EcoRight Stitching a Sustainable Future with Stylish Eco-Friendly Bags


Upbringing matters a lot and the environment surrounding the children as they grow influence their overall personality. This turned out to be true with Ahmedabad based IIT graduate Udit Sood that led to the foundation of an eco-friendly fashion startup, EcoRight in 2017. Stylish eco-friendly bags by EcoRight are made from recycled materials like Juton, RPET, and cotton. Their products not only help the planet but also make sustainable living fashionable. So, this Diwali, consider choosing these eco-friendly bags as gifts, contributing to a greener planet.

A young startup that started in 2017, EcoRight, Ahmedabad-based sustainable fashion brand, is aimed to save the world by promoting zero-waste and sustainable fashion. Their bags are designed with recycled products like cotton (organic and recycled), RPET (Recycled PET bottles), and Juton (jute + cotton).

Co-Founder, Udit Sood focused on making products that leave a lasting positive impact on the planet. The ingredients used are better options for the planet and help in reducing single use plastic.

The quirky yet eco-friendly bags are designed to be thought-provoking. According to EcoRight, we need to be socially conscious too along with being environmentally conscious. All products manufactured in ethically certified facilities are popular not only in India but also in the United States and the United Kingdom. You can also get one for you on Amazon’s country-based platforms.

Stylish eco-friendly bags by EcoRight
Pic Credits: EcoRight

Their product range includes:

  • Convertible bucket bags
  • Handbags
  • Lunch bags
  • Pouches
  • Shoe bags
  • Shoulder bags
  • Sling bags
  • Tote bags

So, if this Diwali you are planning to get bags as gifts, then try to benefit Earth with a wise and sustainable choice.

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Sustainable Processes

Yes, EcoRight is all up for using natural resources, including from rainwater harvesting to using solar panels to power their factory. They use rail, road, and sea for shipping instead of air. This cuts down around 10% of emissions on their behalf. Plus, they follow every possible step to go carbon-neutral by 2026.

And to top that, they use consumer-recycled plastics and none of their products results in plastic waste generation. EcoRight works in collaboration with different NGOs and social groups to support nature, education, and promote equal opportunities for all. The company says each bag can replace 50-100 plastic bags. EcoRight has sold over 100,000 eco-friendly bags and stopped the use of at least 5,000,000 plastic bags.

About the Founder and Foundation

Udit, who grew up in an eco-friendly household, believes that being mindful of plastic use is essential for everyone. He emphasizes that adopting eco-friendly habits is not optional, but rather a necessity.

His parents and wife strongly support the anti-plastic movement, and his sister is an environmental lawyer. During his MBA studies, he researched sustainable trade practices. Therefore, he was influenced by his family in everything he did.

Although he spearheaded the idea, Udit credits the success of EcoRight to his father and Co-founder, Sanjiv Sood. As an IIT graduate and experienced manufacturing business owner for the past two decades, Udit’s father was the perfect mentor. He provided valuable guidance to Udit in terms of scaling the business and establishing partnerships with various collaborators for EcoRight.

Worldwide Approach

Stylish eco-friendly bags by EcoRight were first launched in India and the US on Amazon. It later expanded to Europe, Australia, and Canada. The startup now employs around 50 people. According to Udit, the founder, the problem the company addresses is a global issue.

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Reduce Plastic Usage Mission

EcoRight makes 50% of their sales in India and the rest in the US, UK, and Europe. They offer worldwide delivery through various e-commerce retailers. Sellers usually use transparent packaging on their platform, typically made of plastic.

Udit says, “As an eco-friendly startup, it just didn’t make sense for us to use plastic while sending an eco-friendly bag. That’s when we did some research and decided to switch to biodegradable alternatives made from corn, beet, and potato starch.”

EcoRight conducted a series of experiments with various types of cotton and jute, diligently searching for a fabric that possessed both supple softness and exceptional durability. This way they designed durable and sustainable packaging materials.

Design Matters

EcoRight prioritizes sustainable materials and innovative design. In addition to their in-house designers, they collaborate with around 20 freelance designers from various countries. Together, they create eco-friendly bags with fun and quirky messages.

The Next Product

EcoRight is also considering producing bags using recycled plastic materials. They aim to launch this product in the next 3–4 months. The fabric for these bags will be made solely from recycled plastic and polyester obtained from organizations certified by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS). This certification guarantees that the fabric is completely recycled. EcoRight is also working towards obtaining a GRS certificate.

Source: EcoRight

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