By using a range of technologies, such as remote sensors, mobile apps and drones to monitor weather patterns and collect data on crop growth, Malawi Climate Hackers are fighting climate change in a unique way. This has improved crop yields and food security.

Malawi is said to be the home of climate hackers and the name exactly means what you might be thinking. The group is making a serious difference in the fight by using innovative ideas.

What they do is that they create solutions that then help farmers adapt to changing weather patterns. This way they can easily take into account the effect of climate change on their crops and livelihood beforehand.

If you would have thought we are talking about basic tech then you are far from it. A range of technologies such as remote sensors, mobile apps, and drones are being used.

The aim is to monitor weather patterns as well as to collect data on crop growth. All of this is being used to provide personalized tips to the farmer about managing their crops and when one should harvest them.

Malawi Climate Hackers are fighting climate change in a unique way and thanks to them the farmers in the region are getting some serious help and the impact of their work has been significant.

Tailored advice that is being catered to every individual in areas of crop management and other areas, has helped them understand and deal with climate change and its effects on their livelihoods. Results have shown that their crop yields have increased while their food security has improved.

Agroforestry and conservative farming techniques have also been adopted as they are some of the most sustainable farming practices. These changes are helping fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions, improving soil health, and concerning water.

The aim is now to understand weather patterns and then to come up with innovative ways to deal with the issue at hand.

As with any modern battle, technology is at the center of it and a powerful device is needed to fight climate change and so every farmer needs to have access to it along with other basic tools if this has to work in the long run.

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The work of Malawi Climate Hackers has been commendable. They have not only helped the farmers of their area but also spread the word about this phenomenon around and created awareness about it.

Their innovative ways continue to impress and produce results and so that’s a small win in a long arduous battle that awaits mankind.

Source: Somini Sengupta


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