Many electrical companies are operating in Ghana and it can be tough to choose the best one among these as it is solely based on your specific requirement and needs. To ease the decision-making process for you, we have noted down the best electrical company in Ghana. Additionally, for people seeking good electrical engineers, we have a separate list of the top electrical engineering companies in Ghana.

16 Best Electrical Company In Ghana

Although there are numerous electrical companies in Ghana, these are some of the best electrical companies in Ghana-

1. Sinaresey Co. Ltd

JAN 23 16best electrical company in Ghana

Sinaresey Co. Ltd is one of the best electrical company in Ghana. They offer Clean and sustainable (solar PV) energy solutions in Ghana. They also indulge in maintenance and electrical wiring services. Their INNOVA retail stores are spread across Ghana and you can get their services in these stores.

The company produces solar inverters, solar controllers, solar modules, and solar PV energy components.

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2. Emkay Electrical Construction Limited

Emkay Electrical Construction Limited is a private limited liability company that was established in 1992. In Ghana, it provides electrical solutions to commercial and residential clients.

It is on this list of the best electrical company in Ghana because of its strive for customer satisfaction and excellent services. It is one of the five largest electrical companies in West Africa.

This company is involved in the installation of electrical solutions, the sale of electrical equipment, and the maintenance of its electrical solutions.

3. Esca Tech Electrical Company Ltd

JAN 23 16 best electrical company in Ghana
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Esca Tech Electrical Company Ltd is a Ghanaian-owned company and is quite a reputable one. It gives a variety of electrical services like generator installation and servicing, solar PV installation, CCTV systems, fire alarms, construction of overhead lines as well as installation of transformers, training of electricians, and other general electrical installation works.

This company is also affiliated with several organizations like the Energy Institute (UK), the Ghana Electrical Contractors Association, and the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE).

4. MS Plus Engineering Limited

MS Plus Engineering Limited is among the best electrical company in Ghana. Its services include solar PV installation, general electrical installation, testing & certification of electrical installations, energy audit, fire alarm system design & installation, and power quality analysis.

5. Solvit Engineering

JAN 23 16 best electrical company in Ghana
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Solvit Engineering offers both electrical and mechanical services. Due to their high-quality electrical solutions, they have grown to be one of the most reputable electrical companies in Ghana.

Some of their electrical works include electrical contracting, house wiring, and installation. They also offer services like tiling and carpentry.

6. Alternate Power Services Ltd

Alternate Power Services Ltd offers great electrical services related to wind and solar systems. In Ghana and other parts of West Africa, they have been offering their services for more than 30 years.

Their services include wind and solar power supplies, maintenance, and installation. They also train aspiring welders, mechanical students, electrical engineers, and general electricians.

7. Earth Electricals Engineers

JAN 23 16 best electrical company in Ghana
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Earth Electricals Engineers is among the best electrical companies in Ghana. They cater to both commercial and domestic needs.

Their services include electrical r-wiring, domestic electrical wiring, repairs and services of generators, electric appliances installation repairs, and installation of generators.

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8. Power Solutions Limited

Power Solutions Limited is a subsidiary of Global Lighting Centre and offers high-quality electrical cables in Ghana. They are among the best cable suppliers in Ghana. They offer environmentally friendly and high-quality cable for all kinds of commercial as well as domestic use.

Their product line includes underground phone cables, flame retardant cables, heatproof cables, and steel wire armored cables.

9. Power & CO Engineering LTD

JAN 23 16 best electrical company in Ghana
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Power & CO Engineering LTD is engaged in the sales of electrical solutions like generating sets, switching gears, and electric power transformers. Additionally, they are involved in the sales of high-power LED lighting, UPS, solar water heaters, and voltage stabilizers. This company also provides installation and maintenance services on all their products.

10. Slaff Ghana Limited

JAN 23 Slaff Ghana Limited
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Slaff Ghana Limited is one of the best electrical companies in Ghana. This wholly-owned Ghanaian electrical company provides electrical solutions to clients in Tema, Ghana. The company provides a variety of services related to civil engineering, electrical engineering, and management.

This company provides the following electrical services-

  • Sales, installation, and maintenance of cooling systems.
  • Sales, installation, and maintenance of standby plants and power systems.
  • Sales, installation, and maintenance of solar systems.
  • Sales, installation & maintenance of battery systems, and inverter deployment.

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11. ISKUS Power LTD

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ISKUS Power LTD offers electrical services in Accra, Ghana. It engages in the sales, maintenance, and installation of power systems in Ghana. It also supplies electrical solutions across West Africa.

Some of its products are AVR, ATS, UPS panels, green hybrid power air conditions, power inverters fuse, power generators & panic alarms, batteries, and solar inverters cables.

12. SPN Engineering Services Limited

JAN 23 SPN Engineering Services Limited
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SPN Engineering Services Limited is engaged in the sales, maintenance, and installation of electrical systems in Ghana. It works on air-conditioners, industrial & domestic pumps, motors, and panels, the maintenance of all kinds of rotating equipment, and the supply of engineering parts.

13. TunnyCool Stonemark Limited

TunnyCool Stonemark Limited offers quality electrical solutions in Tema, Ghana. This company specializes in the sales, maintenance, and installation of different types of electrical equipment. The equipment includes most types of chillers, air conditioning equipment like cold rooms, central units, and packaged units in workshops.

Other services offered by TunnyCool are the repair of mechanical and electrical faults in the water cool condensing unit as well as an open-type compressor.

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14. Arc Flash Advisors Ghana Ltd

JAN 23 Arc Flash Advisors
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Arc Flash Advisors Ltd is the parent company of Arc Flash Advisors Ghana Ltd. The latter provides electrical solutions and energy management in Ghana.

Their services and products mainly target industries. Things like infrared scanning, comprehensive energy audits, and arc flash hazard assessments are included in their products and services.

15. PMC Electricals

PMC Electricals was established in 2019 and is among the fastest-growing electrical companies in Ghana. It is a major electrical industry player that offers commercial, industrial, and domestic electrical solutions. Its services are offered in cities like Kumasi, Acca, and Takoradi.

16. 5Star Engineering Ltd

JAN 23 5Star Engineering Ltd
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5Star Engineering Ltd is one of the leading electrical companies in Accra, Ghana. It provides plumbing, electrical, and mechanical solutions for both commercial and domestic clients. Some of its services are the sale, maintenance, and installation of plumbing works, building design services, and maintenance of mechanical and electrical solutions.

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13 Top Electrical Engineering Companies in Ghana

These are some of the top electrical engineering companies in Ghana-

1. Taysec Construction Limited

JAN 23 Taysec Construction Limited
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Taysec Construction Limited is an established independent Ghana based developer. This company has been in the infrastructural business for over seven decades. Although it is a construction company, it also has experience in designing as well as installing electrical systems for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

2. Okai Electrical Engineering

You can find Okai Electrical Engineering at ashaiman zenu main station. It does all types of general electrical work, CCTV camera fixing, fault tracking, solar panel facing, and air condition installation. It also provides STK BIO-DIGESTER BIOGAS services.

3. Chalikem Electrical Engineering

Chalikem Electrical Engineering is committed to original and innovative solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of every customer. Safety, excellence, and customer satisfaction are the core values of this company.

The company provides services like electrical fencing or general installation work, transformer and capacitor battery, and CCTV camera installation.

4. Sabre Engineering Limited

JAN 23 Sabre Engineering Limited
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Sabre Engineering Limited is yet another electrical engineering company in Ghana. It also provides services such as electrical system design, maintenance, and installation. Additionally, the company provides renewable energy solutions.

5. Home Automators

Home Automators install, connect, and sync different devices as well as electronic appliances to make your office or home experience easier. They offer customizable packages that fit your budget and needs. For effective and efficient control of your home control, this company integrates almost all electrical appliances.

From doors to lights to blinds, to microwaves, this company provides seamless control over specific parts of your working as well as home spaces. This provides you with comfort and convenience.

They provide services such as utility, control, time management, safety, security, control, and access to information.

6. MS Plus Engineering Limited

MS Plus Engineering Limited was formerly known as MSA Electrical Engineering Services. It is famous for its great quality and safe electrical installation and engineering work on demand in Ghana.

This reputable company specializes in general electrical installation, fire alarm system design and installation, solar PV installation, testing and certification of electrical installations, load sturdies, PAT testing, energy audit, power quality analysis, and infrared thermography.

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7. Solvit Engineering

JAN 23 Solvit Engineering
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Solvit Engineering is among the top electrical engineering companies in Ghana. This management company serves as a hub that provides varying services, ranging from Mechanical Works ( Air-condition & Refrigeration ), general Electrical Works ( House Wiring, Installation, Electrical Contracting ), Painting to Plumbing, Masonry, Carpentry, and Tiling works.

The company provides high-quality as well as sustainable solutions to its customers. It is extremely committed to the quality, reliability, and excellence of its service. It provides cost-effective solutions within agreed time frames.

This company offers business services, general office services, facilities management, health and safety, consultants, manufacturing and industry, civil engineering, and electrical service.

8. Conti International Limited

Conti International Limited is a Ghana-based engineering and construction company. It offers electrical engineering services, including maintenance and installation of electrical systems.

9. iGwet Teleco Solutions Ltd

iGwet Teleco Solutions is a Ghana-based company that provides advanced business collaboration and communications solutions. To offer customized solutions to its clients, the company often partners with leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) providers

The company indulges in networking installations and management electrical engineering, telephony solutions, and contact center setup and management.

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10. Earth Electricals

JAN 23 Earth Electricals
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Earth Electricals provide electrical services for both commercial and domestic needs. They do electrical wiring, generator installation, and installation of electrical appliances. Additionally, the company provides services like domestic electrical wiring, electrical R-wiring, Electrical appliances installation repairs, Repairs and services of generators, and Consultation on the correct quality electrical accessories and appliances.

11. Fort Engineering Firm

Fort Engineering firm deals with industrial and domestic electrical works including, vfd, hmi, electrical panel designs, plcs, scada, instrumentation, and certification of the projects energy commission.

Their projects are carried out by experts who have more than 15 years of working experience. They have carried out projects for major companies like NESTLE GHANA LIMITED, NEWMONT GHANA, GOLDFIELDS, and SHELL GHANA LIMITED. This company provides quality job work at competitive prices.

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Germatek company limited is involved in the sales and services as well as procurement of electrical, welding consumables, electrical, logistics, and general merchant. They provide services like ccg glands and ccg utility boxes.

13. Interplast Limited

Interplast Limited is one of the electrical engineering companies in Ghana. It is involved in the designing, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. It also offers solutions in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

With this, you have learned all about the best electrical company in Ghana. Choose the company based on your needs, requirements, and budgets. A great electrical company provides quality customer service at affordable pricing and should have appreciable customer service.

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