Solar buyback plans allow you to be environmentally friendly while letting you earn with the excess power you produce. Many companies, including Trustpower, are offering this profitable plan. It is a player in the energy market, so opting for it would be a good choice. Hence, knowing about Trustpower solar buy back rate becomes important. The company has also partnered with other huge firms providing several plans to their customers. To delve deeper into this subject, continue reading to explore the Harrisons Solar and Trustpower Buy Back Deal.

Who is Trustpower?

Trustpower is an electric utility firm with a base in New Zealand that offers a variety of energy, gas, and telecommunications services. It was founded in 1994 and has since expanded to rank among the biggest power producers and retailers in the nation. Since the construction of Tauranga’s first power plant in 1915, Trustpower has existed. The company had grown a lot and in 1993-1994, Tauranga Electric Power Board renamed itself Trustpower and became publicly traded on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

Here are some more details about the services offered by Trustpower to help you understand who is Trustpower.

1. Generation and Retail: In its business, Trustpower sells electricity as well as generates it. An array of different power-producing assets is owned and run by the corporation. Electricity and gas are other products that Trustpower offers to residential, commercial, and industrial consumers in New Zealand.

2. Renewable Energy Focus: Developing sustainable energy sources is a priority for Trustpower. In several renewable energy projects throughout New Zealand, it has made large investments, including wind farms, hydroelectric power plants, and other types of facilities. The domestic generation plan focuses on utilizing excess electricity by buying it back from the customer. Their commitment to sustainability has helped it become a major player in the country’s renewable energy sector.

3. Customer Services: Trustpower provides a range of services to its customers, including billing, customer support, and online account management. Customers have the flexibility to choose from various pricing plans and options that suit their energy needs. It also offers bundled services, such as electricity, gas, and broadband, providing convenience to customers who prefer integrated solutions.

4. Telecommunications: Trustpower provides telecommunications services, such as broadband internet, phone, and mobile plans, in addition to its energy services. Customers throughout New Zealand use Trustpower’s services for good internet connections.

What is Trustpower Solar Buy Back Rate?

Now you know who is Trustpower, so let’s have a look at its buyback rate. The solar buyback plan offered by Trustpower is called Solar Buddies. This plan is a bit different from what other companies offer. Here, instead of selling the excess power back to the retailer, you can sell it to buddies. As long as you have excess power, your nominated buddies can buy a share of their electricity for a lower monthly cost than they would pay Trustpower. According to Trustpower, you can nominate 5 people at most as buddies. Currently, the Trustpower solar buy back rate is 8.5 cents per unit plus GST if applicable.

But you can also sell the extra energy at a price you decide. It can be greater or lower than 8.5 cents per kWh. You can also get more money for your extra electricity than the 8.5 cents per unit that Trustpower currently is paying.

What is Solar Buy Back Domestic Generation?

Under solar buy back domestic generation, if you own a small generator such as a micro-hydro system, solar panel, or wind turbine with under 10kW power, Trustpower is willing to buy any surplus energy produced. This means that you can generate your own energy and still earn money by selling any extra energy that you don’t use. This is a great way to become more self-sufficient at home, while also contributing to a more sustainable future. To avail of this plan, you would be required to first seek permission from your local lines company before installing a unique import/export meter. This is done if you need to install a domestic generation system. These meters are supplied and installed by Trustpower, with prices beginning at $155 + GST.

As mentioned above, currently, 8.5 cents per unit plus GST is the buyback rate of Trustpower. Their retail rate is more than this because it includes the line company fees, expenditures, and operating profits.

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Who is Harrisons Solar?

Now you are aware of Trustpower solar buy back rate and what is solar buy back domestic generation. It is time to know who is Harrisons Solar now. So, Harrisons Solar is the largest solar panel installer in New Zealand that offers cutting-edge solar power solutions for more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient houses. In order to ensure that New Zealanders enjoy access to cost-effective, eco-friendly power, they collaborate with reputable brands, products, and installers that are known for their top-notch quality and reliability. They are concentrating on offering effective and environmentally friendly solutions that are suitable for all New Zealanders through their products, offers, and business practices.

Moreover, several international partners and the New Zealand energy sectors often come together and provide the most up-to-date technology and conduct individualized, in-home energy audits that include knowledge of solar-generated power.

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What does the Harrisons Solar and Trustpower Buy Back Deal Entail?

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To assist their clients and get more out of their extra solar power, Trustpower and Harrisons Energy Solutions have partnered and have come up with Harrisons Solar and Trustpower buy back deal. Trustpower offers a buyback program for customers who install solar panels through Harrisons Energy Solutions and switch to Trustpower for 24 months. Any excess solar energy generated will be purchased by Trustpower at a rate of 18c per unit. It is up to twice as much as other shops pay and one of the finest rates in New Zealand. Up to 500 units of solar generation may be exported each month, and the 18 cents per unit buyback rate is guaranteed for the duration of the 24-month term. Trustpower will purchase any extra surplus solar energy at the usual buyback rate, which is 8.5 cents per unit now. Read further to know more about this plan.

1. Term

The duration of the term of the agreement (Term) is 24 months. This agreement starts after the cancellation period for the customer, the connection date of their power services with Trustpower, or the execution date of this agreement, whichever comes later. The promotional buyback rate of 18 cents per unit shall apply throughout the duration of the term or until the client chooses to cancel the services provided under this agreement.

2. Exit Fees

You will be required to pay a $150 exit charge if you decide to change your power provider during the period of your agreement or discontinue the power services (including the electricity buyback) early. If the company makes significant modifications to these terms and conditions or the power and reticulated gas terms, you won’t be responsible for paying this exit fee. In this scenario, you might end the subscription and transfer to another provider. If you relocate during the Term to a different town or city, your new address’s energy pricing can alter. They won’t charge the exit fee if your new address doesn’t have a Harrisons Energy Solutions Solar PV installation. If you plan to switch gas providers, there is no exit cost as well.

Now that you have learned about the Trustpower solar buy back rate, you can decide whether you want to opt for it or not. After going through this article, you know who is Harrisons solar and their contribution to the energy market. The plans are definitely good but to make sure they meet your requirements, contact the customer services of Trustpower.

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