Solar panels are devices that are used to convert energy particles called photons present in the sun’s rays into heat or electricity by absorbing them. They are actually a collection of solar cells that uses the photovoltaic effect to generate electricity. Since they also degrade over time, a solar panel warranty certificate is very important.

What is Solar Panel Warranty?

It is majorly of two types: Performance and Equipment. The warranty insurance protects the integrity of the panel itself and against problems such as manufacturing defects, premature damages, environmental issues, etc. If you own a system for a longer period then it is imperative that your product is covered.

What is Covered in Average Solar Panel Warranty?

The average warranty varies between solar companies and products manufactured, typically lasting around 10-25 years. There are two most important kinds to pay attention to before buying a solar panel.

1. Products/Equipment Faults

Solar Panel products/equipment warranty covers the physical panels. This includes any durability issues, manufacturing defects, or equipment failure. This guarantee basically covers the replacement of a damaged or faulty part of or complete product with a new working one and the associated cost is borne by the company. Some premium solar panels are valid for up to 25 years but most last around 10-15 years.

2. Performance Issues

The performance warranty of a panel promises a lifetime base of electricity production delivered. If the production output drops to 10-20% production over a span of 25 years, then you can get it fixed or replaced, so that, your system is performing at optimal capacity.

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What is Solar Panel Warranty Certificate?

Most solar panel systems cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. This sum will be a waste if the system stops functioning. Solar panel warranty certificate offers service workmanship, and labor cost for the initial years of purchase.

What is Premium Solar Panel Warranty?

Premium solar panels warranty is applicable for installations with probable faults. They are a more premium type of coverage in terms of the period covered and performance claim along with greater durability, and quality of products.

What is Covered in 25 years Solar Panels Warranty?

Many companies advertise that their solar panels are covered for up to 25 years. Such a Warranty gives a guarantee of 25 to 30 years with a minimum production capacity of the solar system. SunPower Maxeon promises to deliver a minimum of 92% of its original capacity after 25 years and the lowest performance guarantee is 80% of the original capacity. The Product Warranty covers defects in production and materials for 25 years.

JAN 23 What is Solar Panel Warranty?

The same is offered by several solar panel manufacturers with a guarantee to produce X percentage power of the minimal rated power output. Minimal rated power output is the minimum amount of power that their panel will produce under peak conditions when first installed. As only reliable companies offer a 25-year product warranty, make sure you buy such durable products from leading manufacturers.

How Does Solar Panel Warranty Claim Work?

A solar panel warranty claim can be made whenever you face any kind of problem or difficulty with your setup. Replacement of your solar panel might be possible if your product is still under the warranty period.

  • You can directly contact your retailer or seller.
  • In case you are unable to contact your retailer, you can directly contact the manufacturer as their details will be listed in the purchase receipt & user manual as well.

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Additional Tips for Buyers

There are some important points to be aware of before investing in products or trying to repair them yourself.

Tip I. Solar Panel Warranty Problems

There are a few conditions, which make it null and void, such as

  • faulty equipment,
  • altering the panels, or
  • improper installation.

Apart from the above, you should ensure that the manufacturer provides protection against hail, vandalism, lightning, and fire.

Tip II. Solar Panel Warranty Cost

Solar panel warranty costs are included in the purchase cost of the solar panels, except in case you want to extend the warranty. Contact the said manufacturer to understand all possible options of coverage provided by the company.

The initial cost of most solar panel systems is quite huge so it is important to have a guarantee for at least a few years. Even though solar panels pay for themselves in form of savings, it won’t justify the repair costs if the solar panels stop functioning. A certificate will offer peace of mind that your investment in solar panels is safe.

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