Samsung Solid State Battery Offers to Reduce the Weight of EVs but Its Cost is a Concern


Samsung Solid State Battery offers to reduce the weight of EVs but cost is a concern. The company aims to begin pilot production of the battery, called the S-line, in the second half of this year to test its mass product viability, and expects mass production by 2027.

At the moment EVs are still not perfect and it is understandable since they are still in their infancy period. While most problems are being catered to, the weight of EVs remains a significant issue that needs solving as soon as possible.

This problem kind of has a solution but it doesn’t come without its problems. The thing is that Samsung Solid State Battery offers to reduce the weight of EVs but its cost is a concern.

Earlier this month InterBattery 2023 was held and there Samsung SDI team spoke about the solid-state battery and the Super-Gap Edge technology.

The company is ready with a pilot production named S-line lined up for the second half of the year when they test the mass product viability. The Chairman of the company even visited the facility to get a personal inspection done of these batteries.

Samsung solid-state battery replaces flammable lithium hexafluorophosphate electrolyte with stable oxide electrolyte. This is done so that electric fires caused by thermal runaway effect can be prevented.

Samsung for this electrolyte is banking on its vast experience in producing solid oxide at high temperatures as they do for their multi-layer ceramic capacitors.

It’s not only the weight reduction that the solid-state battery has to offer but also safety and volumetric density that offers to return 1.5-2×— higher performance.

However, a gas-powered SUV and a normal EV may have around the same weight and so the primary focus of this battery remains to cut down the extra weight of an EV. That shall also help to increase the range of EVs.

A lot of EVs are not allowed to use mechanical parking spaces. Samsung Solid State Battery offers to reduce the weight of EVs but its cost is a concern, however, this battery is the only realistic option as of yet.

This battery can significantly cut down the weight of a standard EV vehicle like the BMW i4 down from 2 tons to a suitable limit that would make the car eligible for using mechanical parking spaces.

Talking about the pressure required to create the solid-state battery, a representative from Samsung said, It will come together at high pressure. You have to do ultra-high pressure pressing. So, how high is this pressure?

Usually, the pressure to make an all-solid-state battery is usually about 3000 bar. 3000 bar is an incredibly high pressure. If you apply pressure while it is exposed to room temperature, it will not crumble, tearing up.

Continuing, So, how do you apply pressure? WIP is an abbreviation, but it is called Warm Isostatic Press (WIP). To put it simply, put the pouch in the water tank, close the chamber, and apply ultra-high pressure with water pressure.

It’s a tight squeeze. Put the pouch film into a large bucket of water and press the battery cell with ultra-high pressure. This is about 3000 bar, but to make an all-solid-state battery. In the case of the Samsung S line, the target is 5000 bar.

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Mass production of the S-line is expected to come through by 2027. However, even if solid-state batteries are used only in premium models the production cost would still need to come down significantly to make them the ideal choice of battery for an EV.

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