With extreme climatic changes being evident through various faces of nature, millions of people are taking action to protect the planet. These people are of different age groups, families and educational backgrounds. Today we will talk about top notable voices on climate change make a difference and encouraging other to do the same.

1. Alex Silva

Pic Credits: EcoTalk

He is no ordinary college student with environmental science as subject and an extraordinary climate content creator. Alex uses TikTok to inspire people to take action and be optimistic about fighting the climate change crisis. In 2020, he launched EcoTok with 19 other TikTok creators or greenfluencers.

2. Mari Copeny

Mari Copaney
Pic Credits: Mary Copeny LinkedIn

This 15-year-old girl from Flint, Michigan wrote a letter to President Obama about Flint’s water crisis in 2016. President was inspired by it and visited Flint, which gave it national attention. Known as Little Miss Flint, she is now raising awareness about the Flint water crisis through her social media handles. Also, Mari works towards raising donations to help local residents.

3. Sheen Tyagi

Sheen Tyagi

This young Indian keeps climate change at the forefront of her activism while helping other young girls find their voice. Sheen became a climate warrior when she was 10 years old. Now, 19 years old, she is the founding member and President of her local Girl Up chapter. Currently, she is running the Plant a Tree, Plant a Future campaign, an international initiative.

4. Autumn Peltier

Autumn Peltier
Pic Credits: Autumn Peltier Instagram

Another notable voice on climate change is an 18-year-old Canadian clean water activist from Wiikwemkoong First Nation, Ontario who advocated for preservation of clean drinking water for indigenous people.

Autumn has spoken about the importance of clean water at the World Economic Forum, the UN General Assembly, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She is the Chief Water Commissioner for Anishinabek Nation and subject of the Water Walker, a short documentary.

5. Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg
Pic Credits: Greta Thunberg Instagram

Almost everyone remembers a little Swedish climate activist who began her weekly School Strike for the Climate. She became one of the top green voices and her continuous effort turned it into a global movement Fridays For Future. Greta has addressed many world leaders from the UN and the US Congress. She was also named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2019.

6. Jerome Foster II

Jerome Foster II
Pic Credits: Jerome Foster II Instagram

A 20-year-old climate change activist from Washington D.C., and the youngest member of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. Jerome developed VR experiences to educate people about various environmental issues, including melting glaciers, fossil fuel and ocean plastic pollution.

7. Xiye Bastida

Xiye Bastida
Pic Credits: Xiye Bastida Instagram

This 20-year-old Mexican climate activist moved to New York with her family after her indigenous community was destroyed by heavy rains and floods. After that Xiye co-founded the Re-Earth Initiative and became a lead organizer of the Fridays for Future youth climate strikes. She is fighting to keep indigenous people at the forefront of climate conversation.

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8. Mönica Neupane

Mönica Neupane
Pic Credits: Mönica Neupane LinkedIn

A 24-year-old President of Climate Nepal, the country’s chapter of Climate International. Her group is protesting against the development of the proposed Nijgadh International Airport, which would require cutting down more than 2.4 million trees in the Nijgadh Forest.

In 2020, she joined Thought for Food to organize capacity-building projects for Nepalese youth to work in sustainable food systems. Also, to help local farmers adopt organic and sustainable farming. Mönica, in January 2022, began working as a Climate Change Consultant with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

9. Vanessa Nakate

Vanessa Nakate
Pic Credits: Vanessa Nakate Instagram

A climate justice activist from Uganda who began a strike to protest climate inaction outside the Ugandan parliament. It took place in 2019, and she protested for several months as a sole protestor. This 26-year-old climate change warrior founded the climate action groups 1 Million Activist Stories, Rise Up Movement, and Youth for Future Africa. Vanessa was also a speaker at COP25 in Spain and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

10. Celeste Righi Ricco

Celeste Righi Ricco
Pic Credits: Celeste Righi Ricco Instagram

Celeste (29-year old) co-founded 2 environmentally focused organizations in Italy: Change for Planet and Pensare Globalmente Agire Localmente. She is working at Planet Labs, Earth Observation company, focusing on remote sensing for sustainable agriculture applications.

11. Carissa Cabrera

Carissa Cabrera
Pic Credits: Carissa Cabrera Instagram

The CEO and co-founder of the Conservationist Collective, an environmental storytelling platform working to scale ocean conservation. As a marine conservationist, sustainability educator, and climate advocate, Carissa inspires people through her social media pages on conservation.

12. Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres
Pic Creits: Christiana Figueres Instagram

A former executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), she worked for climate change, energy and land use along with sustainable development. Christiana was one of the chief architects of the Paris Climate Agreement and its adoption. You can listen to her podcast Outrage + Optimism to promote optimism for tackling the climate crisis.

13. Elizabeth Yeampierre

She is the executive director of UPROSE and the co-chair of Climate Justice Alliance. It is a Brooklyn-based Latino community organization promoting sustainability and climate justice. Elizabeth was the 1st Latina chair appointed to the EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

14. Isaias Hernandez

Isaias Hernandez
Pic Credits: Isaias Hernandez Instagram

He is an eco-educator and environmentalist using social media platforms to share accessible content under his brand Queer Brown Vegan. This way Isaias educates people on different topics related to environmental justice and green living.

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15. Tori Tsui

Tori Tsui
Pic Credits: Tori Tsui Instagram

She is an intersectional climate activist and the co-founder of Bad Activist Collective. It is a group of climate-focused artists and storytellers. Tori along with 31 other climate activists sailed across the Atlantic to COP25 and advocated her sustainable travel with Sail to the COP in 2019. Her notable voice on climate change is evident through her 1st book, It’s Not Just You. It highlights the relationship between mental health and the climate crisis.

16. Sheena Orihuela

Sheena Orihuela, 27, works at Living Laudato Si fighting fossil fuel financing by financial institutions. She was a part of the Youth Strike 4 climate Philippines and helped co-organized the 1st climate youth strike in Manila. She was also part of the organizers of Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) Manila

17. John Paul Jose

John started his activism while working with Greenpeace, an organization aimed at enacting systematic climatic changes. From there, this 24-year-old notable voice on climate change activist started organizing strikes and he also spoke at the Ted Climate Summit in October 2020. John became a youth ambassador for the High Seas Alliance and brings together various NGOs to raise voice for ocean conservation on a large scale.

18. Jamie Margolin

A 21-year-old founder of Zero Hour, a youth climate organization and intersectional movement of young climate activists. Jamie gave a TED talk stating the possibility of solving climate change issues by addressing social injustice.

19. Kevin Patel

Kevin is the first generation Indian American from Los Angeles whose heart palpitations introduced him to the climate movement. This 22-year-old climate activist is the founder and executive director of OneUpAction. It is an intersectional youth-led organization that provides resources and helps young climate advocates fighting climate change in their local communities.

20. Alexandria Villaseñor

A 2nd generation Mexican-American and a 17-year-old climate activist Alexandria founded the Earth Uprising organization. It aims to educate and mobilize young climate activists. This teenager protested outside the UN New York headquarters every Friday for a year before the Covid-19 pandemic.

21. Dallas Goldtooth

Dallas is an indigenous climate activist and leads the Keep it in the Ground campaign for Indigenous Environmental Network. This organization is led by his father Tom B.K Goldtooth, a globally recognized activist.

22. Isra Hirsi

The co-founder and co-executive director of the US Youth Climate Strike along with other hundreds of youth-led climate strikes across the country. Isra  is the recipient of the Brower Youth Awards, which is North America’s prize for bold young environmental leaders.

23. Dr. Ayana Johnson

A Ph.D marine biologist, conservation strategist and policy expert, Ayana works to highlight the connection between ocean, climate change and justice. Dr. Ayana is the founder of Urban Ocean Lab where the main focus is on climate policy and future coastal cities. She is also the co-editor of a climate anthology All We Can Save and a co-host of How to Save a Planet podcast.

24. Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

She is an atmospheric climate scientist, professor, and an expert on how to discuss climate change. Her TED Talk, the most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it highlights various such issues. Dr. Katharine an eminent notable voice on climate change is educating children too about the environment and climate change through her YouTube series Global Weirding.

25. Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

She is a public speaker, educator, author and a podcaster on climate science. She co-hosts A Matter of Degrees, a climate podcast with Dr. Leah Stokes. Dr. Wilkinson co-edited All We Can Save, the climate anthology with Dr. Ayana Johnson. It is a collection of essays from women in the climate movement.

26. Dr. Robert Bullard

He has written 18 books on environmental racism and related topics such as urban land use, sustainable development, regional equity, and industrial facility siting. Known as the father of environmental justice, Dr. Robert is also the co-founder of HBCU Climate Change Consortium. He was also named one of the 100 most influential people in climate policy and one of the 22 climate trailblazers.

27. Leah Thomas

The founder of Intersectional Environmentalist, a platform highlighting the connections between racial and climate justice. It also brings in people of color in the environmental movement and advocates for their inclusion in environmentalism. Her efforts earned her the name Green Girl Leah.

28. Varshini Prakash

She is the co-founder and executive director of Sunrise Movement. Through this climate organization, Varshini mobilizes young people to take climate action. She was also mentioned in the 2019 Time 100 list.

29. Stephanie Lamma Ewi

She empowers women in rural communities to take up climate-friendly livelihoods and works to empower rural women in Cameroon. Stephanie helps them find their places in climate decision-making platforms. She has worked with more than 5,440 women in Cameroon and more than 160 rural forest communities.

She is working with Pan African Center for Climate Policy and the organization Forest Resources and People. Stephanie visits schools with her new climate change manual and includes children in her work. It includes accessible mitigation programming and adaptation techniques for kids, making them future climate ambassadors.

30. Cass Hebron

She is a climate communications freelancer who has more than 1000 subscribers to her newsletter, the Green Fix. She tries to connect emotionally with people on issues like climate change and shares simplified information on events like COP26.

Cass is trying to change things starting from a smaller level and encouraging others to adopt sustainable practices. Being the sole person to talk about the climate crisis and changing way of living, she was considered as the Climate Person in her school. But now she is protesting against climate change with 130,000 other activists.

On this World Environment Day, let us follow these notable voices on climate change and try to adopt sustainability in our daily lifestyle.

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