What are Sumo Energy Plans?


Sumo Energy plans offer a range of gas and electricity services that are well-designed for consumers to conserve energy and reduce costs.

Sumo is a utility provider company that offers various services to households mostly across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. The services include supplying energy schemes in the form of electricity and natural gas, as well as internet connectivity. The company is widely renowned for its discount rates and energy tariffs that help in building a strong customer base. Let us explore and get a full review of the Sumo Energy plans; ranging from its products to their price range. Moreover, you will also get an insight into the Sumo Energy rates that will help you decide the best plan according to your electricity needs.

Is Sumo Energy Australian Owned?

Yes, Sumo is an Australian-owned company. It was established in 2014 and the head office is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

What are Sumo Energy Plans?

Before delving into the details of the Sumo Energy plans, take a look below to ascertain which services are provided in each state:

  • Gas Services: These are available in Victoria and New South Wales.
  • Electricity Services: These services are available in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia.

Now go through these points and know about the Sumo Energy plans:

1. Sumo Lite

This is a variable rate plan in that you will get a monthly billing facility with no exit fees. You can avail of this plan if you are a resident of Victoria, New South Wales, or South Australia since this is not available in Queensland.

2. Sumo Assure

This online offer has no conditional discount rates while already rates are quite decent and you can surely avail of this service if you stay in Victoria or New South Wales.

3. Sumo Assure Advantage

This variable rate plan has no exit payment scheme and you can easily cancel it as per your need. You can choose the monthly billing option right now, this plan is only available in Queensland.

4. Sumo Freedom

It is a variable rate plan available only in Queensland. The rate is fairly competitive if you compare it with the other market plans and also does not provide any conditional discounts. Here, you can choose a monthly or bimonthly payment option.

What are Sumo Energy Rates?

JAN23 electricity rates

Sumo Energy rates are given below in this table:

CityPriceDifference from Reference Cost
Sumo AssureNew South WalesAround $ 1289 – electricity annual price15%- less
Sumo LiteNew South WalesAround $ 1511 – electricity annual price0%
Sumo AssureNew South WalesAround $ 654 – gas annual priceN/A
Sumo LiteVictoriaAround $ 1351 – electricity annual price0%
Sumo AssureVictoriaAround $ 1308 – electricity annual price3% – less
Sumo LiteVictoriaAround $ 2769 – gas annual priceN/A
Sumo AssureVictoriaAround $ 1665 – gas annual priceN/A
Sumo LiteSouth AustraliaAround $ 1840 – electricity annual price0%
Sumo Solar AdvantageQueenslandAround $ 1382 -electricity annual price0%
Sumo Assure AdvantageQueenslandAround $ 1620 – electricity annual price15% -less

Note: Your actual bill may vary as it depends on your energy consumption and your area.

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Sumo Energy Review – Are They Good?

Sumo Energy web page
Image from sumo.com.au

To get an overview of the Sumo energy review, take a look at these services provided by Sumo:

  • It provides a fixed and variable range of gas and electricity plans to households and businesses that match their regular electricity.
  • It also provides smart meter installation for real-time details on energy consumption that guide customers to manage their energy usage and utility bills as well.
  • It offers flexible payment options while providing green energy at the same time.
  • Sumo is known for its discounted prices and excellent customer service, for which it has received several positive reviews. You can contact them by email, phone, and also via online chat service.

Besides this, make a note that Sumo provides very little support for renewable energy and does not offer any carbon offsets. However, the amount of energy it is providing consumers is:

  • Victoria: 5.2c/kWh – 10.2c/kWh
  • Queensland: 6c/kWh – 12c/kWh
  • New South Wales: 8c/kWh
  • South Australia: 8c/kWh

Altogether, Sumo Energy plans include services that are well-designed for consumers to save energy and money. Moreover, before you make up your mind and choose any energy plan, you must check the market base rates and compare them with the other power retailers.

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Can You Bundle Both Gas and Electricity Services Together through Sumo Energy?

Yes, definitely you can bundle both gas and electricity services together through Sumo Energy but it will have different pros and cons attached to it. Bundling your electricity and gas plans with Sumo Internet service will help you avail of a discount on your NBN bill. Hence, based on your convenience and energy requirements, you can bundle gas and electricity schemes.

To summarize, based on the features and benefits, it can be concluded that Sumo Energy plans are priced competitively with good value for money. The Sumo energy review also gave you an insight into the services and different plans. Besides that, now you are also aware of – is Sumo energy Australian owned or not. Moreover, one of the key points to notice is that these plans do not have any binding contracts or complicated cancellation policies. Therefore, if you ever find yourself unsatisfied with your energy plan, you can easily switch to another provider.

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