Device42, a USA-based startup, is utilizing its access to customer information to create a new tool that can monitor the environmental impact of its operations. To measure carbon emissions Device42 tunes IT infrastructure tooling and provides other components as well.

Device42, a startup company that helps other companies to understand and manage their hybrid infrastructure, can also see hardware and software usage information of its customers.

But the interesting part is that the company decided to use this info to monitor each part of the system and their contribution towards carbon emission.

Raj Jalan, Device42 co-founder and CEO said, “Our focus as a platform is to discover IT infrastructure, the breadth and depth of discovery going from mainframe to cloud and everything in between. [That includes] the physical layer all the way to the application and everything in between, including operating systems, software services, even the resource utilization data to help companies with right sizing.”

Jalan said, the company tends to look at power utilization and power efficiency, along with the data of center power consumption and then use this data to generate a sustainability or carbon emission dashboard.

This is focused on data center power consumption. The company adds AI-enhanced data to their platform and this new tool is available for their customers at no additional costs.

Jalan further added, “And this was taking all of the data we have in this discovered data, the enriched data, and now transforming that into a calculation around your sustainability, your carbon footprint, and then tying it back to your application.”

The company decided to use this ability and information to educate their customers about the sustainable use of the tools they use. Jalan explained, “What we have done differently is, since our focus has been marrying application data down to infrastructure, now we can tie your application to sustainability and your carbon footprint, and that’s kind of unique about what we are releasing. Instead of talking about how much your data center is costing you, how much energy is costing you, you can now start to think about what your carbon footprint looks like on an application level.”

He believes that this can create a difference with an impact on board level conversation about sustainability. To measure carbon emission Device42 tunes IT infrastructure tooling and aims to cut down CO2 emissions to some extent.

Source: Device42


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