solar panel specifications to understand the review better.

  • Power Rating: 360 – 450 Watts
  • Efficiency: 19.5% to 22.3%
  • Cell Type: N-type and Heterojunction
  • Price Range: Medium to High
  • Product Warranty: 20 years
REC solar Panels– REC Alpha Pure and Pure-R
Pic Credit: REC

To get a more in-depth review of REC solar panels, let us have a look at their range.

REC offers various ranges to appeal to its customers. They all have some unique specifications that make them highly proficient. Let us have a look at the different REC solar panel ranges offered by them.

1. REC Alpha Pure Series

One of the panels with the highest performance is the REC Alpha Series. One of the best features is the half-cut cell technology which provides advanced cell technology with more wiring to improve the flow of electrical current.

The Alpha Pure series represented the next phase of HJT half-cut cells. The pure series boosts the efficiency from 21.7% to 21.9% by adopting gap-less cell technology and adding an additional row of cells. The Pure series’ innovative 132-cell format is slightly taller than the Alpha series, which is constructed on the classic 120-cell architecture.

The solar panels use lead-free production which means eliminating lead from all components, including cell interconnections and junction boxes. They can produce 226 watts/m², with solar panel power reaching upto 470 Wp. If you are looking for a 400 W REC solar panel, you can take a look at its features and make a purchase.

2. REC Alpha Pure R

The new Alpha Pure R series from REC is constructed on an entirely new 80-cell configuration, resulting in a broader and shorter panel and increasing efficiency to an outstanding 22.3%. Power output is also increased from 305Wp to 327 Wp whereas the maximum power density is 20.70 W/ft². 

3. REC N-Peak 2 Series

The REC N-Peak Series is designed for high efficiency and high-power output for maximum use in small areas. The second-generation N-Peak 2 panels with up to 375W power output are priced in the mid to high range. The original N-peak series were REC’s initial panels, using high-grade N-type silicon cells and PERT design. Panels with more expensive N-type cells are often more costly, costing roughly 20% more than standard mono panels. However, the greater price tag comes with improved performance and efficiency, as well as decreased degradation during the panel’s lifetime.

In addition, the N-peak 2 panels have a stronger frame structure with extra support bracing across the back of the panel, as well as a longer 20-year product warranty and an upgraded performance warranty with 92% retention capacity after 25 years.

The REC N-Peak Series and the REC N-Peak Black Series are the two model types of the N-Peak Series. The black Series offers a sleeker look with a black back sheet and black frame, making the entire panel look cohesive. The power output of its models are:

  • REC N-Peak 2 Series: 360-375 Wp
  • REC N-Peak 2 Black Series: 360-370 Wp

4. REC TwinPeak Series

Based on the REC TwinPeak technology, the TwinPeak 5 offers a more powerful result for each square foot compared to the original TwinPeak plan. It has a 20-year product warranty and 25-year linear product warranty which comes with 0.5% warranted annual panel degradation. It has high panel efficiency and due to its p-type mono variant nature, power output is impressive as well. The power output of its models are:

  • REC TwinPeak 5 Series: 395 to 415 Wp
  • REC TwinPeak 5 Black Series 390 to 410 Wp

Considering this REC solar panel review, if you are confused about buying it or not then do not worry. REC solar panels are an excellent choice. Being a reputable company is another reason to choose REC since you can count on them to provide customer service. Since you cannot buy REC solar panels for a DIY project, you need to work with a solar company to install these particular panels. They will also help you to determine if they are the cheapest option in terms of cost per watt for a solar installation.

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REC Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel effectiveness is the level of energy the solar panels can retain from the sun and transform it into usable power. The industry average is between 15%-20%, whereas REC solar panels’ efficiency ranges roughly between 17% – 23%, putting them on the top of the efficiency scale. Next up, we will look at REC solar panel prices to see if they fit your budget or not.

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REC Solar Panel Price

JAN23 Solar panel new price 7

Like any solar panel that should be installed by a professional, the price changes from state to state and, surprisingly even by various solar companies in light of installation costs. You can get the best price for REC panels in your area by taking advantage of local incentives and the 30% federal tax credit by working with a reputable solar installer. You can expect REC solar panels priced between $2.40-$3.60 per watt, making them a reasonable cost range. Now, let us check out the REC solar warranty in the next pointer.

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REC Solar Panel Warranty

For any large purchase, warranties are highly important to ensure you are covered in case of system failure. The REC solar panels come with a 20–25-year product warranty and 25 years output warranty. The quality and power output of the majority of high-end solar panel manufacturers are covered by a 25-year warranty. The warranty can be 25 years only if a REC-ensured installer installed the panels. If you want to take advantage of all of the benefits that are available to you, just make sure that your solar installer is certified by REC. 

Note: Before making a purchase decision, we recommend conducting your own market research and checking out the official website to find the most up-to-date prices and features.

To summarize, the REC solar panel review emphasizes its features, performance, and warranty services. With their cost-effective prices and reliable customer service, REC is a trusted choice for renewable energy solutions. Feel free to keep exploring our website for more informative blogs and articles on review topics.

Source: REC Official Page

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