Ola Electric has never failed to bring new sustainable choices for transportation. To continue their legacy, Ola electric S1 X is here with its high performance, modern design, and reasonable price range. Let us ride through to find out more.

Ola S1 X Review

Ola S1X is a great EV choice with a high-tech design. It comes with a digital screen which has amazing features like Bluetooth connectivity and a navigation system. It also comes with a 34 L boot space which can solve your storage issues. Ola S1 X comes with aesthetically pleasing visuals as the overall look is sleek and is also available in 7 colors (matt or glossy) which can be chosen according to your choice.

Ola S1 X Launch Date

Ola S1 X
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Ola S1 X was launched on August 15, 2023, by Bhavish Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of Ola. With three variants, the Ola S1 X models were launched. They are:

  • Ola S1 X (2kWh battery)
  • Ola S1 X (3 kWh battery)
  • Ola S1 X +

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Ola S1 X Prices

The average ex-showroom price for Ola S1 X is as follows:

  • Ola S1 X (2kWh) starting from 89,999.
  • Ola S1 X (3kWh) starting from 99,999 (Purchase window to open soon)
  • Ola S1 X+ starting from 1,09,999

Ola S1 X can be purchased through EMI also. The scooters come with a warranty of 5 years.

These models also present themself with insurance policies that can be easily tackled. For more information on product-based insurance policy click here.

Ola S1 X Specs

electric scooter 1

Ola S1 X gives a variety of features. Many of them are common in all the variants whereas some are specific.

Features of Ola S1 X (suspension and brakes)

Parameters Features
Suspension (Front/Back) Twin telescope/ Dual shock
Braking system CBS
Brake type (Front / Back) Drum

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Specifications Table

ParametersOla S1 X (2 kWh)Ola S1 X

(3 kWh)

Ola S1 X+ (3kWh)
Top speed85 km/h90 km/h90 km/h
Range (ARAI)91 km/ charge151 km/ charge151 km/ charge
Kerb weight101 kg108 kg108kg
Display (Instrument cluster) Segmented LCD3.5 inches5 inches5 inches

Also, note that the maximum power of Ola S1 X is 6000 watts and the rated power is 2700 watts. The size of Ola S1 X is 805 ×— 1860 mm.

Ola S1 X Battery

The Ola S1 X model comes with two battery options. They are 2 kWh and 3 kWh. The lithium-ion battery is used in Ola S1 X which is rechargeable and can be charged in 7.4 hours. The battery pack is redesigned to be lighter, safer, and efficient.

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Ola S1 X Modes

Ola S1 X has three modes:

  • Eco mode: Lower motor speeds provide riders with a smoother experience, increased torque, and battery life.
  • Normal mode (standard): It offers a smooth and steady ride with greater overall control.
  • Sports mode: In this mode, the maximum speed increases based on the rider’s weight and the scooter’s battery charge.

These three modes are seen in all the variants and can be adjusted by the digital screen. The modes can be changed as per your requirements.

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Ola S1 X Range

electric scooter: Ola S1 X Review: Price, Range, Specs 1

The range can give an idea about their performance.

Certified Range:

  • Ola S1 X which comes with a 2 kWh battery has a range of 91 km per charge.
  • The other two variants Ola S1 X + and Ola S1 X with 3 kWh battery run 151 km per charge.

True Range:

  • Ola S1 X (2 kWh) – 85 km (Eco Mode); 75 km (Normal Mode)
  • Ola S1 X (2 and 3 kWh) – 125 km (Eco Mode); 100 km (Normal Mode)

Ola electric S1 X comes with so many exciting features and that too at an affordable rate. With an elegant look, the vehicle’s range, mode, and battery all contribute to its excellent performance. Stay tuned for the latest e-vehicle release and review updates.

Source: Ola Electric Official Page


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