Top 3 Green Energy Stocks in India

What are Green energy stocks? What are the top Green energy stocks in India? What are the top Green Energy Penny stocks in India? Should you invest in Green energy stocks?

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When you think about investing money, a lot of probable options pop up in your mind. Cryptos, stocks, gold, property, etc. are good investment options, but where do you put your money? Things like cryptos, stocks, mutual funds, bank schemes, and the like have further options within them to choose from. Like, in cryptos, you can opt for an asset-backed coin, a meme coin, a coin that works as cash, etc. In stocks, you have various sectors to choose from, like an auto sector share or a mining company’s share and likewise, you can also opt for blue chip stock or a penny stock, similarly with mutual funds and bank schemes you have various options to choose from. Having options is always great when it comes to investing because that allows you to try and find the best path or opt for a combination of two or more paths. The stock market allows an investor to choose from more than 1500 shares. In these 1500+ options, investors have the option to choose from power-based stocks, mineral-based stocks, electricity-based stocks, green energy stocks, etc. In this article, let’s primarily focus on the Green energy stocks in India. These stocks have been a point of interest for quite some time and thus today we will try and look at them. Additionally, in this article, we also try to list some of the Green energy penny stocks in India and Green energy stocks NSE.

What are Top Green Energy Stocks in India?

You all know about fossil fuels, they are the dead remains of various living organisms from the past that have managed to survive in perfect conditions for millions of years. These fossils are used by humans to get various items of use, like natural gas, coal, etc. which makes them fossil fuels. However, the problem here is that mankind is gradually destroying not only the fossils that have made it through all these years, but in this process, they are also harming the environment, as the fuels, when produced, emit a lot of hydrogen and carbon into the atmosphere. To put an end to issues like this, renewable energy as a concept was born. Making power from windmills, waterfalls, and other such harmless methods came to be known as green energy. This way, nature was safe and pollution and other factors were no longer an issue. Today, there are a lot of companies that deal in this space and operate to make clean and renewable energy that is safe for the planet, and the shares or stocks of these companies that are traded on the stock exchange are known as Green energy stocks. There are plenty of penny and other kinds of green energy stocks that are available in the market, and now it’s time to shift your focus to them.

The Indian stock market has more than 1500 shares that you can choose from. Of this, we can safely assume that there are surely quite a few stocks that belong to green energy companies. So here we take a look at a few companies with top green energy stocks in India.

1. Adani Green Energy Ltd

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With more than 150.40 Cr. shares and a market cap of over 2 lakh crores, Adani Green Energy Ltd is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies in India. Its profit growth of 171.64% and PE ratio of 1482.67 make other companies look non-existent. The company deals in the wind, solar and hybrid products, which set it apart from others, and this is surely a must-have stock for your portfolio.

2. Websol Energy System Ltd

Websol Energy System Ltd deals in producing photovoltaic crystalline solar cells and related modules as a part of its work in the green energy field. It has a market cap of more than 350 crores and more than 3 crore shares sold to various groups/solo investors. With a PE ratio of over 27 and a profit growth of 1549.90%, the company is one of the top performers in its field, without a doubt. It has one of the best green energy stocks in India.

3. KP Energy Ltd

KP Energy Ltd is a subsidiary of the KP Group of companies that came into being in 2010, and since then, it has established itself as one of the top companies in this field. The company is into making infrastructure for wind energy, and in doing that it has made a great name for itself. With a little over 1 crore shares sold, the company has managed to have a market cap of close to 300 crores. The PE ratio of 15.9 is also not so bad. And when you look at the 555.06% profit growth, you just know that you are dealing with a top company.

Don’t get mistaken: these are not the only three companies out there that deal in the green energy field. There are more such companies out there, and now we will look at green energy penny stocks that also deserve consideration to be a part of your portfolio. After learning about green energy stocks in India, let’s further explore green energy penny stocks India. Also, see The Shifting Geography, Technology, and Politics of U.S. Energy Production

Green Energy Penny Stocks India

Penny stocks exist and they deserve your attention as well. Yes, there is the old cliché of staying away from them due to various reasons, but you should not follow the trail just because you have to. Do your research and find for yourself if you should go for it or not. To get a better understanding of Green energy penny stocks India, let’s discuss a stock that belongs to the futuristic renewable energy space.

Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy‘s area of operation is in the wind energy segment, and its wind turbines are present on 6 continents, where it has a presence in 17 countries such as Africa, Europe, Asia, America, Australia, etc. The company’s stock has a PE ratio of 3.64 and its current share price is 8.15 rupees. I have a personal experience with this company, my friend bought the share when it was in the range of 4 and 5 rupees and the amount was close to its 52-week high, which is usually when you don’t buy a share assuming that it will see a fall in price. And that is exactly what happened, and the share saw a dip and he had to make a loss on it. However, what the friend didn’t know was that a little bit of wait would have worked wonders for him, as less than a year later, the share is double the value. Also, see Why Transparent Solar Panels Are The Future?

Green Energy Stocks NSE

Now that you know about green energy penny stocks India, it’s time to solidify your knowledge of Green energy stocks in NSE. NSE or the National Stock Exchange of India is the apex stock market body in the country through which you can deal in shares. It is home to all kinds of shares, be it a penny or blue chip, a fossil fuel-based company stock, or green energy-based stock. Since we are on the subject of Green Energy stocks NSE, we now look at some of the top ones.

1. TATA Power

TATA needs no introduction, be it Power or Steel or any other venture. With a PE ratio is 28.80, TATA Power has done well in recent times. In the past, I myself had invested in the shares of this company, and while I had no luck, soon after I sold the shares, the company’s share had multiplied by 5 times. Even the company revenue jumped from 26 thousand crores to 42 thousand crores in a span of 4 years which further proves this company’s value.

2. JSW Energy

Next on this list is one of India’s largest power production companies- JSW Energy. The renewable energy operations of this company are about to see a revamp in the near future, and the formation of a subsidiary named JSW Energy Neo is on the cards for the same. The company’s PE ratio of 24.68 is more than decent, to say the least, and while the revenue has not gone up by much in the last 4 years, the net profit has gone from 78 crores in 2018 to 1,729 crores in 2022.

3. INOX Wind

INOX Wind came into existence in 2009 and its parent organization is Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited. It provides wind energy solutions and is one of the largest wind turbine generator manufacturers in India. The company also makes individual turbine parts and has three state-of-the-art plants across India. The current share price is 145.70 rupees. After learning about Green energy stocks NSE, let’s learn some deets on Green energy stocks in India. Also, see The complexity of building energy consumption

Some Insights on Energy Companies in India

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From the selected green energy companies in India, we have some interesting numbers and details that would show you why investing in them makes a lot of sense. With stocks, it is a number game, and so numbers matter more than one may realize. For example, the top Green energy stocks in India have a price range between 70 rupees and 2300 rupees. With just two shares having a price in double digits and three of them in 4 digits.

The YTD, or year-to-date profit, is balanced. Half the top companies have a positive number to show for themselves, while another half, do not so much, and for one company this figure stands at 0. When we look at year 1 profits, barring one company, the others have made huge profits or at least a profit. Of this, only one company has a single-digit profit, while others have double or even triple-digit profits.

In the second year, each of the top company’s shares has a profit to show for themselves and the figures are more impressive than the previous year, with one company even going on to register a profit of a four-digit percentage, which is simply huge. In the third year, there are two companies with a four-digit percentage profit, while a company showed a loss, and though overall the profits fell slightly, the companies still managed to perform well, showing why you need to invest in them.

What about Investment?

You should definitely invest in Green energy stocks. Throughout the article also we have seen some good PE ratios, huge market caps, strong profits, and all things positive. Why would we suggest not investing in green energy stocks? The companies with green energy stocks encourage green energy businesses, which is yet another positive point, as green energy companies are the way to go because of their benefit to the environment.

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But then again, we would not suggest you risk it all just because we are saying it. We have always been clear that it should be you who has the final say. It is very necessary that you conduct your own research and do some asking around when it comes to investing money anywhere. There is a chance that it may save you from potential risks and might get you more knowledge about a certain thing that we might have missed.

Now that you know about Green energy stocks in India we wonder what your take might be on it. You have your only Green energy penny stocks in India and multiple Green energy stocks NSE list laid out for you. Not a lot of sectors can boast about having stocks with performance like that of stocks on this list. With the growth in profits going up to 1000s of percent, it might be tough to ignore green energy stocks in favor of other stocks. Besides, every portfolio needs a little mix and match, and diversity is always the right way to go about investments, so why not have one or two of the green energy stocks in your portfolio and see them grow endlessly?

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