ABZO VS01 Redefines E-Motorcycle Riding with 180 Km Range at 1.80 Lakh


Get ready to shift gears in the world of electric motorcycles because ABZO VS01 e-motorcycle offers 180 km range at 1.80 Lakh. Operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, ABZO is revolutionizing the industry with its electric bike. This bike goes beyond the ordinary road bike, as it combines unparalleled eco-friendliness, remarkable practicality, and outstanding performance.

The launch of Ola Bikes left us all amazed, but hold on, because there’s a new contender in the electric bike industry called ABZO, headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These bikes are far from your typical road bikes. Let’s see how! The ABZO VS01 is a great choice for city commuters. It has excellent practicality and can travel more than 180 km on just one charge. In addition, charging is incredibly convenient, as fast charging takes a mere 3 hours, while regular charging only takes 6 hours.

The motorcycle has impressive dimensions, with a wheelbase of 1,473 mm, providing ample ground clearance of 158 mm, and a comfortable seat height of 700 mm. It delivers an outstanding performance, paired with an astonishing peak power output of 8.44 bhp and an impressive maximum torque of 190 Nm.

The ABZO VS01 stands out for its regenerative braking system, which greatly enhances efficiency. The unique characteristic of this feature distinguishes it as a conscious choice for riders who are looking for a more environmentally friendly option.

It is worth noting that the company manufactures their chassis in-house to ensure they are perfectly suited for Indian roads.

The ABZO VS01 proves to be exceptionally powerful, boasting an impressive 6.3 kW of performance. It reaches 60 kilometers per hour in just 6 seconds, giving riders an exciting experience. To suit a variety of riding preferences, the motorcycle offers three driving modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport.

This E-motorcycle offers an impressive array of features, seamlessly blending practicality, and eco-friendliness. The LED headlamp and tail lamp of this vehicle not only provide exceptional visibility, but also enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. Enhancing the overall appearance are the alloy wheels, adding a beautiful touch to its design.

The bike costs around 1.80 Lakh and you can choose from three colors: Georgian Bay, Imperial Red, and Mountain White.

About ABZO

In the year 2019, with a modest R&D section, they began to utilize this space efficiently for the creation of the prototypes. The research and development processes were conducted under the expert supervision of skilled engineers and designers.

Now their manufacturing plant occupies an impressive expanse of approximately 17,069 square meters. Their efficient production processes are supported by assembly lines that ensure the smoothest manufacturing operations. In addition, they conduct comprehensive in-house dyno tests to accurately measure crucial factors such as force, torque, and power.

Source ABZO Motors

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