25kW Solar System Price


The 25kW solar system price incorporates the cost of various components like solar panels, inverter, and charge controller.

A 25kW solar system is an expensive yet beneficial investment for small and medium-sized businesses. Its high initial expense is due to the cost of components and installation charges. Let us break down the 25kW solar system price and discuss the cost of 24 kW and 26 kW systems to help you compare the prices.

25kW Solar System Price

The price of a solar system depends on its components and their quality. But a rough estimation tells us that an average solar panel would cost around $2.77 per watt or Rs.40,000 to Rs.1,00,000 per kilowatt.

So, from this we can calculate the approximate price of an average 25kW solar system:

$2.77 × 25,000 = $ 69,250 in USA

Rs. 40,000 × 25 = Rs. 10,00,000 in India for without battery on-grid setup

Rs. 1,00,000 × 25 = Rs. 25,00,000  in India with battery off-grid setup

24kW Solar System Cost

For a 24 kW solar system. the approximate prices are: 

$ 2.77 × 24,000 = $ 66,480 in USA

Rs. 40,000 × 24 = 9,60,000 in India for without battery on-grid setup

Rs. 1,00,000 × 24 = 24,00,000 in India with a battery off-grid setup

26kW Solar System Cost

For a 26kW solar system, the approximate prices are

$ 2.77 × 26,000 = $ 72,020 in USA

Rs. 40,000 × 26 = 10,40,000 in India for without battery on-grid setup

Rs. 1,00,000 × 26 = 26,00,000 in India with a battery off-grid setup

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Details and Components of 25kW Solar System

Solar Panel new image 10

We have talked about the solar system’s price but need to decode how this price is derived. For this matter, we need to know about the components used in the solar system and their prices.

1. Solar panels:

These are the most essential components of the solar system which are mainly responsible for producing electricity thus the capacity of the solar system is usually dependent upon them. The average cost of solar panels in INR is around 43 to 63 per watt and in USD is approximately 1 to 1.5 dollars per watt.

2. Solar Inverters:

An inverter is one of the most essential components of the solar system because most of the appliances at our homes work on DC, but the solar system produces AC. The inverter converts this AC into DC and thus makes the energy usable. An average size inverter usually ranges between 1,000 and 1,500 USD or between 6,210 and 15,010 INR depending upon the company, quality, and size.

3. Solar Batteries:

The solar panel can produce enough energy during the day to power the house and store the extra electricity used at night. A battery is functional to store this excess power. Though this is optional it is wise to install them. The average cost of a battery in USD is approximately 16,007 USD and the average cost of a battery in INR is somewhere around 15,000 to 41,666 per kilowatt.

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4. Charge Controllers:

The function of a solar charge controller is to control the voltage or current supplied to the solar batteries to save them from overcharging. The price range of the solar charge controller is quite diverse as it varies according to its capacity and seller. Talking about the U.S. it may range around $20 to 500. In India, they may range between Rs. 2460 and 7900 for a 24V charge controller.

5. Solar Wires:

The wires are used in the solar system to connect the parts of the solar system. They are usually made of aluminum or copper and are well-insulated. They are available in both AC and DC types and are resistant to extreme weather conditions, UV rays, and temperature. On average a 10 mm DC solar wire would cost INR 230 per sq. meter in India and around $ 100 per 300 ft. in the U.S.

6. Installation Cost

Installation is also an important cost addition to the overall cost of solar panels. This is because installation requires technical support and expert involvement. The average installation cost of a solar panel is Rs. 56 per watt in India and $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 in the U.S.

7. Misc Expenses

Apart from these, some other components are also needed while installing the solar structure such as a lightning arrester, connectors, mounting clamps, and installation tools. These prices vary from place to place, and an estimated standard pricing cannot be determined.

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25kW Solar System Cost in INR and Dollar: Cost Summary

Solar Panel price 5: 25kw Solar System Price

The prices of the components vary according to the companies, quality, and place and here we have provided approximate prices of the components.

1) Solar panels 43- 63 per watt$1-$1.5 per watt
2) Solar inverter 6,210- 15,010$1000-$1500
3) Solar Battery 15,000- 41,666 per Kilowatt$ 16,007
4) Charge controller 2,460 – 7,900 (24V)$ 20 -$ 500
5) Solar wire 230/sq. meter (10sq DC)$ 100 per 300 ft.
6) Installation 56 per watt$ 15,000 – $ 20,000
7) OthersvariableVariable
TOTAL(approx. for 25 watt) 10 – 25 lakh$ 69,250

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Note: The prices are based on estimations and can vary based on several factors such as components, location, labor costs, and incentives. You can find out the 25kW solar system cost 2023 in your area by using your zip code.

A 25 kW solar system price comprises the cost of solar panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and wires. It also includes the price of installation, making it a bit pricey. The cost breakup given in the article would help you understand the real expenses so that you can make an informed investment decision.

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