Fisker to Start Distributing its SUV Flagship EV in 2023


The wait comes to an end for those who planned to get their hands on the Fisker EV. Fisker to start distributing its SUV flagship EV in 2023 which includes the model named Ocean which is said to be priced at a base price of 37,499 dollars while the highest model will come with a mileage range of 360 miles on a full charge. The production of the models began back in December 2022.

Fisker is an EV startup that has built anticipation around its first launch and it backed these strong claims on Monday as it reaffirmed the plans to start delivering its first EV model in Spring 2023. The model debuted at the Customers Electronic show back in 2020 where the early look of the model was presented and so the look of the vehicle has been common knowledge for more than a couple of years now. 2021’s Los Angeles Auto Show is where the final vehicle look intended for sale was shown to the public.

The base model of Fisker’s Ocean will set back the buyer by 37,499 but if they apply the full Federal tax credit for EV purchase then the price goes below 30,000. This model is expected to deliver a mileage range of 250 miles per full charge. The car comes with a front-wheel drive model. There are two more models available to the buyers which can be bought for 49,999 and 68,999 dollars respectively.

Fisker tweet | Fisker to Start Distributing its SUV Flagship EV in 2023

The second model known as the Ocean Ultra is expected to deliver 340 miles per full charge and it has 540 horsepower. It can hit the speed of 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. Ocean Extreme the top model is expected to deliver 350 miles on a full charge and the power it will be able to generate is going to be slightly more than the mid model while both these models are set to be all-wheel drive enabled.

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Fisker to start distributing its SUV flagship EV in 2023 and these models will come with a range of exciting features some of which are set to be standard while others are optional. On the top trim Fisker’s Ocean is set to have a solar roof that under ideal conditions will generate enough power to run the car 2,000 miles a year.

The 17.1-inch screen provided within the car is said to be able to rotate the screen by 90 degrees. Additionally during an emergency, this car will be able to power another EV or even the owner’s home.

As we speak 56 models of the Ocean have been built and the first model to go on sale will be Ocean One, a limited edition model that is priced similarly to the top tier model at 68,999 dollars.

Source: Fisker

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