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Balancing economic aspects with environmental sustainability is essential, and by opting for Red Energy, you can cut down your energy costs.

Today, the advent of renewable energy has led companies to make it more accessible to the public. Various beneficial plans are being introduced to motivate people to opt for the same. Red Energy is one such provider of clean energy, which not only offers profitable energy plans but also gives rewards to its customers. The Red Energy benefits are applicable in multiple domains. This article will give you insights into what does Red Energy do and if you are eligible for the rewards or not.

What does Red Energy Do?

By hearing the name, you must have guessed what Red Energy does. Red Energy is an Australian electricity and gas retailer. They offer a range of electricity and gas plans for both residential and business customers, including solar plans, green energy options, and no-lock-in contracts. 

The company is 100% Australian-owned and operated and is based in Melbourne, Victoria. Red Energy operates in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory. It is one of the leading suppliers of electricity in Australia. The company prides itself on providing customers with competitive rates, outstanding customer service, and a range of benefits and rewards. So, in the upcoming pointers, you will get to know about Red Energy benefits and its rewards.

What are Red Energy Benefits?

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If you are a Red Energy customer, then you are surely wondering what are the Red Energy benefits apart from their natural gas service. With more than 4,500 deals, offers, and discounts across popular products and brands, Red Energy makes sure its customers are getting all the benefits. The deals and discounts offered by them may vary by availability but cover most things from local dining to international travel. The deals and discounts are on pretty much everything.

In addition to its core energy services, Red Energy offers a range of additional services and benefits to its customers. These include the following:

  • Rewards Programs: Red Energy offers a range of rewards programs, such as Qantas Points and Velocity Frequent Flyer Points, that customers can earn by paying their bills on time.
  • Customer Service: Red Energy is known for its exceptional customer service, with a dedicated team of local customer service representatives who are available to help customers with any queries or issues.
  • Community Support: Red Energy is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates and has partnered with a range of community organizations and charities to help make a positive difference.

Here is a list of areas where you can get benefitted from your Rewards from Red Energy:

  • 20% off the bill at over 2,000 restaurants.
  • Discounted movie tickets.
  • Discounted gift cards to grocery stores, liquor stores, and department stores.
  • 50% off your next hotel stay.
  • Deals on travel insurance, car hire, and flights.
  • Savings on magazine subscriptions, floral arrangements, and gift baskets.
  • Bonus offers are only available for a short time.

With such interesting offers, you might be curious to know about who is the founder of Red Energy as well. This Australian energy retailer was founded in 2004 by Iain Graham. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Red Energy. The company is owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, which comes under the Australian government. It is one of the largest generators of renewable energy in Australia. It was established as a joint venture between Snowy Hydro and the Queensland government-owned CS Energy. Now, you must be wondering where is Red Energy located. Well, Red Energy is located and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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What are Red Energy Rewards?

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In the previous pointer, you looked at the Red Energy benefits. Now let us see the rewards provided by them. If you are a customer of Red Energy and have your electricity or gas supplied by them, then you are eligible for the rewards. There is no minimum amount of time for you to be with Red Energy to redeem the rewards. The only requirement is you should be under a plan and you must be staying in New South Wales or Victoria to get the offer. For QLD and SA, Red Energy gives residents access to the Easy Saver plan which offers a 10% pay-on-time discount, but without the rewards.

You will be able to redeem your rewards by Red Energy based on the deal you are looking for. For meals, Red Energy has partnered with Frequent Values, where they give a card that you can show at the selected restaurants to get 20% off on your bills. The rewards also come in the form of discounts, vouchers, and eGift Cards. Red Energy has partnered with 2 local companies namely Living Energy Saver & Red Solar Saver and with international businesses to offer deals and rewards.

The rewards are available for the following services:

  • Shopping
  • Activities, Cinema, & Box Office
  • Dining & Takeaway
  • Health & Beauty
  • Hotels, Car Hire, & Travel
  • Local Services

Some popular companies that work in collaboration with Red Energy are:

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Coles
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Australia Zoo
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Emirates
  • Pizza Hut

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The membership card offered by Red Energy in its reward allows the following benefits:

  • Accommodation: With the Red Energy membership card, you can get up to 50% off the rack rate or 10% off the lowest promotional rate.
  • Dining-in: You can get 20% off on your dining bill up to $25 with a Red Energy membership card.
  • Vouchers: Red Energy also provides vouchers for takeaways, activities, and attractions.

To earn rewards from Red Energy, you need to be on an eligible plan in an eligible state. The rewards can be redeemed online either through the Red Energy Rewards website or the new Red Energy app.

You should always read and follow the instructions before claiming the rewards from Red Energy. You can download your preferred Red Energy Reward right to your smartphone and present it at the place of your choice for dining and takeaway, activities, and local businesses. You may buy your eGift Card or voucher right from your phone for things like shopping, films, the box office, travel, and other discounts.

Note: For the most up-to-date information on rewards, you must go through the official website and follow the instructions.

If you are not happy with its benefits and rewards, you can easily cancel Red Energy’s subscription.

To conclude, Red Energy benefits are something you can actually consider getting. The company works towards providing clean energy while also rewarding its customers in selective Australian states. Now you know where is Red Energy located, why they are popular, and who does not like cutting costs while earning rewards.

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