Qudrat’s Eco-Friendly Tableware Revives Sustainable Tradition


We have been so overtaken by plastic and other materials that we forget how to utilize our traditional crockery. We used to eat on banana leaves and clay utensils, but we stopped using them a long time ago. Well, someone took the initiative to innovate and bring them back to us. Sustainable and eco-friendly tableware from Qudrat, an indigenous brand, are not only nature friendly but also animal edible and serve as manure of plants when disposed.

India is a major producer and exporter of rice. However, this also leads to a significant number of residues being produced. In the past, these residues were either burned or disposed of, causing negative effects on the environment. Crop burning in India is a major concern. It contributes to pollution, which includes harmful particles and greenhouse gases. This pollution poses health risks to people and animals, and also contributes to global warming and climate change.

Qudrat has successfully discovered a solution to this issue by transforming agricultural waste from nearby farms into a range of environmentally friendly and sustainable products, including disposable plates, bowls, straws, and much more. Their main products include disposable snack plates, palm leaf sipping straws, edible sipping straws, disposable cups 150 ml (about 5.07 oz), and edible spoons.

Founded by two brothers, Rishabh Suri and Rohan Suri, Qudrat has a range of honest, biodegradable and agro-based products. These guys with their skilled team members believe in creating communities that believe and strive for a sustainable lifestyle.

The story of this innovative idea was born from the passion for hiking. Founders travelled worldwide but one thing they consistently came across was plastic waste on trails. This scenario was common regardless of the fact how remote location they visit.

As a family of nature enthusiasts and passionate gardeners, stumbling upon plastic waste during their hikes was truly disheartening. It has strengthened our resolve to not only advocate for reducing plastic waste, but also to actively lead by example.

According to the founders, “Qudrat gave us purpose as we searched for a better alternative to plastic tableware. We want to reduce waste from plastic and paper, and we work hard to create a versatile alternative that can be used for any event, at any time, and in any place.”

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Key Ingredients and Process

Their main ingredients in making these table wears are rice straw, rice bran, and rice husk. To Qudrat environment matters and that is evident from their processes:

  • Low carbon footprint – Manufacturing eco-friendly disposable plates by Qudrat releases 90% lower emissions as compared to manufacturing 1 kg of plastic that emits 6 kg to 18 kg of carbon dioxide.
  • Zero waste process – Qudrat’s manufacturing facility in Trivandrum operates in a closed-loop system where waste is recycled without generating any additional waste.
  • Zero chemicals used – Qudrat’s products are manufactured without any additives, preservatives, binders, adhesives, coatings, or artificial ingredients, ensuring they are 100% safe & natural.

Moreover, plates or palm leaf sipping straws by Qudrat can be used as yummy treats for your furry friends too as they are edible. If their products are accidentally thrown into land or water, animals can safely consume them because our raw materials are animal feed products.

About the Founders


He is a surfing enthusiast who enjoys exploring plant nurseries in his free time. He is fascinated by green projects and sustainable ideas. Since he was young, Rishabh has been an entrepreneur and believes that the biggest threat to the planet is relying on others to save it.


He is a marine engineer and an entrepreneur. He loves sailing and is passionate about reading and nature. He likes to drink lemon tea at coffee houses while thinking about his next big project.

Source: Qudrat

One response to “Qudrat’s Eco-Friendly Tableware Revives Sustainable Tradition”

    It’s indeed a passionate endeavour undertaken by Rohan & Rishab to produce stuff without inviting the ire of nature. So far, every iota of production that takes place is at the cost nature, though it serves the needs of humanity one way or other. This initiative is an eye opener which serves our needs and preserves nature with no collateral cost – unlike any other product that is manufactured.
    Good Luck Rohan & Rishab!!

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