With Scooterson Rolley Series Oddity Meets Coolness


Experience the revolution in electric scooters with Scooterson’s Rolley series. With their wide tires for superior stability, a removable battery for convenience, and a unique design they stand out. Moreover, Scooterson’s Rolley to be the coolest electric scooter with the comfortable padded seats and advanced suspension. With seamless smartphone integration and exclusive NFC key access, the company takes electric scooters to a whole new level.

The Scooterson brings Rolley and Rolley+ that is not like any other e-scooter that you may have seen or driven. Not just this, it also handles differently unlike all other variations you might have tried. To begin with, it has super wide tires that prevent the scooter from leaning into turns. You know how it is when you turn a two-wheeler, but that is not the case with Scooterson Rolley series.

The battery department is well-designed, and the presence of a removable battery is an appreciable factor. Actually, not all electric scooters have this feature. Moreover, the removing and reinstalling process is not tiring and complex. Scooterson’s remarkable and captivating design, with its swooping frame tubes and flowing lines, truly deserves credit. Moreover, it gets an automotive quality look with its fancy paint.

But the makers did not miss out on comfort as the seat is nicely padded with a gel-type material. Both the front fork and seat post are equipped with identical suspension arms, ensuring that both your wrists and you receive the necessary support. The scooter is surprisingly stable even when parked, so the kickstand is not required.

Apart from the hardware design, the Scooterson also has a nicely developed smartphone app that seamlessly integrates with the company’s other vehicles. The latest model of the scooter comes with an NFC key that not only allows for easy wireless unlocking but also ensures that you are the sole user of your scooter.

The scooter weighs a hefty 112 pounds (51 kg), so if you are planning to lift it on a flight of stairs, you would need some help. Both scooters are almost similar in dimensions with the following figures:

  • Capacity: 305 lbs. (138 Kg)
  • Height: 44.88 inch (1140 mm)
  • Length: 65.75 inch (1670 mm)
  • Width: 28.74 inch (730 mm)

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Scooterson Electric Scooter Range

The median range of both scooters is:

  • Rolley: A rider weighing 154 lbs. (70 Kg) can travel up to 28 miles (45 Km) on a flat road in urban traffic.
  • Rolley+: I can transport people weighing around 154 lbs. (70 Kg), up to 56 miles (90 Km) on flat urban roads amidst traffic congestion.

Scooterson Electric Scooter Motor

The motor is placed on the rear side and has Brushless Direct Drive Hub Motor (BLDC) construction. As for the motor power, Rolley series with efficiency around 86.1 % has the following features:

  • Max. Torque: 140 Nm
  • Peak Power: 2600 W
  • Power at Max. Efficiency: 1900 W
  • Rated Power: 2000 W
  • Rated Voltage: 60 V

Scooterson Electric Scooter Battery

Both scooters have a Smart Battery Monitoring System (BMS). The charging cycle is approximately 440 charges, which is equivalent to around 3 years of normal use.

They are equipped with the following fire hazard safety circuits:

  • Overcurrent
  • Over-discharge
  • Over-temperature
  • Redundant over-voltage
  • Short circuit in discharge
  • Under-temperature
  • Under-voltage

Scooterson Electric Scooter Comparison

The following table talks about the differences between these two scooters.

Max Speed28 MPH (45 KPH)

North America 15-20 MPH

Europe 20-25 KPH

(Speed limits depend on local laws)

34 MPH (55 KPH)

North America 15-20 MPH

Europe 20-25 KPH

(Speed limits depend on local laws)

Weight112 lbs. (51 Kg)128 lbs. (58 Kg)



Rated Voltage

54.45 V54.45 V
Battery Nominal Capacity14.7 Ah (800 Wh)29.4 Ah (1600 Wh)
Charging Time2 h with standard charger / 40 min with supercharger at 80%3 h with standard charger / 30 min with supercharger at 80%
Max Discharge Current30 A for 12 mins / 40 A for 10 sec40 A for 11 mins / 60 A for 20 sec
Continuous Discharge Current26A35A

Overall, Scooterson’s Rolley could be the coolest electric scooter in the market, but as we all know good looks paired with great performance demands a high price. And Rolley series is also a bit pricey in comparison to other electric scooters.

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