To make solar energy more accessible and feasible to customers, companies are coming up with interesting energy plans. Saving the environment while also being pocket-friendly is just not enough. Why? Because now you can actually earn back when your system produces more energy than required. If you do not believe this, then you need to look at Rhythm Energy solar buyback plans. This article will tell you what is rhythm energy solar buyback in detail. Read this till the end to know everything about this plan.

What is Rhythm Energy Solar Buyback?

Before knowing what are Rhythm Energy solar buyback plans, you should know what solar buyback means. Solar buyback plans are plans that provide homeowners with a way to make money on the extra power which is being generated from the solar panels installed in their residents or offices.

Now, let us see what is rhythm energy solar buyback. Rhythm Energy is an energy provider that offers a solar buyback plan. This plan allows customers to get compensated with bill credits for the solar power that is being generated from their solar systems and not being used by them. This is a 100% renewable energy plan with a fixed duration of 12 months. Your energy charge rate for the duration of your contract is locked. This has a monthly base charge of $9.95. Taxes and transmission distribution charges are all passed through.

Rhythm Energy deducts the credits for the surplus generation of solar power by looking at how much electricity the consumer used. The customer is redeemed for bill credits on the meter they were generated on, as the program credits have no cash value. The credits can be rolled over each month. For the solar buyback credits, the export rate will be different from the energy rate. You can use these credits towards the base charge, electric bills, taxes, and TDSP charges but not for non-commodity charges.

What are Rhythm Energy Solar Buyback Plans?

When a customer installs solar panels on their property and generates more energy than they need, the excess energy is fed back into the electrical grid. Rhythm Energy then purchases that excess energy from the customer at a set rate, which is typically determined by the state or utility company. The Rhythm Energy solar buyback plans rate can vary depending on factors such as location, time of day, and overall demand for energy.

However, in general, the buyback rate is lower than the rate at which customers purchase electricity from the grid. This means that customers can save money on their electricity bills by using the energy they generate from their solar panels instead of purchasing it from the grid, and also earn some income by selling their excess energy back to Rhythm Energy.

There are 2 Rhythm Energy solar buyback plans that it offers, and they are:

1. Texas Solar Buyback 12

This plan starts at a 14.9¢ energy charge per kWh. This also includes TDSP charges based on 2000 kWh average usage. The rate for this starts at 9.9¢ per kWh. A base charge of $9.95 will be applied monthly.

2. Solar Buyback Select 12

The rates for this plan start at 9.5¢ energy charge per kWh. TDSP charges based on 2000 kWh average usage are also included in this. The rate of solar buyback starts at 2.4¢ per kWh, with an applied monthly base charge of $9.95.

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What are the Benefits of Rhythm Energy Solar Buyback Plans?

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The Texas Solar Buyback 12 plan and Solar Buyback Select 12 plan offer certain benefits which are explained below in detail:

1. Unlimited Credit Rollover

This feature allows customers to roll over any unused solar energy credits from one month to the next with ease. There is no limit or cap on the amount of credit that can be carried forward. The cost of future electricity bills can be offset using this feature.

2. Rhythm Rate Lock

The rate lock feature includes locking the rate of energy and the amount to be paid to the company during the set period of time. The length of the period depends upon the plan and the customer’s preference.

3. 100% Renewable

Rhythm Energy produces power using solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy. They offer programs that help in reducing carbon footprint. Rhythm Energy is taking a step forward to incorporate sustainability at every step of our lives. Read about the solar buyback plan by Rhythm Energy below.

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Who is Eligible for Rhythm Energy’s Solar Buyback Plan?

Solar panel 8

Solar energy users often ask who is eligible for Rhythm Energy’s solar buyback plan. The answer is anyone who lives in Texas in a competitive energy market, having residential rooftop solar arrays less than 20kW in capacity is eligible for Rhythm Energy’s solar buyback plan. For better guidance, you can contact the Texas-based contact team at 1-888-987-0432.

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How can You Get Enrolled in Rhythm Energy Solar Buyback Plan?

You can get enrolled by simply contacting Rhythm Energy’s customer care. You will be required to submit your documents for verification and also sign a contract with them. They will further assist you based on your specific plan and duration.

To get a price quote, here’s what you have to do:

1. Fill out the forms and state the address of the location where you want solar panels to be installed.

2. When you do this, the expert will reach out to you via chat. You can even schedule an appointment for the same.

3. An assessment will take place to determine a suitable plan for your home.

4. After this, you will be walked through quotes from installers and further details will be provided.

5. Then, you will receive the contact of the installer for the installation of the solar system.

To conclude, Rhythm Energy solar buyback plans are definitely an optimal choice if you want to go solar. With this plan, you can earn while saving. If you have read this article carefully, you know who is eligible for Rhythm Energy’s solar buyback plan. A great one for the environment as well as your pockets!

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