Stellantis Launches Free2move Charge for EV Owners, an all-inclusive system created to offer convenient charging and energy management options. It will handle EV charging at home, work, and on-the-go, along with supporting the company’s Dare Forward 2030 plan. Three pillars support the ecosystem and provide solutions for individuals, businesses, and public charging access.

Stellantis has just introduced Free2move Charge, an all-encompassing ecosystem designed to fulfill every EV customer’s charging and energy management requirements, wherever and however they may require it. Free2move Charge, under the management of the newly established Stellantis Charging & Energy Business Unit, caters to the diverse requirements of electric vehicle owners, whether it be at their residence, workplace, or during their travels.

Stellantis Senior Vice President, Charging & Energy Business Unit, Ricardo Stamatti said, “As the pace of mainstream EV adoption accelerates, our customers need us to be more than just a mobility provider. We are taking the lead in establishing a dedicated business unit that will support our bold electrification strategy and act as a natural extension of our iconic brands. Free2move Charge is the first product rolling out, exemplifying our purpose of delivering performance, value, sustainability and electrified mobility freedom for all.”

Always Be Charged Easily with e-ABC

Stay powered up with Free2move Stellantis. It promises to make it easy for users to always have their electric vehicles charged, while also providing smart solutions that optimize energy management to increase efficiency and reliability. This helps reduce the overall cost of ownership and maximizes environmental benefits.

By teaming up with Free2move e-Genius, clients can design a customized bundle that can be altered and adjusted as desired throughout the entire ownership journey to keep pace with their demands, thereby enabling it to grow and stay suitable to their requirements. e-Genius support will initially be made available in Europe.

Free2move Charge plays a crucial role in the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan by eliminating obstacles that hinder the adoption of battery electric vehicles, such as charging anxiety. It serves as an indispensable instrument in achieving the goals of promoting widespread ownership of electric vehicles. The company aims to achieve a sales mix of 100% battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for passenger cars in Europe and 50% for both passenger cars and light-duty trucks in the United States.

Three Pillars of Free2move Charge

Stay Powered Up with Stellantis Launches Free2move Charge for EV Owners
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1. Free2move Charge Business

Free2move Charge for EV Owners from Stellantis overcomes any obstacles by providing a comprehensive range of charging and energy services. This all-in-one platform offers various support services such as early assistance, cost estimation for present and future expenses, optimal design of charging infrastructure, installation and maintenance, as well as access to public charging while on the move.

2. Free2move Charge GO

It provides easy access to a large network of public charging points through partnerships in North America, Europe, and other regions to be announced. Free2move Charge GO not only provides access, payment, and 24/7 support, but it also offers a range of cutting-edge features including Plug and Charge, reservations, loyalty programs, subscriptions, prepaid packages, single invoice/billing, and on-demand charging at any desired location. These features will be rolled out gradually to cater to your evolving needs.

3. Free2move Charge Home

Stellantis Launches Free2move Charge for EV Owners that provides assistance to individual customers with the installation, financing, and guarantee of home charging equipment and other energy-related products and services. Options range from

AC charging cables and wall boxes today to Vehicle-2-Home, Vehicle-2-Grid, and complete energy management systems. All this is paired with cutting-edge features like touch-free wireless solutions and inductive robot charging under development for future releases.

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Free2move Charge will use the Stellantis Energy Cloud, integrating seamlessly with car mobile apps and the advanced STLA SmartCockpit system which will release in 2024. Customers would receive fast and intelligent routes and charging recommendations tailored to their specific usage and needs. The process will provide Stellantis’ customers with a personalized experience by understanding their specific requirements. Furthermore, the AI incorporated into the system is constantly evolving to enhance its understanding of the most optimal individual charging experience.

With Free2move eSolutions, Stellantis will keep developing and offering top-notch charging hardware and software. They will collaborate with other industry leaders to provide more EV charging options to the market, benefiting all. Stay powered up with Free2move Stellantis.

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