Second Largest EPC by Wärtsilä to Deliver 125 MW to REV Renewables California

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Second Largest EPC by Wärtsilä to Deliver 125 MW to REV Renewables California

The LeConte Energy Storage Project by Wärtsilä is nearly to stabilize and decarbonize the electric grid in California. The second largest EPC by Wärtsilä to deliver 125 MW to REV Renewables California

For REV Renewables the technology group Wärtsilä substantially completed the 125 MW (250 MWh) energy storage system (ESS) in Calexico, California in the United States of America, further helping electric grid to be more stabilized and decarbonize. As a part of a 15,000 MW new energy storage plan, the California Public Utilities Commission approved the LeConte system in early 2022.

To meet the Renewables Portfolio Standard of the state and to ensure long-term reliability, the commission will demand a response on resources by 2032. LeConte battery storage facility in Calexico is located at a major junction point for energy producers in San Diego Gas & Electric territories and California Independent System Operator (CAISO).

They import and export energy between Mexico and the United States. The LeConte facility will be used to follow automatic generation control signals, further maintaining system frequency. This will result in peak day operations relieving congestion on transmission lines from excess solar PV resources in the area.

To date, LeConte has been marked as the 2nd largest Engineering, Procurement, and Construction project by Wärtsilä. CAISO confirmed the dispatch of 2000 MW energy storage on 5th September to support the grid during power outages during the challenging period of heat wave in their Summer Performance Report for September 2022.

“Battery energy storage is a key component to maintaining reliability and stability of California’s electricity grid,” Cody Hill, REV Renewables Senior Vice President, Battery Systems, said. Cody Hill further added, “Wärtsilä worked with us to manage supply chain challenges, to collaborate with local communities and to perform site safety and training to bring this complex energy storage project online.”

“We’re pleased to be partnering with REV Renewables on our second largest EPC project, which will be instrumental for the state’s decarbonization goals. Adding flexible generation such as energy storage to Southern California is significant as the area is important for stabilizing the supply of electricity on transmission lines between Mexico and California,” said Andrew Tang, Vice President of Energy Storage & Optimisation, Wärtsilä. “This facility will support the continued integration of renewable energy assets on California’s electric grid,” Andrew Tang further added.

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GridSolv Quantum, a fully integrated, compact, and modular Energy Storage System along with GEMS Digital Energy Platform a sophisticated energy management system by Wärtsilä is also included in this project. The critical safety feature by GEMS continuously monitors the system to pinpoint and automatically isolate any system malfunctions. Further, Service+ Solution by Wärtsilä will maintain and optimize it. Service+ Solution is a suite of comprehensive lifecycle solutions which are applicable for ESS, including extended warranties and maintenance services.

This agreement is the result of a decade of combined business efforts across Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation and Wärtsilä North America. It is the 1st agreement between Wärtsilä and REV Renewable. REV is a leader in development, ownership, and operations of ESS and renewable generation assets, and owns the largest deregulation portfolio in the United States for Energy Storage Assets. With the second largest EPC by Wärtsilä to deliver 125 MW to REV Renewables California carbonization by grid will further decrease in near future.

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