As we face extreme climate change and global warming, new and existing startups emerge in the clean energy sector. Consumer demands for sustainable technology are also increasing. So today let us find out the top climate tech companies and startups helping to mitigate this by producing clean energy and offering environmentally sustainable transport and consumer goods.

Top Climate Tech Companies and Startups

Some of the most prominent pieces of climate technology are overall lowering emissions while enhancing the efficiency of energy usage. 

  • Solar and wind power replace fossil fuels and battery storage allows for the storage of renewable power. 
  • Carbon capture reduces CO2 from the atmosphere; hence, it involves capturing and sequestering the gas. 
  • Smart grids help to manage the supply and consumption of energy in the most efficient manner. 
  • Green energy-powered electric cars replace gas-powered cars. 
  • AI and machine learning help in the optimization of energy usage and reduce wastage. 

Below we have made a list of the best emerging climate tech startups that are making innovations in this domain.

1. LambdAI Space, Singapore

Lambda AI Logo

Founded in – 2023

Co-Founder & CEO – Antonio Tinto

LambdAI Space uses AI technology and satellite-based radar to enhance Earth monitoring capabilities. It enables companies to respond proactively or play an active role in addressing climate change towards a sustainable development path.

The company uses technology for resource tracking purposes which allows them to monitor resources via patterns, trends and depletion as well as their conservation and sustainable utilization.

2. Humify, Berlin, Germany

Humify Logo

Founded in – 2023

Founders – Prof. h.c. Markus Antonietti, Harald Pinger, Andreas Dittes

Humify disrupts the carbon cycle by creating humic substances at an industrial scale from wasteful biomass. They capture carbon while combating the problem of soil decline. As an Agro Tech firm, Humify supports sustainable agriculture practices and efforts toward sequestering carbon dioxide.

There are researches to prove crop production can be more sustainable with AI and smart digital technologies.

3. CO2L Tech, Canada

CO2L Tech logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders – Dr. Anh TranLy

CO2L Tech focuses on developing technologies for converting carbon dioxide emissions into valuable chemicals and products to generate revenue from waste. Their carbon capturing technology is both cost-effective and scalable. In their electrochemical CO2 Reduction (ECR) systems. In this process, CO2 gets converted into ethylene, syngas or formic acid. To guarantee long-term stability this tech combines with existing CO2 emission sources.

4. HeiQ AeoniQ, Zurich, Switzerland

HeiQ AeoniQ logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders – Julien Born

HeiQ AeoniQ a key initiative by HeiQ, created the world’s first climate-positive continuous cellulose filament yarn through a proprietary manufacturing process. This yarn not only recycles water but also prioritizes the use of raw materials that aid in decarbonizing the atmosphere. HeiQ AeoniQ™ aims to change the sustainability of textiles by offering closed-loop circularity while maintaining consistent fiber quality.

5. Carbon Atlantis, Munich, Bavaria

Carbon Atlantis logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders – Malte Feucht

Carbon Atlantis, a German startup that addresses global warming by capturing CO2 at its root. The captured CO2 can be either permanently stored or used in carbon-neutral or negative products. Carbon Atlantis’ system stands out due to its low cost, modularity, and scalability.

6. Varaha, New Delhi, India

Varaha logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders – Madhur Jain, Ankita Garg and Vishal Kuchanur

Varaha combines biomass modelling with machine learning for screening carbon credit projects. The company gets data on land characteristics and agricultural practices from developing economies which they validate through satellite imagery and LiDAR as well. Their Carbon Quantification Tool calculates the carbon credits through emission reductions and sequestration calculations done by them.

7. Green Sequest, Sobótka, Poland

Green Sequest logo

Founded in – 2022

Founder/CEO – Mirosław Kotowski

Green Sequest focuses on carbon sequestration through Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW). Their innovative approach involves using antigorite serpentinite to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. By enhancing natural rock mineralization processes, they provide mineral fertilizers for agriculture while storing tons of carbon. Thus, Green Sequest contributes to reversing soil degradation and climate change.

8. CCU International, Edinburgh, Scotland

CCU international logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders/CEO – Beena Sharma

CCU International is concerned with mitigating climate change while reversing soil degradation. Their patented carbon capture technology directly captures mixed gas discharged from industrial flue stacks. For example, captured CO2 can be reused in different industrial applications such as plastics production, concrete curing, or biodiesel generation. CCU International aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

9. Plankton Marine Technologies, Ankara, Turkey

Plankton Marine Technologies logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders/CEO – İlkem Tünay

Plankton Marine Technologies is an innovative startup that has developed an underwater waste collection device called Plankton. It uses a technique along with a device for trapping surface wastes that freely circulate in water bodies. Moreover, they have sensors that measure water quality and the fullness of waste bins. Thus, it creates a very useful database from this information.

10. Cetogenix, Rotorua, New Zealand

Cetogenix logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders/CEO – Trevor Stuthridge

Cetogenix converts organic waste into renewable energy using hydrothermal oxidation and fermentation and other bio-based products. The objective of the firm is to address global warming by diverting organic waste from landfills. Also, to provide sustainable alternatives to non-renewable materials coming from fossils.

11. Dedalo AI, Torino, Italy (2022)

Dedalo AI logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders/CEO – Seif Chourbagi

Dedalo AI helps IT companies to measure and reduce the CO2 footprint of their software. It employs AI algorithms to perform static code analysis on any device to measure software power consumption and CPU usage by conventional methods. Moreover, it develops ESG-compliant carbon reports that serve as tools for enhancing corporate transparency as well as improving ESG scores.

12. AIRMO, Munich, Germany

Airmo logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders/CEO – George A. Smida & Daria Stepanova

AIRMO is a start-up using space technology for monitoring GHG emissions globally with accuracy. Equipped with LIDAR and spectrometers, its satellite constellation offers near real-time CO2 and CH4 measurements in all parts of the globe too. They also provide continuous site monitoring, aggregated data services that identify major emitters and emissions verification against reported figures. 

13. Liminalytics, Frankfurt, Germany

Liminalytics logo

Founded in – 2021

Founders – Björn Holste

Liminalytics offers integrated analytics that go beyond traditional ratings by evaluating climate and sustainability risks on a corporate level. The range of their interests includes both physical and transition impacts across value chains converted into financial risks and opportunities. They intend to construct one of the leading tools for banks to evaluate climate and sustainability risk patterns.

14. Beach Collective, London, UK

Beach Collective logo

Founded in – July 2021

Founders – Robert Cobbold

Beach Collective is a startup that produces a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) blue circular economy platform. They work with their currency, $BEACH. This platform is an ecosystem that connects eco-conscious customers, planet-friendly companies and brands and ocean defenders. Every transaction made on the platform generates money for climate action and ocean regeneration.

15. Solarus Smart Energy Solutions, The Netherlands, Europe

Solarus logo

Founded in – 2022

Founders – Niels Stolk

Solarus provides one-stop integrated solar hot water and energy solutions. They also offer other services like energy project development, equipment energy forecasting, asset management, and installation partner selection. The company has its application which simulates system performance, allowing it to provide accurate estimates of energy generation and cost savings.

16. Minus Coffee, San Francisco, USA

Minus coffee logo

Founded in – 2020

Founders – Maricel Saenz

Minus Coffee produces coffee without any coffee beans. The novel way they employ involves brewing a mixture of recycled elements like roots, seeds, and legumes. Using batch fermentation, they simulate the flavor, appearance, and scent of conventional coffee. This method conserved around 94% to 95% water and cut down on GHG emissions by about 86-87%. This approach is supposed to give people an option for making coffee that takes care of the earth.

17. Universal Hydrogen, Hawthorne, California

Universal Hydrogen Logo

Founded in – 2020

Founders – Paul Eremenko

Universal Hydrogen’s co-founder and CEO Paul Eremenko dreams to transform commercial flights to be hydrogen-powered very soon. They concentrate on moving hydrogen in modular capsules via current freight networks from green production sites to airports globally.

18. GreyParrot, London, UK

Grey Parrot logo

Founded in – 2019

Founders – Mikela Druckman

GreyParrot is AI-based analytics for smart waste identification that aim to increase recycling efficiently. Computer vision-powered robotics systems identify, sort, and recover waste on a large scale. Under the leadership of Mikela Druckman the start-up has received the backing of top accelerators like Plug and Play Tech Center and VC firms such as Creative Destruction Lab and Candy Ventures.

19. Pachama, San Francisco, California

Pachama logo

Founded in – 2018

Founders/CEO – Diego Saez Gil

Pachama, the USA-based start-up is led by CEO Diego Saez-Gil. Their technology uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to help organizations combat climate change. They primarily focus on two key areas: reforestation and forest conservation. They team up with landowners and conservation organizations and help in restoring ecosystems and sequestering carbon.

20. Form Energy, Somerville, Massachusetts

Form Energy logo

Founded in – 2017

Founders – Mateo Jaramillo

Form Energy, under the leadership of CEO Mateo Jaramillo, revolutionises the grid by developing long-duration and low-cost energy storage solutions. Their USP is the iron-air batteries which unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries can store solar and wind energy for up to 100 hours.

21. ZeroAvia, London

ZeroAvia logo

Founded in – 2017

Founders – Val Miftakhov

ZeroAvia under the leadership of CEO Valery Miftakhov rethinks the aviation playbook. They construct fuel systems for aircraft that work with hydrogen electricity. To prove that hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in aviation, the smaller planes are the first to receive this technology.

22. Northvolt, Stockholm, Sweden

Northvolt logo

Founded in – 2016

Founders – Peter Carlsson

Northvolt, led by CEO Peter Carlsson is one of the leaders in sustainable battery technology. Their gigafactories are constructed in such a way that reduces their negative effects on the environment as much as possible. They also aim to produce at optimal capacities.

23. Power Ledger, Zug, Switzerland

Powerledger logo

Founded in – 2016

Founders – Dr Jemma Green

Power Ledger is deeply rooted in the concept of decentralizing energy trading using blockchain technology. Their product allows for a system where individuals and companies can trade electricity directly with each other. An eco-friendly investment, Power Ledger is committed to revolutionizing the power supply sector.

24. AMP Robotics, Louisville, Colorado

AMP Robotics logo

Founded in – 2014

Founders – Matanya Horowitz

AMP Robotics is imaging the recycling facilities worldwide afresh with their high-speed robotics system, AMP Cortex™. It retrieves useful commodities from recycled materials to make recycling more efficient, low-cost, expandable, and reusable. Founder Matanya Horowitz is working towards improving their technologies.

25. FreeWire Technologies, California, USA

FreeWire technologies logo

Founded in – 2014

Founders/CEO– Arcady Sosinov & Wayne Hoovestol

FreeWire Technologies deals in EV charging and energy solutions for worldwide use. These include Mobi Gen power generators producing electricity from renewable sources. Also, Mobi EV portable EV charging stations and stationary chargers. The firm claims that its solutions can generate 10-20 times more power than other typical charging units available on the market nowadays.

26. Aurora Solar, San Francisco, California

Aurora logo

Founded in – 2013

Founders – Christopher Hopper

Aurora Solar founded by CEO Christopher Hopper, allows solar installation experts to design, sell, and bring solar projects to their best potential.

27. Jackery, California, USA

Jackery logo

Founded in – 2012

Founders – York Wu

Jackery provides portable and rechargeable power stations and outdoor emergency-use solar panels. Their products are designed to reduce dependence on conventional generators powered by fossil fuels. Jackery products allow people to enjoy their outdoor trips and homestay both sustainably.

28. Carbon Lighthouse, San Francisco, California

Carbon Lighthouse logo

Founded in – 2010

Founders – Brenden Millstein

Carbon Lighthouse gives building owners a tool to optimize energy consumption. The make environmentally friendly buildings through profitable investments for commercial real estate. This way building owners and tenants can achieve more efficiency in operations and promote healthy indoor air quality and carbon offsetting. Around 10-30% of whole-building savings are reported by partners of Carbon Lighthouse.

29. Rad Power Bikes, Seattle, USA

Rad Power Bikes logo

Founded in – 2007

Founders/CEO – Mike Radenbaugh

Rad Power Bikes is the America’s largest electric bicycle brand. The company focuses on manufacturing affordable e-bikes for regular riders and the general public. Ranging from folding to cargo e-bikes, Rad Power Bikes is transforming cycling among people.

30. Aclima, San Francisco, USA

Aclima logo

Founded in – 2007

Founders – Davida Herzl

Aclima measures air pollution and greenhouse gases on scales by using block-by-block resolution. It has a network of sensors, both mobile and fixed, that provides data with high resolution. Aclima’s AI-driven algorithms are helping to reduce emissions, improve public health and ensure clean air. Davida Herzl is changing governments, businesses and communities’ environmental insights.

In general, this sums up the list of top climate tech companies, startups, and entrepreneurs making the world a better place for all. These are start-ups that could be operating within separate industries, but their goal lies in creating sustainable ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and waste management through the production of energy-efficient products and services.


Olivia is committed to green energy and works to help ensure our planet's long-term habitability. She takes part in environmental conservation by recycling and avoiding single-use plastic.

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