3kW Solar System Price: Off-Grid and On-Grid


When purchasing a 3kW solar system, explore available tax credits and subsidies to reduce your installation costs.

A 3kW solar system can yield sufficient energy to fulfill the energy requirements of a small home or business. So are you planning to go green with it but don’t know how much you need to spend? No worries, we are here to outline everything for you. In this blog, we will provide you with the average 3kW solar system price for its installation, including both its on-grid and off-grid setups.

3kW Solar System Price

In India, the average cost of a 3kW solar system ranges between Rs.1,35,000 and Rs. 2,10,000, depending on the brand, quality, and type of system and components you are opting for.

Looking from the global perspective, approximately $3.00 per watt is the average cost of solar, which implies around $9,000 cost for a 3kW solar power system in the US. With factoring in the federal solar tax credit, the price will fall to around $6,300.

It’s essential to select the ideal type of solar system to get the maximum output from your solar power system. Your choice also determines the cost you need to bear for installing a 3kW solar system at your home. So, let’s check out the 3kW solar system on-grid, off grid cost, and the subsidy aspect as well.

3kW Solar System On-Grid Cost

Solar Panel price 5: 3kw Solar System Price

A 3kW on-grid system works in direct connection with the local grid and is subject to net metering restrictions. A net meter is incorporated into the system to track the flow of energy between the grid and your solar panels. You earn solar credits when your solar panels yield excess power that is delivered back into the grid. Contrarily, when you draw energy from the grid, there is a charge to be paid.

A 3kW on-grid system on average can range approximately between Rs. 2,13,300 to 3,59,296, depending on the selected components.

It is also eligible for the national solar subsidy program, which reduces the expenditure for residential customers. This makes a 3kW solar system more affordable and accessible.

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3kW Solar System without Battery Price Breakdown

Below in the table, we have provided a brief breakdown of the average cost you can expect to spend for installing a 3kW on-grid solar system.

The following table mentions the price breakdown with PWM technology solar inverter, and polycrystalline solar panel. It will also have MPPT solar inverter and Mono Perc half cut technology solar panels.

ComponentsCost approx.ComponentsCost approx.
With PWM InverterRs.15,000With MPPT InverterRs.40,000
3 kW Solar PanelRs.90,0003 kW Solar PanelRs.1,05,000
Bi-directional meterRs.5,000Bi-directional MeterRs.5,000

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3kW Solar System Off-Grid Cost

An off-grid solar system runs effectively and independently without grid connectivity. It is self-reliant and does not depend on the power grid for energy supply. The battery is an essential component in a stand-alone off-grid system, which plays an important role in storing the extra solar energy yielded by the solar panels. A 3kW solar system with battery price is approximately Rs. 2,40,000 in India including the cost of installation.

Integrating a battery ensures a constant and reliable source of electricity, even when the solar panel is unable to generate electricity. This stored energy is later used to power your home during nighttime, power cuts, or unfavorable weather conditions.

3kW Solar System with Battery Price Breakdown

In the below mentioned table, we have given a cost breakdown for 3kW solar system off grid cost with PWM technology solar inverter and polycrystalline solar panel. It also includes MPPT solar inverter and mono perc half cut technology solar panels.

ComponentsCost approx.ComponentsCost approx.
With PWM InverterRs.15,000With MPPT InverterRs.40,000
3 kW Solar PanelRs.90,0003 kW Solar PanelRs.1,05,000
3 × 100Ah Solar BatteryRs.30,0003 × 100Ah Solar BatteryRs.30,000

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3kW Solar Panel System Price in India with Subsidy

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Central Financial Assistance (CFA) or Central Government subsidy is available for home rooftop solar system installation all over India. The subsidy rate for up to 3 kW solar power generation is around Rs. 14,588/kW.

Above 10 kW capacity, you get a fixed subsidy amount. You can submit your subsidy application online by visiting the National Portal for Rooftop Solar website to enjoy the benefit.

In the below-mentioned table, we have provided the CFA calculations that show approximate prices of what to expect when it comes to the 3kW solar panel price in India with subsidy.

3kW Off-grid solar systemNot applicable
3kW On-grid solar systemRs. 14,588 × 3 = Rs. 43,764
3kW Hybrid solar systemRs. 14,588 × 3 = Rs. 43,764

It is also essential to know that only the L1 rates of the panels are applicable for subsidy. But what are L1 rates?

When the registered solar dealers submit bids for solar tenders, the one who quotes the lowest bid becomes eligible to receive the maximum allocation rights, and their bid comes to be known as the L1 price of the state.

In this table, we have mentioned the prices for 3 kW solar rooftop systems and the subsidies associated in different Indian states:

StateL1 3kW Solar System Cost Approx.Subsidy Offered Against L1 Rates Approx.
Madhya PradeshRs.39,100Rs.46,920
Uttar PradeshRs.37,000Rs.44,400


Note: All the mentioned prices are average estimations that can vary from state to state based on tax credits or rebates.

After reviewing the pricing for a 3kW solar system, it’s clear that it is a good choice to invest in. They are fairly reasonable and provide a good return on investment. In addition, government subsidies can help reduce your installation cost. Hence, it is a great option for you to lower your energy bills and lead a sustainable life.

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