Volvo, Renault, and CMA CGM collaborate to produce sustainable logistics vehicles. This new and innovative generation of electric vans will enter the production phase in 2026. This project combines Renault’s expertise in Light Commercial Vehicles and electric platforms with Volvo’s leadership in truck technology along with supply chain expertise of CMA CGM. The collaboration aligns with France’s 2030 call for projects, focusing on innovation and electrification. It aims to make significant advancements in urban mobility, versatility, and connectivity.

Renault Group and Volvo Group join forces to address the growing needs of decarbonized and efficient logistics by creating a new company managing the development of an all-new generation of electrified vans. The two groups look forward to CMA CGM joining the new company. Renault and Volvo will continue to seek additional investment and business partners. The new company will unveil a revolutionary fleet of fully electric and software-defined vehicles. The highly anticipated production is expected to commence in 2026.

The vehicles will be built on a new electric platform that is highly modular and cost-effective, making it suitable for different body types and meeting safety standards. Exceptional performance and extensive range of services enabled by robust connectivity. This project was submitted in response to the France 2030 call for projects, aligning with the goals of fostering innovation and implementing electrification strategies.

The new company will be independent and agile like a start-up, but with the support of strong industry leaders. Renault Group and Volvo Group will invest in research and development and share their expertise, services, and industrial presence. The new company is expected to have a solid and efficient business model thanks to strategic capital allocations.

The commencement of operations for the joint venture is planned for early 2024, pending the successful completion of all regulatory approval processes. Similarly, the entry of CMA CGM into the company is dependent upon the fulfilment of regulatory approval requirements. Volvo and Renault will continue to compete in all other areas.

The upcoming company is set to establish its own unique corporate identity and will be headquartered in France. The collaboration between Volvo Group’s business subsidiary, Renault Trucks, and Renault Group has spanned over 35 years, further evident in the shared distribution networks of the Renault Master and Trafic commercial vehicles.

By embracing the innovative Software Defined Vehicle architecture, the vehicle will gain unparalleled abilities to monitor delivery activity and enhance user business performance. This will result in a remarkable 30% reduction in the global cost of logistics usage for the valued clients. Furthermore, their software-defined vehicle technology will enable a range of connected services, ensuring that the customers have access to state-of-the-art vehicles throughout their entire lifespan. The van itself will provide exceptional compactness for urban mobility, exceptional versatility for customized solutions, a variety of battery capacities, and an unprecedented 800V feature for vans.

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Volvo, Renault, and CMA CGM collaborate to produce sustainable logistics vehicles and each one is putting their own part to improvise the new products and services.

Renault Group

A global leader in Light Commercial Vehicles and electric vehicles, will develop and manufacture an electric platform. This platform will be the first to use Software Defined Vehicle architecture, providing a unique and an open-source connection between the vehicle and the logistics business environment.

Volvo Group

A top truck company globally, serving many professional logistics companies with a strong customer base. They have wide experience in providing services that improve vehicle performance and efficiency, supported by a global service network. Together with their innovative vehicle platform, these services aim to offer a complete solution for reducing carbon emissions in urban logistics.


A global leader in the supply chain industry, is ready to support the new company by constructing tailored and effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of transportation and supply chain players. Leveraging their expertise as a world-renowned logistics player, CMA CGM will enhance the solutions and B2B offerings, catering to the requirements of all logistics players.

President and CEO of Volvo Group, Martin Lundstedt said, “We are excited to take yet another step in our journey towards sustainable transport solutions through the intended establishment of a new company. Volvo Group is keen to continue to offer its customers complete transport solutions that help them decarbonize their value chains. We see a growing demand for clean, efficient, and safe urban transportation. Partnership and collaboration are key to achieve this.”

CEO of Renault Group, Luca de Meo said, “Electrification and digitalization are paving the way for a revolution in the LCV market. Renault Group intends to be a leader in this transformation while ensuring robust and effective value creation. Today, we are very proud to embark on this journey with Volvo Group to bring the best of solutions to our professional logistic customers. We also look forward to CMA CGM joining the company. The new company is a start-up minded, unmatched combination of the complementary assets of 3 champions: a leading truck maker, expert in tailored services, a champion of the global supply chains and a European EV pioneer & LCV leader. All the ingredients are there to come up with something truly unique.”

Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, Rodolphe Saadש said, “As a leader in transport and logistics, the CMA CGM Group is proud to join forces with a major European carmaker and a leading global truck maker, Renault Group and Volvo Group, to create this new company of electric vans. This is a comprehensive and innovative partnership: not only are we investing in this project, but we will also bring our know-how and expertise to ensure inbound and outbound logistics, while some of these vehicles could ultimately be used to decarbonize our fleet. Through this new investment by our Pulse Fund in electric mobility, we are pursuing our commitment to accelerate the decarbonization of our activity and our sector.”

Source: Volvo Group, Renault Group and CMA CGM Group join forces


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