Walk Eco-Friendly with Sugarcane Loafers by Reroute


Reroute brings sugarcane loafers by combining recycled plastic, embracing environmental consciousness and high-quality craftsmanship. The company aims at transforming lifestyles with eco-friendly breakthroughs. Reroute promotes a greener future by prioritizing renewable materials like Green EVA and premium merino wool, encouraging a socially responsible lifestyle.

We are all witnessing a huge shift in our industries and society, all because they want to reduce CO2 emissions and save the planet. But amidst all this many innovators are working towards making sustainable daily living things. Yes, today let me introduce to you a company which makes loafers from sugarcane. Sweet! I know that seems a distinct idea from others.

Reroute’s footwear is designed to meet the highest standards of responsible manufacturing. By utilizing state-of-the-art 3D knitting technology and a reliable assembly line, they are creating machine-washable styles that prioritize both comfort and quality.

Their main focus is on creating high-quality and comfortable products for everyday use. Their priority is unconventional materials and craftsmanship that are beneficial for their customers and especially their feet.

They want to achieve a complete circular process by integrating renewable and recyclable materials such as Green EVA, merino wool, and more into our production methods. Their dedication to sustainability goes beyond the simple reduction of carbon emissions. Because they aspire to establish a closed-loop system where materials are recycled and repurposed, thereby minimizing waste and safeguarding the environment.

To lessen its environmental impact, the fashion industry should make and buy fewer, high-quality items that are long-lasting. Thus, the company supports this by making sure all their products can be machine washed, so they stay in good condition for many seasons. Over 22,867 single-use plastic bottles have already been transformed into Reroute’s exclusive knits.

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Materials Used

Reroute don’t believe in sugar-coating as they have completely revolutionized the shoe manufacturing process, all the while minimizing our impact on the environment by utilizing natural and renewable materials. They reduce waste in landfills by diverting waste and using material technology to create renewable products.

1. Sugarcane EVA (I’m Green EVA)

Also known as Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) this bio-waste from sugarcane is the main raw material. This is considered a carbon negative material that is 100% recyclable in India.

Yes, its production is said to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions. The material produced from sugarcane EVA is named I’m Green EVA. The production of each kilogram of I’m Green results in the capture and removal of an impressive 3.09 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

2. Premium Merino Wool

This wool has numerous qualities like it is renewable, sustainable, has less carbon footprint, and is anti-microbial. Merino wool is combined to create special threads that are then used to make incredibly comfortable products. The wool has natural antibacterial properties and feels exceptionally soft. It is breathable and enjoyable to wear every day, regardless of how your day is going.

3. Second-Life Plastic Bottles

They take the single-use plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills and convert them into our exclusive material. This material is then used to craft durable, washable, and sustainable shoes. The 3D Knits are not only lightweight and breathable but also excel at moisture-wicking properties.

So, Reroute brings sugarcane loafers and if you are planning to get yourself a little treat with these sugar loafers, you can visit their Instagram handle or visit their official website.

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About the company

Reroute is an exceptional material science company that is revolutionizing the world with its innovations in premium lifestyle products and experiences.

At reroute, they aim to revolutionize the way businesses operate by paving a new path forward. Their vision begins with raising awareness about the importance of environmental consciousness, with a strong focus on building a greener future. They are a community of passionate changemakers, dedicated to establishing a socially responsible lifestyle brand that integrates material science for the betterment of society.

They always strive to be kinder to the planet and its people by being sustainable. This means considering the environmental and social impact of the business. They also carefully evaluate how their actions, products, and processes affect the world.

Source: Reroute

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