All European Cars are to be Electrically Powered by 2026 as Nissan Decides to Level Up its Game


Electrification of vehicles is on the rise as countries rush to switch from petrol and diesel-based vehicles to electricity-based vehicles. Amidst the huge worldwide phenomenon, Nissan’s name is the latest to make a huge claim as their plans get unveiled. All European cars are to be electrically powered by 2026 as Nissan decides to level up its game.

You heard that right, not 25, not 50, or 75% but a full 100% EVs running across Europe. Earlier they had set a target of 75% and while targets usually are brought down to sound more realistic over time Nissan took theirs up. The vehicles will all be electric or series hybrid and the plans extend beyond Europe as well.

Nissan, who was once the leader in the EV segment with its Leaf segment has been overtaken by companies like BYD and Tesla but it looks set to take its place back as plans to make 55% of vehicles electric or series hybrid in Japan have also been raised to 58% by 2026.

While Japan and Europe saw their share of expected EVs or series hybrids go up, the US saw its expected growth remain the same at just above 40%. For China their expected growth target was cut from 40% to 35%, however, this figure only included EVs and not series hybrids.

Nissan Leaf was founded in 2010 and helped it become a market leader in the EV segment, a position that it has lost since. However, the Yokohama-based company eyes its spot back claiming to have lots of knowledge on the topic of EVs, the consumers’ way of using these products, and the wear and tear of EV batteries.

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Nissan’s plan of rolling out different EV models has also seen an increase as they planned to launch 15 new models by 2030 but are not set to roll out 19. The company has been working on EV technology along with Renault and now they are set to invest a 15% stake in the latter’s Ampere, a vehicle and software entity. The partnership is said to be working on developing a new generation battery which will be led by Nissan.

All European cars are to be electrically powered by 2026 as Nissan decides to level up its game, however, the figures mentioned above do not include expected sales figures of its alliance partners Mitsubishi Motors or Renault. So while Europe gets electrified fully, other countries mentioned above might also see their percentage go up if the sales of the other two companies are taken into consideration. With that Nissan’s plan for a cleaner and greener future doesn’t only get outlined but also presents hope for a better environmental future.

Source: Nissan News

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