What is a 5kw Hybrid Solar System?


Well with time people are becoming more aware of green energy resources like solar power. These days more and more people are turning towards solar panels for residential applications. Because paying hefty utility bills every month has exhausted them. There is little scope for any decrease in electricity charges in the near future but with solar panels, it is possible to save that electricity bill. So, which one of the systems are you planning to get for your house or office? Well, if it is a 5kw hybrid solar system then you are at the right place because this article is dedicated to it. Along with specification, price, and maintenance, you will get to know if Is hybrid solar system better for you. If yes, how? Come find out!

What is a Hybrid Solar System?

Basically, there are 3 types of solar power systems namely, grid-tied (on-grid), off-grid (standalone), and hybrid solar power systems.

  • A grid-tied solar system is connected to the utility grid but is not backed by a battery.
  • Off-grid or standalone solar power system just have batteries and is not connected to the utility grid.

The hybrid solar power system is a mix of the above two systems. A solar power system with dual connection is particularly termed as a hybrid solar system in which solar inverter is connected to the utility grid and has battery backup too. Solar energy absorbed by solar panels is transferred to a solar inverter which is then supplied to the utility grid and then to the connected loads. Also, from solar panels, the DC power gets stored in solar batteries. And the excess power is generated after being supplied to the house and the battery is fully charged, in that case, this excess energy is fed into the utility grid which gets converted into credits.

A hybrid solar system is advantageous because it gives you a constant power supply irrespective of bad weather or power outage. In case of either problem, a substitute power supply is used. For example, on cloudy days when there is insufficient power generation from solar power systems, you will get the required supply from the utility grid. The units fed into the grid generated credits and those are utilized in these times.

On the other hand, in case of a power outage, your solar panels will power the house and devices during the day, and with battery backup, you can have an uninterrupted power supply at night too. Hybrid solar power systems come in different wattages that define the number of panels, power supplied, and other specifications of the system. Come find out about the 5 kW hybrid solar power system.

What is a 5kw Hybrid Solar System?

Jan 23 What is a 5kw Hybrid Solar System?Hybrid is the most efficient solar power system with a dual power supply, which is why we consider it a self-sustainable system. Power requirements for homes, small offices, and shops can be met with a 5 kW hybrid solar power system as it can easily operate multiple home and kitchen appliances up to a certain wattage.

1. Working and Important Statistics of a 5 kW Hybrid Solar Power System

1) Power Generation

Jan 23 What is a 5kw Hybrid Solar System?A hybrid system also works in the same manner as that of others in terms of solar power generation. Solar panels generate direct current after photons from the sunlight are absorbed. Through substrings, power generated by solar panels is collectively transferred to solar inverters.

2) Power Conversion

DC power in the inverter is converted into alternating current (AC) which powers the devices and appliances. In hybrid solar power systems, AC power is transferred to a connected grid which then supplies the required amount to power appliances and saves the remaining. This grid-fed power gets converted into credits which are used when there is insufficient power generation by solar panels and the solar battery does not have enough power backup. The utility grid supplies power to appliances and power used after credits are exhausted is included in your utility bill towards the end of the month.

3) Charging the Battery

DC power from solar panels is also transferred to solar batteries to charge them, in case it is DC coupled. If the battery is AC coupled, then it will be charged from the AC power supplied by the inverter. This power is stored in a battery until and unless required. If there is no power supply from the utility grid, and probably it is nighttime when no solar power generation takes place. Then, power from solar batteries is used to power devices and appliances.

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4) Power Monitoring

Jan 23 What is a 5kw Hybrid Solar System?Solar hybrid inverters in a 5kw hybrid solar system are equipped with solar power monitoring software measuring and monitoring the PV system through mobile linked application and display screen.

5) Power Maximization

Solar inverters with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Trackers) monitor solar power production and regulate its voltage before it enters the battery. With this, the system generates maximum power, and conversion of DC is done at the optimum voltage for charging the battery up to the best level and with the right voltage. MPPT ensures the efficient functioning of solar systems under different conditions like variable solar light levels, solar panel temperatures, and electric loads. After this, let’s learn about the specifications of 5kW hybrid.

What are the Specifications of 5kw Hybrid System?

The specifications of 5kW hybrid system are as follows-

1. Area Required

Jan 23 What is a 5kw Hybrid Solar System?The standard dimension of residential solar panels is around 2 m by 1 m, and this will take around 30 square meters of area on your roof. With high-efficiency panels, the number of panels required reduces covering less rooftop area.

2. Energy Output

A 5 kW hybrid solar system generates 20 units on average per day. That means in 30 days it generates 600 units and, in a year, it is around 7,200 units.

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3. Number of Solar Panels

Jan 23 Number of Solar PanelsHere I am referring to polycrystalline solar panels since they are mostly used for small-scale solar power systems. So, with this, you will need around 15 panels, and each panel with 330Wp. With high-efficiency panels, the number of panels required decreases. Also, if you want to know how many panels you require for a particular capacity, divide the total capacity by the efficiency of 1 solar panel. But before that convert kW to MW, for example, 5000 MW (5 kW)/330Wp (watt of one solar panel) = 15.15. Round it and you get 15 panels.

4. Subsidy

You can reduce the initial installation costs of 5 kW solar power systems by applying for governmental subsidies. Different regions and countries have different facilities for this. Consult with a local installer and proceed accordingly.

Note: The amount and type of government subsidy are subject to change. The percentage of subsidy depends on your location and the rules prevailing in your region.

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5. Warranty

Jan 23 WarrantyMostly 25 years warranty on solar panels whereas other components may have a warranty ranging between 5 and 10 years in a 5kw hybrid solar system.

Note: Product and performance warranty may both be included or may vary. This depends on the manufacturer. Below is the specification table for quick reference.

Solar power system5-kW
Electricity generated (Average)20 units/day
Solar panels required15
Warranty25 years on solar panels, 5-10 on other components
System subsidyBased on the location you live
Area required30 square meters (polycrystalline solar panels)

What is the Cost Of 5kw Hybrid Solar System?

The price of a solar system depends on the type of components installed and its size (number of panels). The average cost of a 5 kW hybrid solar system is around $13,850 and $2.776 per watt. This amount is reduced from $10,000 to $10,500, depending on the federal solar tax credit in your region.

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Note: Credit schemes and subsidies are subject to change depending on the country and governmental rules prevailing in the region both on local and national levels.

If you are still wondering about what is the cost of 5kW hybrid solar system, here is a table for your reference mentioning different states and their estimated price ranges.

StatePrice Range ($) of a 5-kW hybrid solar system
Arizona10,350 to 12,950
California12,000 to 14,900
Colorado14,100 to 17,200
Florida10,700 to 13,700
Massachusetts13,750 to 17,350
Maryland12,550 to 16,650
New Jersey12,000 to 15,000
New York13,550 to 18050
Texas11,350 to 15050
Washington11,550 to 14,850

Is Maintaining A 5kw Hybrid Solar System Expensive?

Jan 23 ExpensiveAfter learning about what is the cost of 5kW hybrid solar system, let’s see is maintaining a 5kW hybrid solar system expensive. Since a hybrid solar system contains a number of devices and switches to perform efficiently, you need to be alert for any electrical emergency. Though the initial installation cost is high, with regular and timely savings on your electricity bill you can save adequate amounts. And with that amount you can manage the maintenance of the system.

However, there are no such heavy-duty maintenance requirements of a 5 kW hybrid system but still, every electronic needs a time-to-time checkup and repairs if required. The same is the case with solar power systems plus it has an advantage too. That is, with timely maintenance of hybrid solar power systems and cleaning of solar panels, it will perform efficiently and last long.

Also, with 25 years of warranty on panels, defects and issues in panels are already covered under warranty. Along with the other devices comes a relevant warranty period that covers years of maintenance expenses.

Note: Read the warranty agreement carefully to mitigate the loss and increase the chances of coverage under warranty as it contains points related to actions and situations after which the company will not be liable to pay for its repair. Do not put devices under such conditions after which their maintenance expenses are not covered under warranty.

Talking about how long-lasting the system is, remember that different components in a 5kw hybrid solar system have a distinct lifespan. Lifespan depends on the brand and type of device.

  • Solar batteries are 5-6 years
  • Solar inverters last for about 10-15 years
  • Solar panels are 19-30 years and max 50 years, however, panels may work after that also but with reduced efficiency after all these years

With no requirement for fuel in inverters or generators it is quite affordable to maintain a 5kW hybrid solar system. However, before you install the system you need to be assured of the following things and take necessary precautions to avoid any issues afterward.

  • Allow 5 minutes for the system after disconnecting to let internal parts discharge.
  • At times of repair or replacement, disconnect the grid from the inverter and panels from the inverter and battery.
  • Before linking the solar power system with the grid, it must be certified by the local power department.
  • Ensure the system was not damaged during shipping
  • Local and national norms must be adhered to for all electrical appliances.
  • Take prompt and quick actions at times of insufficient performance by the system. Make sure to correct the issue before restarting the inverter.
  • There should not be any interference of electrical equipment in the place of solar panels installation.
  • Turn off the DC side circuit breaker or cover the panels with an opaque substance before connecting the system with the electrical system of your house. It is essential to avoid Light Induced Degradation (LID).
  • Wear anti-static wristbands, take necessary precautions, and adhere to electrostatic protection requirements.
  • Wires and cables must be linked securely throughout the system along with being suitably insulated with appropriate specifications. Also, experienced technicians should make all electrical connections.

Is Hybrid Solar System Better?

After understanding is maintaining a 5kW hybrid solar system expensive, let’s also explore is hybrid solar system better. The answer to this question depends on your requirements and preferences. Since a hybrid solar system is more expensive than the other two types of solar power system, the first thing you need to consider is your budget and if it allows you to proceed. It may have a big initial investment, but you get to enjoy the following benefits.

1. Better Solar Power Utilization

In a 5kw hybrid solar system, there is no power loss even if the batteries are fully charged and there is a power supply from the grid. Because then the power is fed into the grid and gets converted into credits.

2. Highly Efficient

Hybrid solar systems are highly efficient in comparison to other systems because hybrid solar inverters are designed to generate power in all weather conditions effectively and that too without wasting any excess fuel.

3. Less or No Dependency on the Utility Grid

A 5 kW hybrid solar system is sufficient to supply power that caters to all energy requirements on residential and office scales. With enough power supplied during the day, a major amount is fed into the grid which is utilized at night. This way there are hardly a few days when power from the main electricity line is used. This clearly indicates that there is considerably less dependency on the grid.

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4. Load Management

With technological advancements and innovative devices installed it is easier to manage the load supplied and received from a 5-kW hybrid solar system. Protective devices and switches along with charge controllers manage the input and output of solar power. Also, solar inverters are designed in such a manner that they convert easily from grid to battery to solar panels, without your involvement and thus manage load accurately.

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5. Long-Term Financial Gains

Initial installation costs are higher than for other systems, but they are backed with long-term financial gain as well. As it is clear that a very little number of units are utilized from the mainline power supply which reduces the electricity bills in the long run.

So, today you learned about the 5kw hybrid solar system, its specifications, and cost. Well, is hybrid solar system better for you? The answer to this depends on the amount of power required by your household and the space available. You can now easily decide whether it is better for you by referring to the detailed section of its specifications. It contains all the necessary information related to the system. If you know someone looking out for accurate information on the hybrid solar system, do share this article with them and spread the word.

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