With multiple similar products available in the market, it gets confusing which one to buy. All of them come with different specifications. So, it becomes crucial to understand which one is good for you. Buying a cheaper product doesn’t always mean compromising on quality. That is the case with the Carrera Vengeance e-bike price. It gives fair competition to other e-bikes in the market. A great product on its own, read the Carrera Vengeance e-bike review here.

Carrera Vengeance E-Bike Review – Is It Worth the Ride?

Carrera is a bike brand from Halfords. The Vengeance e-bike is a model similar to the Vulcan Mountain bike and features the Suntour HESC power assist system. The most eye-catching part is the Carrera Vengeance e-bike price, which is at par with its features and functions. This bike has very little competition from other models of such category because of its characteristics. The Vengeance E has shown promising results, especially because the motor system has torque sensing, which is often reserved for more expensive e-bikes.

Vengeance E employs the same alloy frame, which the Carrera Vulcan Mountain bike does. It is perfectly proportioned and has strong-looking welding reinforced with gussets. This is a feat because the Carrera Vulcan Mountain bike is rated to carry a rider weighing 160 kg, which is quite a generous rating. Vengeance E truly stands out when it comes to challenging cross-country riding. The smooth motor and gear system make riding it similar to a regular bike, without requiring adjustments like you would do with a less advanced e-bike sensor.

It is one of the cheapest electric mountain bikes available, costing just over £1,000. Even if it’s not quite a bargain, e-bikes may cost up to five times as much. So, this is still very much on the lower end of the price range. The fact that it is reasonably well-specced for its price point is another factor.

Simply put, it inspires you to go out and enjoy yourself. The Vengeance E is great for riding on spacious bridleways and forest trails. It can easily climb steep hills and provide a comfortable ride. It is a highly capable off-roader and is perfect for those looking to make the jump to an electric two-wheeler. Read about Carrera Vengeance e-bike specifications in detail in the next pointer.

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What are Carrera Vengeance E-bike Specifications?

JAN23 Carrera Vengeance E-bike Review
Image from halfords.com

Since you have read about the Carrera Vengeance e-bike review above, take a look at the Carrera Vengeance e-bike specifications for a better understanding.

Weight23.3 kg
Travel100 mm front
GearsSRAM 8 Speed
Frame7005 Alloy
Wheels27.5″ Wheels
Drivetrain1 ×— 8
GroupsetX4, Suntour
Warranty24 Months
BrakesMechanical Disc
Removable BatteryYes
Maximum RangeUp To 40 Miles
Recharge Time6 Hours
ForkSuntour XCT

Here is a list of some additional features.

1. There are Tektro mechanical disc brakes, Kenda K1027 knobbly tires on 27.5” double-walled rims, 9 Shimano Altus gears (a 12-23t cassette driven by a 32t chainring giving a 280% gear range), and all of these components are Shimano Altus. The broad alloy bars provide excellent close control.

2. The black disc that sits unobtrusively inside the chain wheel consists of HESC (Human Energy Synergy Concept), a hub motor system with torque-sensing gubbins. A more natural ride is made possible by torque sensing, which often results in power being delivered more smoothly and in direct reaction to your pedaling effort. Additionally, it is more effective, resulting in longer battery life.

3. In the event of a puncture, the engine can be detached to make the removal of the rear wheel simple.

4. The capacity of the battery, 317Wh, is on the smaller side. The display is simple, including a red LED display that only shows speed, three power levels, a battery capacity indicator, and no walk assist. It’s impressive to see the capacity indication. As electricity is really used, the bars on the Vengeance-E capacity meter fade out.

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What are Carrera Vengeance E-Bike Pros and Cons?

JAN23 Carrera Vengeance E-Bike Review 2

The Carrera Vengeance e-bike is full of amazing features which you already got to know in the Carrera Vengeance e-bike specifications in the above pointer. But you should also be aware of the Carrera Vengeance e-bike pros and cons to make a better decision.

The pros are listed below:

1. Affordable

When compared to many other e-bikes on the market, the Carrera Vengeance E Bike is an affordable electric bike. For those who want to try out an e-bike without investing a lot of money, this makes it a fantastic option.

2. Easy to Use

As mentioned in Carrera Vengeance e-bike review, the Carrera Vengeance e-bike is simple to operate. Anyone can operate the bike, no matter if you have prior experience of riding or not. The handlebar controls are simple and quick to use, and the pedal-assist technology offers a boost that feels natural and intuitive.

3. Decent Features

The Carrera Vengeance e-bike offers very decent specs despite its cost. It has an aluminum frame that is lightweight, a 250W motor, and a 317Wh battery that can support riding for up to 40 kilometers. Additionally, it sports mechanical disc brakes and a 9-speed Shimano Altus transmission.

4. Versatility

The Carrera Vengeance e-bike has a wide range of uses, including commuting, leisurely trips, and light off-road riding. A comfortable and secure ride is provided by its front suspension and disc brakes.

5. Warranty

The Carrera Vengeance e-bike has a two-year warranty for buyers who may be concerned about any issues with the bike, providing peace of mind.

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Although how appealing this bike may look, it has cons as well. They are listed below:

1. Limited Range

Some riders who intend to utilize the Carrera Vengeance e-bike for longer commutes or rides may find that the range of bikes of up to 40 miles is insufficient. This may be particularly true for cyclists who need the most assistance or travel over mountainous terrain.

2. Basic Components

The Carrera Vengeance e-bike’s parts may not be of high quality. For instance, parts like mechanical disc brakes and 9-speed Shimano Altus gearbox could not function as well in the long run.

3. Limited Availability

Only the UK-based shop Halfords sells the Carrera Vengeance e-bike. For those who live outside the UK or prefer to purchase from other vendors, this may be a restriction.

4. Heavy Weight

Unreasonably heavy for an electric bike, the Carrera Vengeance e-bike weighs 23.2 kg (51 lbs). It can be harder to move or transport the bike, especially for riders who need to lift it onto a vehicle rack or carry it upstairs.

5. Limited Design and Color Options

Only one-color option is available for the Carrera Vengeance e-bike, which might not be to everyone’s taste.

Considering the Carrera Vengeance e-bike pros and cons, as a customer, you can make the right decision as per your need.

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What is Carrera Vengeance E-bike Price?

Now we have covered most of the aspects, including the Carrera Vengeance e-bike review. You should also look at its price. So, the Carrera Vengeance e-bike price is £1,099. While the Vengeance E is not quite a steal at £1,099, it is affordable in the e-bike market. Nevertheless, it offers features often found in pricier models.

One is torque sensing, which offers reliable and slick power delivery, making riding a breeze. This is a common oversight with bikes at this level, which causes jerky power surges that can be both distracting and occasionally dangerous. The bike doesn’t have the fanciest components, but you can trust that it will work well. They are all part of the reliable Carrera series and have been thoroughly tested. If they do not, Halfords provides nationwide after-sales support and convenient servicing, so you’re covered.

To conclude, this e-bike is charming, but the Carrera Vengeance e-bike pros and cons are essential to consider. Now you have read about the Carrera Vengeance e-bike review, you know whether it is an ideal product for you or not. We hope this article solved any queries which you had regarding this product!

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