A microgrid is a self-contained power grid that can operate independently or in tandem with the main power grid. Its purpose is to provide power to a local area, such as a campus or a community, and it can generate and store electricity. These grids are increasingly being used to provide reliable and sustainable power to areas that are not connected to the main power grid or to enhance the resiliency of the power grid during natural disasters, extreme weather events, or other disruptions.

What are the Uses of Microgrid?

It is used in the following areas:

1. Delivering clean and reliable power to remote communities that rely on diesel generators for their energy needs. The authorities are on a constant hunt to get cleaner and more reliable sources of power and this technology helps a great deal in achieving that.

2. Providing sustainable power to military bases located in remote areas. It also customizes power delivery to meet the diverse energy needs of different facilities in universities and campuses.

3. Offering backup power to industrial and commercial facilities that require uninterrupted power for critical operations. It is a major step toward consistently utilizing the power to achieve greater productivity for that matter.

4. Providing sustainable backup power to homes during power outages by linking microgrids to solar panels and batteries. Solar panels are the need for a future and sustainable society.

5. Providing clean and sustainable power to island communities located far from the main power grid and reliant on diesel generators. As this technology progresses, it is anticipated to uncover new and innovative applications in the future.

To conclude, we can say that Microgrid is a technology that is helping millions of people worldwide. Modern researchers and innovators are working consistently towards exploring this technology more and more. A lot of development has been made possible because of it.

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