Gamin watches are highly advanced, with multiple fitness features. They are a reliable option if you want to track your health all the time. They report even a minor inconvenience that they encounter. But have you ever thought that the technology they are using is actually safe or not? Well, the technology used in them emits radiation which is why people wonder do Garmin watches cause cancer. Read this complete guide to unveil this answer and learn why does Garmin watches have Prop 65 warnings.

Do Garmin Watches Cause Cancer?

To find out if Garmin watches cause cancer or not, we need to first understand how it works. Garmin watches use radio frequencies to operate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option. They contain the following features:

  • Heart rate sensor
  • GPSMotion sensor
  • Bluetooth and wireless capabilities

Everything else in the watch is driven by software that makes use of radio frequencies except the heart rate sensor and the motion sensor, which run on hardware. RF radiation is listed by the FCC as a possible carcinogen, but only at high levels. RF radiation can heat up body tissue and the skin at lower dosages. And if this heat cannot be expelled, it may be uncomfortable and lead to skin issues.

However, Garmin watches use relatively little energy. Smartwatches mostly use battery power only for phone calls or to track data, which doesn’t happen all the time. Wi-Fi is often only used when a linked router is within range, however, Bluetooth is always active when connected to your phone. Despite the fact that this is the case, the proximity of the radiation source to your body should be your primary worry. In fact, it is contacting your skin, which becomes the main cause of concern.

Smartwatches are always in contact with your body even if they emit less EMF radiation. When it comes to EMF radiation, exposure time is among the most crucial factors. The longer you are exposed to a radiation source, the more dangerous it is. To conclude, Garmin watches have low levels of radiation and therefore, they do not cause cancer. However, one should limit the exposure time.

Do Garmin Watches Emit Radiation?

Although Garmin watches do produce radiation, they are low energy and pose little danger. However, they only produce radiation while connected to a smartphone. The watch will not produce radiation if it is in airplane mode.

Like other smartwatches, Garmin watches contain Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. While both of these EMF radiation types are low energy, their proximity to your body is a concern. Devices frequently communicate using radio waves. However, Garmin watches use relatively little power. Although this is the case, the proximity of the radiation source to your body is the main cause for concern. Your skin is actually being touched by it.

Smartwatches are always in contact with your body, despite the fact that they emit less EMF radiation. Regarding EMF radiation, exposure time is one of the most crucial factors. Because EMF radiation builds up over time, it becomes a bigger issue the more you are exposed to it. In light of this, it might not be a good idea to wear an EMF source, even one with low intensity, on your wrist for a long time.

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Why does Garmin Watch have Prop 65 Warning?

You must be wondering if Garmin watches do not cause cancer, then why does a Garmin watch have a Prop 65 warning? Well, if there are any compounds covered by Proposition 65 in a product, even if it is not harmful, it must have a warning label unless proven that there is no significant risk of exposure. The product could be safe, but it still requires a warning label.

Garmin watches packaging includes a warning because most electronic devices have substances listed under Proposition 65. This is just to make sure the customers have all the information they need. Under Proposition 65, businesses must inform Californians about severe chemical exposures that result in cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Californians can make decisions about their exposure to these substances by being informed thanks to the requirement of Proposition 65 that this information be shared. Approximately 900 compounds have been added to this list since it was initially published in 1987, and it must be updated at least once a year.

If a company knows or suspects that its products contain harmful substances, it should warn people by labeling the product or posting the warning in the workplace. By law, any chemicals that could increase the risk of cancer or cause birth defects or reproductive harm must come with a warning, unless the exposure is too low to pose any significant risk. In the next pointer, we will answer are Garmin watches unhealthy and what you should do to stay safe.

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Are Garmin Watches Unhealthy?

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We have answered do Garmin watches cause cancer or not. And through this pointer, you must have gained some idea. The majority of Garmin equipment emits radiation but if you are curious to know are Garmin watches unhealthy then read further.

If you use them daily for less than six hours, they are comparable to cell phones and should not be seen as a problem. Garmin equipment can lead to the absorption of non-ionizing and RF radiation by the skin because they are worn close to it.

RF radiation has been linked to cancer in humans. However, this is only possible if the radiation is repeatedly exposed to frequencies that are too high. There is no need to be concerned about Garmin watches as the radiation levels in them are comparatively low. So, these watches are not unhealthy but should be used in a limited way. Now, let’s see are Garmin watches FDA-approved.

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Are Garmin Watches FDA Approved?

Well, not all but only one watch made by Garmin has FDA approval which is the Garmin Venu 2 Plus. It has a built-in 24/7 heart rate monitor feature. Additionally, it is also the first smartwatch from Garmin to receive FDA clearance for taking an ECG test from your wrist. This watch has an app that can take ECG readings. The app allows users to record a 30-second ECG and view the findings right once on their watch or later in the Garmin Connect app.

The new software records the electrical signals that regulate users’ heartbeats when they perform an ECG using sensors on the Venu 2 Plus. Then, the ECG App examines that data to look for indications of AFib. For reference, AFib rhythms happen when your heart’s upper and bottom chambers do not beat in sync. In addition, users have the option to store their personal data on Garmin Connect.

This platform allows them to access their previous ECG results and generate comprehensive reports that can be shared with healthcare providers. This feature enables users to gain deeper insight into their health and make informed decisions with the help of medical professionals. But up next. Let us see if Garmin watch radiation is concerning or not.

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Are Garmin Sensors Safe?

To your curiosity, we answered do Garmin watches cause cancer or not and we saw how they are safe. Similarly, to answer are Garmin sensors safe, the answer is a resounding yes. They are safe since they have low radiation levels. Most fitness bands and smartwatches pack red and/or green sensor technology. An LED on the underside of a watch shines a green or red light onto the skin. This bounces back to the source, which also has a photodetector that records how the light’s intensity changes. Such changes depend on the way blood perfuses through the tissue. The information is then analyzed by an algorithm that converts this into data on a person’s heart rate.

The red and green lights are considered on the visible spectrum. It is similar to LEDs that are used in kitchen lights, lamps, office lighting, and LCDs. None of these lights are harmful. Additionally, the power of the red/green lights on the underside of watches is relatively very low.

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Is Garmin Watch Radiation Concerning?

Although Garmin watches do emit radiation, they are low energy and not a cause of concern. Garmin watches radiation is similar to that of a cell phone. What is important to consider is the fact of how close the devices are to your body and how long you are wearing them. If you are wearing them for longer hours, you might be at a potential risk of health problems. Hence, limiting your time and exposure to any such device is important.

In conclusion, there is currently no scientific evidence to suggest that Garmin watches or any similar wearable devices cause cancer. To read more watch-related blogs, click here.


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