It has barely been any time since Volkswagen launched its affordable EV ID. 2all model and put Tesla and Elon Musk under pressure. However, you would think they would now rest and bask in their recent glory but that is not the case as Volkswagen has no plans to lay low days after launching a low-cost EV as they plan to introduce an even cheaper model.

While Volkswagen new ID. 2all still years away from production and launch you would be forgiven to think they would focus on the task at hand. As per recent developments they have already put the announcement behind them and have started moving in the same direction and plan to go a step lower with their next EV being even cheaper than the currently announced model.

Speaking to Automobilwoche, Volkswagen brand chief Thomas Schaefer said, An electric model to sell for less than €20,000 ($21,340), which could be called the ID.1, “should come as early as 2026, 2027″.

Volkswagen has seen their sales in China go down whereas domestic manufacturers led by BYD Co. have stepped up their game while they have also failed to keep pace with Tesla.

For reasons like these, it is the need of the hour for Volkswagen to bring a mass-market car to the EV segment. ID. 2all is said to be not just affordable but also spacious and that is why this might just be the model that gets them back into the game.

Volkswagen has no plans to lay low days after launching a low-cost EV as they plan to introduce an even cheaper model. What we need to understand here is that high battery costs are a serious issue that contributes to making an EV pricier, however, even with these challenges Volkswagen is ready to go ahead and develop a cheaper EV and they are thinking of doing it alone without opting to use a shared platform for manufacturing.

However, there is no word on where this newer model will be built. It remains to be seen if the model can be built in Europe for the targeted price or if the production takes place in a location that will be cheaper and help the company achieve these ambitious targets.

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Earlier it was thought that Volkswagen would be introducing an entry level EV for a price of 25,500 euros but now we know that this was the price set for its ID. 2all model, which looked like being the entry model at one point but won’t be getting that honor as ID. 1 would be taking that position once it gets into production.

While ID. 1 is expected to have specs and features similar to ID. 2all nothing specific is known as of yet. However, what is known is that it will be one of ten new or refreshed electric vehicles that Volkswagen plans to launch by 2026.

Source: Bloomberg


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