Innovative Sustainability: Soleolico’s 3D-Printed Wind Turbines Integrated with Solar Arrays


Soleolico, a pioneering company in the renewable energy sector, has introduced a groundbreaking solution to combat climate change. Their vertical wind turbines called sails are equipped with automatic orientation capabilities and generate green energy by harnessing both wind and solar power. The 3D-printable coating is designed like a tree that efficiently removes carbon dioxide from the air. Soleolico’s first 3D-Printed wind turbines integrated with solar arrays were installed outside the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, Spain earlier in October 2023.

Soleolico, a company working towards making products to help fight climate change and incorporate as much as possible sustainable energy resources. Their vertical-axis photovoltaic wind turbines known as sails are the newest addition to the renewable energy industry. Sails have tall blades attached to a hub that faces upwards, allowing the turbine to spin horizontally. Solar panels are installed on the front part of these blades. The company installed a fully operational unit outside the Palacio de la Magdalena, Santander in Spain. There are expectations of more such installations in the near future in different places.

The company is working on their idea to provide green energy sources 24/7. Individual blades of their wind turbines are designed to automatically orient to the direction and strength of wind. They work in sync due to the patented magnetic system of the company. This enables the wind turbines to substitute either energy resource in case one of it is weak or unavailable. Moreover, the built-in energy storage system in these turbines helps to store excess power generated. Furthermore, sail wind turbines also have higher energy production capacity than traditional turbines.

Soleolico is not just a green energy generating company but also a CO2 remover. With its 3D-printable coating made of natural agents that looks like a tree, it helps in carbon extraction from the atmosphere. The company calls it the First Technological Tree of the World based on its ability to naturally integrate into forests along with other complex and important ecosystems.

The revolutionary 3D-printable coating, which is currently being manufactured at the LaMסquina facility in Barcelona, Spain, harnesses the extraordinary Pure.Tech organic 3D-printing technology.

According to Aldo Sollazzo, the Director of Pure.Tech, “The installation of 1,000 units of Soleolico absorbs the same amount of CO2 as 287 trees in a year, according to our calculations, based on data from the European Environmental Agency and our certified laboratories”.

Soleolico’s 3D-printed wind turbines integrated with solar arrays sails has the added functionality of displaying advertisements and branding imagery, essentially transforming them into self-sustaining electric billboards. The rate at which this technology, along with similar inventions, will be adopted on a large scale remains uncertain. However, the mere existence of such an invention, coupled with the ability to rapidly produce it through advances in 3D-printing technology, instils a sense of optimism for the future.

Source: Soleolico

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