Can You Install Solar Panels on Metal Roof?


Installation of solar panels on various metal roofs requires different mounting techniques to ensure roof longevity and proper installation.

With the growing popularity of renewable energy, solar panel installation for homes has become quite common. But, can you install solar panels on metal roof? In this blog, we will discuss this thoroughly and also explore the solar metal roofing pros and cons.

Can You Install Solar Panels on Metal Roof?

Yes, it is possible to install solar panels on a metal roof. A typical metal roof comprises a seam which is ideal for the installation of solar panels. This type of metal roof usually does not require drilling rather the solar panel can be mounted with the help of clamps resulting in the longevity of the roof. In the case of a corrugated metal roof, the traditional drilling method can be used by using penetrative mounts for solar panel installation.

How to Install Solar Panels on Metal Roof

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Now that we know it is possible to install solar panels on metal roofs, let us understand how to do it:

Different types of metal roofs require different solar mounting systems which are in accordance with their structure and capacity.

1. Standing Seam Metal Roof

On metal standing seam roofs, solar panel mounting systems with clamps are utilized. These have the advantage of easy installation, reduced labor for installation, and no roof punctures on the roof, so the water seepage problem does not occur.

2. Corrugated Metal Roof

For a corrugated metal roof, special brackets are required which are attached to the top crest of the corrugation so that the lower-lying drainage areas are free from holes. Some of them come with rubber gasket seals on the base so that you don’t need to apply messy sealant on your roof.

3. Trapezoidal Metal Roof

These roofs have more flat areas between the peaks and the height of each ridge may vary. This is the reason that the brackets to these roofs vary in shape. Each bracket must fit snugly over each trapezoidal ridge so that the drill hole is placed above the base level of the roof.

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What are Solar Metal Roofing Pros and Cons?

After learning the possibilities of installing solar panels on metal roofs, you may consider mounting them. But before you decide on it, let us learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of having solar panels on metal roofs.

Advantages of Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

1. Durability

Metal roofs are long-lasting and require less maintenance, which means your solar panel needs not to be disturbed time and again due to repair and maintenance of the roof. This feature makes them an ideal choice for the installation of solar panels.

2. Strength

The strength of the metal roof provides a strong and stable base for the installation of the solar panel.

3. Low Maintenance

Metal roofs can easily survive harsh weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rains, snow, and even bright sun as they are non-flammable. This feature greatly reduces the required maintenance. Moreover, they are resistant to fire, rot, and pests which means you would only have to clean the solar panel and not worry about other harms.

4. Reflects Sunlight

The metal roofs keep the home cooler as they reflect sunlight, reducing energy consumption.

5. Easy Installation

The thinner and less brittle metal roof makes it easy to drill with less possibility of cracks and breakages. Thus, making them a good choice for solar panel installation.

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 Disadvantages of Solar Panels on a Metal Roof

metal roof

1. Compatibility

Some metal roofs are not compatible with solar panels due to improper ventilation which would lead to hindrance in thermal flow. Moreover, some roofs may not be able to support the weight of the solar panels.

2. Price

Metal roofs generally tend to have longer life spans and thus may seem expensive at the time of purchase.

3. Clamps for Metal Roof

The clamps on the metal roof are designed in a way that they contract and expand according to weather conditions. This may reduce the life of the clamps.

4. Noisy

Metal roofs may become noisy in the case of rainfall or hailstorms which may cause disturbance.

5. Erosion

As such, metal roofs do not require much maintenance but once they start eroding, the expenses will add up.

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What is the Cost of Solar Panels on Metal Roof?

The average solar panels on metal roof cost is around $19,000. This may seem quite expensive but usually, the lifespan of the solar panel is around 20–25 years which results in the distribution of cost across these years making the investment a wise one.

Does the Installation of Solar Panels Affect Metal Roof Warranties?

solar panels on the roof

The roof warranty can be voided by traditional solar installations that use penetrating mounts. However, if you use non-penetrating clamps or adhesive thin-film panels, you can usually maintain the warranty. It’s a good idea to check with your roofing provider before installing PV modules to find out if there are any exceptions in these cases.

There are three main types of mounts: penetrating mounts, non-penetrating clamps, and ballasted mounts. The mounting system is what keeps solar panels securely attached to the roof. It consists of a racking system that holds the panels in place and specially designed mounts that anchor the racking to the roof. 

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Metal roofs provide one of the best options for installing solar panels. However, different types require attention to specific techniques to minimize roof damage. Hence, you must go through the pros and cons of installing solar panels on metal roofs and consider their cost factors before making a purchase decision.

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