Sustainable Gifts from Phool to Preserve River Ganga and Empower Communities


Looking at a body of polluted water or a piece of land we all think that there is nothing we can do, but is that it? Are we being true to ourselves or is it just another excuse we need to put the blame and responsibility onto others? Yes, there is a major role of factories and chemicals in polluting these places, but somewhere citizens also hold a major part to it. This is what two friends noticed and decided to take the initiative to save River Ganga and other such places by reducing waste that is dumped there. So why don’t we go sustainable with gifts from Phool for Diwali and support their initiative.

Phool, a recycling company established in 2017, is devoted to addressing India’s temple waste problem. Based in Kanpur, this innovative organization tackles the issue of flower waste generated in temples. With a remarkable daily collection of 8.4 tons of floral waste from temples in Uttar Pradesh, Phool diligently prevents the pollution of water bodies.

Sustainable gifts from Phool for Diwali
Pic Credits: Phool

They offer a variety of sustainable gifting options, such as:

  • Charcoal-free incense sticks
  • Beautiful home decor items
  • Eco-friendly packaging materials
  • Essential oils
  • Gift boxes for different occasions
  • Havan cups
  • Incense Cones
  • Rakhi collection
  • Wellness products

These products are available for purchase both online and in their retail stores. Their products Phool Natural Incense Stick and Phool Bambooless Incense Collection are high in demand and available to purchase on different e-commerce websites too. Let us make this Diwali sustainable and healthy for our Earth too with Phool Gift packs.

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How it Started

It was the Makar Sankranti in 2015, when founder Ankit Agarwal, visited the ghats of Ganga with his friend and saw the sight of people dumping flowers and other waste into the river. While some others were busy drinking that same water and filling up their bottles with it.

Initially blaming the industries and chemicals as being the reason behind the polluted water, they realized it was somewhere the fault of citizens too. After research they discovered that flowers end up at the temples are loaded with pesticides and insecticides. As these flowers reach the river, their chemicals wash off and mix with water. These forms of toxic compounds in water reduce oxygen levels, endangering marine life.

But even when Ankit realized this it was way harder to get others onboard for the initiative to recycle temple waste. Since no one was taking him seriously, he spent hours experimenting and meeting various stakeholders pitching the idea of managing temple waste in the country.

At last, the flower-cycled incense was accepted and crafted. Finally, after a year and half, the dream to preserve River Ganga along with empowering vernacular people to provide a means of livelihood turned into reality. An initiative started with just people is now flourishing every day at the Ghats of Ganga.

They are heavily investing in research and development to create ways to convert temple waste into environmentally friendly packaging and bio leathers. This initiative also aims to empower the women who work for them. So, celebrate with sustainable gifts from Phool for Diwali and spread the love for nature with everyone.

About the Founder

Ankit’s passion for sustainability was sparked by his research on Waste Tyre Pyrolysis. He has a strong educational background, holding a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from PICT, Pune, and a master’s degree in Innovation Management from SIBM, Pune. Ankit has gained valuable experience working as an automation scientist at Symantec Corporation, and his dedication to his field is evident in his impressive portfolio of 17 research papers and a patent. When he’s not immersed in his work, Ankit finds joy in spending time with his beloved pets or indulging in a restful slumber.

Source: Phool – Made from Temple Flowers

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