It is a kind of electrical current in which the direction is periodically reversed.  AC is used in electricity transmission networks because it makes it easy to manage voltage. Despite being practical and simple to comprehend, DC is not the only type of electricity in use. Some electricity producers (most notably rotary electromechanical generators) naturally generate voltages that alternate between positive and negative polarity over time. This type of electricity is known as alternating current and can occur either in a current-changing direction or as a voltage-changing polarity (AC). In AC, the flow of electrons oscillates and creates a wave kind of pattern.

How is AC Voltage Source Represented?

While any DC voltage source can be represented by the well-known battery symbol, any AC voltage source can be represented by the circle with the wavy line inside it.

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Why is AC Used in High-Power Applications?

Why anyone would bother with AC is a question that comes to mind. It is true that there are situations where AC does not actually outperform DC.

The polarity or direction of the current is unimportant in situations where electricity is used to generate the desired amount of heat, as long as there is sufficient voltage and current to the load (power dissipation). However, it is feasible to create electric generators, motors, and power distribution systems with AC that are significantly more efficient than DC, hence AC is mostly employed in high-power applications around the world.

An inverter is a component that is included in every solar system. One essential part of your system is an inverter. They transform the solar energy captured by the panels into the energy required to run your home. Inverters convert DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) (AC).


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