Sunsynk is a leading company known for inverter efficiency and performance. Their expertise extends to hybrid technology, providing reliable products. If you are looking to buy from them but unsure where to begin, then this Sunsynk inverter review will help you get started.

Sunsynk Inverter Review: Are They Worth Opting For?

Sunsynk inverter is a top-notch hybrid inverter that is single-phase. These inverters are available in 5kW or 8kW models. This can manage power from different input sources such as solar panels, grids, and generators. They also have a built-in generator integration port that allows the inverter to start the generator. Sunsynk hybrid inverter has smart load management which is combined with a built-in limiter. This technology ensures that energy from the solar panels is kept in place and can be directed to where it is needed the most.

The grid limiter feature can prevent the reverse flow of extra energy and the innovative smart load function helps to supply energy to the higher power loads. It is able to push the excess power onto heavy non-essential goods like air conditioners, washing machines, geysers, and other appliances. This inverter is ideal for powering TVs, computer equipment, and energy-consuming appliances such as microwaves, washing machines, toasters, fridges, and kettles.

Sunsynk 5kW Hybrid Inverter

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In the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter reviews, let us first read about the Sunsynk Inverter Specs given below.

Paramters Specification
IP Rating IP65 (Totally dust tight and highly water-resistant)
Battery Charger 120 Amp Fast Charger
Max AC Output 5500W
Max DC Input 6500W (Oversizing possible up to 30%, with a max PV input of 6.5kW)

This Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter provides real-time monitoring through the Solarman app on mobile and desktop. It can work with multiple lithium batteries and aligns smoothly with most battery energy storage systems via CAN or RS485. The device is modular and scalable, enabling you to parallel up to 15 units.

Moreover, this Sunsynk inverter can reduce energy costs by managing power from various sources like solar panels, batteries, and other connected devices. The device is ideal for domestic and commercial sectors and can be easily expanded as required.

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Sunsynk 8kW Hybrid Inverter

After looking at Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter reviews, let us look at the Sunsynk 8kW hybrid inverter specifications.

Feature Specifications
Inputs PV solar, AC grid power, Generator, and Batteries
Output Voltage 120/240Vac (split phase), 208Vac (2/3), 230Vac (single phase)
Continuous Power 8000W
DC 48V
Backup Power 8000W
Battery Charger 190A
Transfer Time ≤ 10ms
Battery Charger Adjustability Adjustable for battery bank size and type
Battery Compatibility Charge Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries
Li-ion Charging Adaptation Self-adapts to BMS

Solar Input Table:

Specification Value
Max DC Input Power 10400W
MPPT Range 125~425V
Max DC Input Voltage 370V (100V~500V)
Number of MPPTs 2
Max Current Input 18A + 18A

Some more features of 8kW hybrid inverter:

  • It offers a multi-core processor design and advanced MPPT control.
  • Sunsynk 8kw hybrid inverter offers high reliability and response speed.
  • Works parallel on or off-grid
  • Programmable export
  • It has multiple operating modes: Battery only, Grid-tie only, Hybrid, and Off-grid.
  • It also supports AC couple (additional PV input), 6 stages time of use settings, and IP65 rating.

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Sunsynk Inverter Installation

The installation process of the Sunsynk hybrid inverter is quite easy. It comes with a built-in display, MPPTs, aux, gen inputs, and a touch screen. With all this present, not much is required while installation. It is important to check whether your devices are working properly or not after the installation has been done.

Here are a few steps which you can follow to make sure that your system is working fine.

  • Check whether the batteries are communicating with each other or not if you are using more than one battery.
  • After checking, switch on the battery/ batteries.
  • Check for the communication between the batteries and the inverter.
  • Before proceeding with anything else, wait for the normal light to appear on the inverter.
  • Then check all system settings, like battery charge, AC, and export.
  • Then you need to switch on the DC array after the normal LED has been turned on.
  • Then check the system flow to verify whether the solar panels are sending power to the inverter or not.
  • Then wait for 10 minutes to be sure everything is working fine before turning on the AC.
  • Check the settings of the system once again.
  • They activate the AC breaker.
  • Check to make sure the CT coil is connected properly.
  • Then, at last, check the system settings once again.

You must go through the user guide for Sunsynk inverter installation on specific inverter models. With this, you got an idea about the installation process of Sunsynk inverters. If you are curious to know the Sunsynk inverter performance, efficiency, and warranty, then read the upcoming segment.

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Sunsynk Inverter Performance


After looking at Sunsynk inverter specs, let us have a look at their performance.

  • The Sunsynk hybrid inverters are able to handle up to 5.4 kW of solar panel input. This makes them ide for small to medium-sized solar setups.
  • The built-in MPPT charge controller in these inverters ensures that the battery bank is charged effectively and efficiently.
  • The Sunsynk inverter review also highlights some models featuring an elaborative LCD display which allows for efficient monitoring of system performance. If you want to know more about inverter display, check out how to read solar inverter displays.
  • They feature durable and robust designs which are built to last. It also ensures long-term efficiency and reliability.

Sunsynk Inverter Efficiency

Sunsynk inverters are highly efficient. The Sunsynk inverter efficiency ranges from around 97.6% to 98.4%, which is quite impressive. This also ensures that the maximum amount of power is produced and consumed.

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Sunsynk Inverter Price

Now, in the Sunsynk inverter review guide let us look into their costs. So, Sunsynk offers good prices to its customers. The products offer the best value for money. The price of products varies due to the models and the features present in them. However, to give you an estimate, these inverters start at around $1291.24 and go up to $3554.17.

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Sunsynk Inverter Warranty

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After knowing about the Sunsynk inverter price and review, let us talk about its warranty. Sunsynk inverters come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. It is backed up by the company’s 1-year workmanship warranty.

Now you are aware of Sunsynk inverter performance and specs. With this article, you can estimate the requirements of your home and plan accordingly. They offer multiple models and hence, you get the choice to opt for the best for yourself. Hope this Sunsynk inverter review helped you with making a better decision!

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