How to Get Free Solar Panels in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania is leading its way in renewable energy by offering affordable solar programs and tax credits.

Are you keen on cutting down your energy expenses while making a positive impact on the planet? If so, then learning how to get free solar panels in Pennsylvania could be the answer. Interestingly, the state has initiated numerous programs to provide cost-free solar panels. So, if you want to know how some people get ahold of this solar project without actually causing a hole in their pocket, you are at the right place. This blog post will give you all the details on does Pennsylvania offer solar incentives and more.

How to Get Free Solar Panels in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents can qualify for free installation of solar panels on their homes.

1. Review Your Options

Various programs and incentives are available to help you save money and even get free solar panels. Reviewing your options is the crucial first step in learning about these opportunities. By exploring the different programs and incentives available to you, you can decide which one best suit your needs. So, does Pennsylvania offer solar incentives? Well, Pennsylvania offers several ways for homeowners to take advantage of solar energy savings, from state and federal tax credits to rebate programs and even free solar panel initiatives.

Some of the programs are:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • PA Sunshine Program
  • Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program
  • Allegheny County Solar Program

2. House Qualification

We suggest consulting with a local solar expert to determine which solar programs you may qualify for. This will also help you in discovering the specific benefits of these plans based on your Pennsylvania residence and home details. Failure to apply for appropriate programs before beginning installation could result in significant missed savings.

3. Get a State-Licensed Installation

As a resident of Pennsylvania, if you want to harness the power of solar energy to light up your home or business, you must work with a professional solar company licensed by the state. If you are wondering how to get free solar panels in Pennsylvania, you need to be careful and plan everything out. By opting for this service, you can be assured that you will be eligible for suitable programs and save money, and also have secure installation. Moreover, this will also help you in saving money, find the right programs, and ensure safe and secure installation.

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Does Pennsylvania Offer Solar Incentives?

Yes, Pennsylvania is one of the states that offer solar incentives. This state provides residential and commercial projects with financial support based on a per-watt system. Residential projects get a higher rate of $0.20 per watt than commercial ones, which get $0.10 per watt.

Additionally, a cap per project is $100,000 until the end of 2024. The program also reserves 10% of its funds, which are $500,000 annually, for low-moderate-income households. These incentives aim to encourage homeowners and businesses to adopt solar technology and increase the state’s capacity for renewable energy.

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What is the Cost of Solar Panels in PA?

Solar Panel price 5

The cost of solar panels in PA is listed below:

Size of Solar Power SystemAverage Home Size the System SupportsTypical Cost in PennsylvaniaCost After Federal Tax Credit
12 kW2,400 sq. ft.$30,600$21,420
11 kW2,200 sq. ft.$28,050$19,635
10 kW2,000 sq. ft.$25,500$17,850
9 kW1,800 sq. ft.$22,950$16,065
8 kW1,600 sq. ft.$20,400$14,280
7 kW1,400 sq. ft.$17,850$12,495
6 kW1,200 sq. ft.$15,300$10,710

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What is the Pennsylvania Local Solar Program Act?

Pennsylvania House Bill 330, or the Local Solar Program Act, is a proposed legislation to legalize community solar in the state. Sponsored by Representative Perry Stambaugh, the bill outlines provisions for renewable energy credits and the powers and duties of the Pennsylvania Utility Commission.

If passed, the bill would allow for local solar programs to provide residents with access to affordable renewable energy. The Local Solar Program Act could have a huge impact on Pennsylvania’s clean energy efforts, representing a major step forward for the state.

To understand how to get free solar panels in Pennsylvania, continue reading this.

Community solar provides a unique opportunity for various customers to reap the benefits of solar energy without installing solar panels on their property. However, low-income households may not have access to this opportunity without proper legislation. This is where HB 330 comes into play. Community solar legislation can increase access to renewable energy and create a more sustainable future for all by allowing customers to purchase solar energy from an offsite array.

Community solar projects can provide cleaner energy and a more environmentally conscious community through the collaboration of individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and other groups. Passing legislation such as HB 330 is an important step toward an equitable and renewable future.

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What are Pennsylvania’s Solar Goals?

JAN23 How to Get Free Solar Panels in Pennsylvania 1

Pennsylvania is committed to making significant strides toward transitioning to clean, sustainable energy sources. As part of this effort, the state has set a goal to generate 10% of in-state electricity sales through solar energy. To achieve this target, experts have come together under the banner of Finding Pennsylvania’s Solar Future initiative to outline the most effective strategies to reach this objective.

This collaborative approach towards a shared vision recognizes the importance of renewable energy for environmental protection and future generations. With Pennsylvania’s continued focus on solar energy, the state is poised to be a leader in clean energy solutions.

So, did you understand how to get free solar panels in Pennsylvania? In conclusion, there are various ways to get free solar panels in Pennsylvania, including taking advantage of state and federal initiatives, finding local installers who offer incentives, and taking advantage of tax credits. You can find the perfect solution that best fits your needs with some research on the cost of solar panels in PA.

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