Explore Freedom with App-Powered Electric Caravan by Pebble Flow


To satisfy your adventurous spirit, here comes a 25-foot travel trailer. Yes, Pebble Flow introduces app-powered electric caravan vehicle with minimalist design, integrated power supply and grid independence. The vehicle is equipped with an active propulsion assist system that offers a respite from range anxiety. Designed ideally for remote work and leisure, this versatile living space is designed for four people. Furthermore, magic hitch technology is paired with remote control capabilities that redefine camping convenience.

The Pebble Flow takes its design cues from electric transportation, creating an innovative travel trailer that is truly one-of-a-kind. It has a minimalist design and an integrated power supply. It is perfect for remote living and working. The trailer’s battery pack can last for up to seven days, providing off-grid independence. The interior of the trailer is designed with smooth surfaces, creating a loft-like living experience.

This 25-foot-long trailer is specifically crafted to be easily towed by a spacious SUV or a powerful pick-up truck, whether it runs on traditional fuel or electricity. Equipped with dual motors, this trailer offers Active Propulsion Assist to effectively counteract the range limitations that often come with electric towing. Not only that, but the onboard propulsion system also provides additional advantages, such as the innovative Magic Hitch technology. Through a combination of sensors and motors, this ingenious system automatically connects the tow-trailer to vehicles, making the entire process effortless and convenient.

Push-button conveniences just keep getting better. When you reach your campsite, the Flow takes it to a whole new level with its full remote-control capabilities. You can effortlessly reverse the unit into a pitch, and with the amazing InstaCamp function, the lights come on, the built-in access stairs unfold, and the Flow is perfectly leveled, no matter the terrain. All of this is seamlessly controlled through the Flow app, making your camping experience truly effortless.

Explore Freedom with App-Powered Electric Caravan by Pebble Flow
Pic Credits: Pebble Life

The Flow harnesses its power from a 45-kWh battery pack positioned at the base of the vehicle. This clever integration of solar panels, offers a continuous trickle charge. Notably, the entire unit can be utilized as a reliable emergency power source.

Inside, there are sleeping spaces for four people. At one end, there is a bed that can be folded up to create a desk, perfect for working remotely. At the other end, there is a banquette that can be converted into a seating area. In the middle, there is a bathroom, shower, and storage space. Across from that is the galley, which has all the necessary appliances.

Pebble Flow introduces app-powered electric caravan that stands out from traditional trailer designs with its sleek bodywork and wraparound windows that seamlessly fit into the structure. The combination of white panels and dark glazed areas not only adds a touch of modernity but also improves aerodynamic performance. Pre-orders for the Pebble Flow are now available, and the first units are set to be delivered by the end of next year.

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Bingrui Yang, the founder and CEO of Pebble, has successfully brought together a team of experts with extensive experience from renowned companies such as Apple, Tesla, Cruise, and Volvo. This Californian company is determined to revolutionize the RVing experience. They’re aiming to make RVing accessible to all, especially those who find camping intimidating due to its perceived complexities and intricate details.

Source: Pebble Life Flow

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