Sonnen Battery Review: Features, Price and Specs


Sonnen, is a German company that manufactures a diverse range of batteries intended for domestic as well as commercial users.

An excellent way to make the most of your solar system is by buying a solar battery for your house. However, there are a lot of home batteries that you can pick. Since there are so many options, determining what you need at a particular time can be problematic. For example, a reputed company like Sonnen too manufactures several batteries with varying capacities, features, and prices. If you are confused, read our detailed review on Sonnen batteries like SonnenCore and Ecolinx.

Sonnen Battery Review

Sonnen Battery popularly known as SonnenBatterie is not just a storage unit that stores excess energy. It is a smart and alternative-powered storage backup for any PV system available in the market. 

To get a detailed Sonnen battery review, let’s go through its features, specifications, cost, and warranty.

Sonnen Battery Features

Key features of these batteries are:

  • Lower your electricity bills: You could combine these batteries with solar panels and use up to 75% of self-generated energy to reduce your bills.
  • Future proof and modular design: The company produces its batteries in such a way that the addition of extra storage capacity can be made possible at any time.
  • 10-year peace of mind warranty: Its 10-year warranty gives the customers that extra reassurance, adding further value to the over 90,000 Sonnen batteries already in operation worldwide.

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Sonnen Battery Specs

In the Sonnen battery review, let’s take a look at the specifications of different Sonnen batteries.

1. SonnenCore

sonnenCore 1: Sonnen Battery Review 2
Pic Credit: Sonnen

It was developed as the budget-friendly Tesla alternative for homeowners. The battery comes with a maximum output of 10kWh. The SonnenCore battery offers the following technical specifications:

  • Continuous output of 4.8 kW.
  • Peak output of 8.6 kW.
  • A solar inverter up to 6kW.
  • More than 85 percent round-trip efficiency.
  • This comprises ten kilowatts of usable energy.
  • Offer full depth-of-discharge (DOD).

SonnenCore also is accompanied by a 10-year / 10,000 cycles guarantee.

2. Sonnen EcoLinx

ecolinx 1
Pic Credit: Sonnen

The Sonnen EcoLinx is the most sophisticated home battery system brand provided by Sonnen. The EcoLinx offers a maximum output of about 30kWh of reusable power making it the largest Sonnen batteries’ output. Here are the technical specifications of the product:

  • Continuous output of 8 kW.
  • Peak output of 17 kW.
  • Supports a maximum of 8kW solar inverter.
  • Round-trip efficiency does not exceed 81.6%.
  • Offers 100% depth-of-discharge.

There is also a free 15-year/15,000-cycle warranty that accompanies the Ecolinx. Additionally, Sonnen EcoLinx can work with numerous home automation systems. Therefore, you can easily program the battery for optimal usage of power based on your preferences.

3. Sonnen Evo

Sonnen Evo 1: Sonnen Battery Review
Pic Credit: Sonnen

It has a maximum output of 30kWh. The Sonnen Evo features the following technical specifications:

  • Continuous output of 3-8 kW
  • Produced a peak of 8.5-17kW.
  • Up to 8 kW solar inverter compatibility.
  • Rounds in one direction with 81.6% efficiency.
  • Gives from five to twenty kWh of usable energy capacity
  • Provides 90% depth-of-discharge
  • IP56 rating available.

The model comes with 10 years or 10,000-cycle warranty on the Sonnen Eco.

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4. Sonnen eco Battery

sonnen eco
Pic Credit: Sonnen

Eco actively stores clean energy and offers a high-quality, flexible, and scalable solution.

  • Max Capacity of 20 kWh.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Comes with 10-years or 10,000 cycles warranty.

The Sonnen battery specs of the above-mentioned products are given in a concise way in this table:

ModelsMax OutputSolar Inverter CapacityRound-Trip EfficiencyWarranty
SonnenCore10kWhupto 6 kW> 85%

10 years / 10,000 cycles

Sonnen EcoLinx

30 kWh

upto 8 kW≤ 81.6%15 years / 15,000 cycles
Sonnen Evo30kWhupto 8 kW≤ 81.6%10 year / 10,000 cycles
Sonnen eco battery20 kWh≥ 80%10 years / 10,000 cycles

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Sonnen Battery Price

The approximate prices of different Sonnen Battery models are:

  • SonnenEcoLinx: starting from $30,000 (price varies)
  • SonnenCore Battery Price: around $9,500
  • SonnenCore Plus: $9,500 to $12,500
  • SonnenEvo: starts at $13,800
  • Sonnen Eco Battery Price: $5,000 to $6,100
  • Sonnen Hybrid: $8,700 to $14,000
  • Sonnen 10kW Battery Price: around $9,500

Generally, the system costs approximately $1,000 to $2,000 per kWh of capacity, and installation costs including labor and solar of Sonnen Eco battery range between $1,500 and $4,500. Moreover, full-scale system installation will take around $22,000 to $30,000.

Note: The prices are subject to change and can vary with the capacity and energy needs of the solar system. 

While Sonnen batteries are relatively expensive, some would say they are worth it because of their efficiency and quality. However, to acquire the closest price quotation, you will have to consult your local Sonnen-certified installer or a Sonnen representative. We also suggested that you try out different installers in your neighborhood and ask for their battery offers.

Factors Affecting Sonnen Battery Price

The prices of sonnenBatterie depend on the model and the required number of batteries

  • The commercial-size larger sonnenBatterie pro-solar batteries are the priciest because of their performance.
  • Besides spending on the sonnenBatterie, you should also factor in the expenses associated with its installation.
  • The costs will differ depending on the installer who is conducting the installation.

You can also check out this page if you want the company to provide credible solar battery installers near you who will provide you with absolutely no cost quotations. After obtaining the quotes, you can make a comparison and choose the best one.

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Sonnen Battery Warranty

The Sonnen Battery Warranty and its relevant info are given in this table:

ModelsSonnen coreEcoEco LinxSonnen Evo
Warranty length10 years10 years15 years

10 years

Initial usable capacity (kWh)10 kWh20 kWh30 kWh30 kWh
End of warranty capacity (kWh)7 kWh14 kWh19.5 kWh

After reading this Sonnen battery Review, you are now well-informed about its features. The company makes good quality products with excellent technical specs at an average market price. However, the prices of sonnenBatterie depend on the model and the number of batteries required to be installed. Additionally, these batteries come with a minimum of ten years time or 10,000 warranty cycles. Keep reading for more detailed reviews on different products.

Source: SonnenUSA Products Page

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