Indian Oil and LanzaJet Join Hands to Produce Cleaner Aviation Fuel


Climate change is real but it is not the only problem that is bothering people on Earth. Usage of non-renewable resources, deteriorating environment due to pollution, and lots more such problems currently plague the planet and so amidst all this news, Indian Oil and LanzaJet coming together to join hands to produce cleaner aviation fuel is exactly the positive bit of news that we want more of. Indian Oil is an oil-producing company from India while LanzaJet is a Biotechnology company from the US thus making this partnership very potent.

S.M. Vaidya, the Chairman of Indian Oil said that they will now be working with LanzaJet to produce cleaner aviation fuel at their Panipat refinery in Northern India. LanzaJet’s investors include names like Microsoft, Mitsui & Co, the United States Department of Energy, and Suncor Energy. It is in the business of helping companies produce aviation fuel from Ethanol that comes from agricultural or industrial waste.

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LanzaJet parent company LanzaTech is already tied up with Indian Oil for converting waste to Ethanol, the recent deal will now look to get this Ethanol produced to be converted to cleaner jet fuel. The production of Ethanol based aviation fuel will begin at Panipat Refinery in the next 2 or 3 years as told by CEO Jennifer Holmgren of LanzaTech. “We are excited to work together on this in parallel to the 3G ethanol facility at the Panipat refinery which will use LanzaTech’s process to make domestic non-food 3G ethanol from waste carbon“,  she added further.

Indian Oil and LanzaJet Join Hands to Produce Cleaner Aviation Fuel

As of today, no aviation fuel produced by Indian Oil is Ethanol produced, however, Chairman S.M. Vaidya plans to change things as mentioned at India Energy Week in Bengaluru. His aim for the company is to be able to produce at least 2% sustainable aviation fuel out of the total production by 2030 as Indian Oil and LanzaJet join hands to produce cleaner aviation fuel.

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