Secret to City Government Success in the Digital Era


During the year 1500, France and Spain tried to invade England so in defense, the Britishers built a network of triangular fire beacons that are today named Beacon Hills. Britishers marked the profit from the networks and year by year it developed in the forms of telegraph lines, fire, highways, etc. Secret to city government success in the digital era are networks that are used today in different formats to benefit not only the government but also the citizens and act as the building bridge between the cities.

What is the Journey to Government’s Digital Transformation?

While seeing the older generation offices there were lots of files, but today offices are mostly paperless. Details are stored in clouds, which makes it less time-consuming for both employees and citizens. People are not required to stand in queue rather can just mail their problems to the government. All the bills are uploaded and paid online. It also helps the government to be in contact with other governments.

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What is the Role of Government in Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is something that helps small businesses to achieve business growth, improves business performance, and increases competitive advantage. The main role of government in digital transformation are as follows:

  1. Today the government is focusing on cashless payment which means they are promoting digital or online or mobile payment.
  2. The government is providing online training and job facilities for its citizens so that they do not have to leave their native place to earn their living.
  3. Digital platforms are also built for small businesses where they can get orders and through online modes, they can promote and advertise their product or company.
  4. They are responsible for building a digital collaboration environment

In recent years, the government has been successful in building the digital era with technologies that act as the connectivity between cities and nations. Secret to city government success in the digital era as the government is responsible for the development and leading the nation forward. It is believed that if all the roles of the government remain in contact and in continuity then it will give birth to new forms of cities that will be ready to satisfy the need of the 21st century.

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