Direct Energy is a well-known electricity and natural gas provider which acquires Renewable Energy Credits for consumers who apply for the green option. It offers many plans which sometimes vary depending on the location. However, you might want to switch energy providers if you relocate or become dissatisfied with their services, and this blog can help you with this. So, let’s answer how to cancel Direct Energy and is there a cancellation fee for Direct Energy.

What does Direct Energy do?

Being a unit of Direct Energy Marketing Limited, this company is a subsidiary of a US-based energy service company named NRG Energy Inc. It is based in Texas and in 2000, it achieved full subsidiary status of Centrica PLC. Other than Texas, Direct Energy runs its operation in Canada and some US states like New York, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, and Rhode Island.

Despite having too many operational sites, the company mostly does its business in places around North America. Direct Energy purchases electricity that is generated from coal, biogas, natural gas, or nuclear-based plants in North US. It provides electrical energy to households, which includes market-based subscription plans that cover renting, maintenance, and repairing of electrical appliances as well.

Can You Cancel Direct Energy? Can I Leave Direct Energy at any Time?

Yes, you can definitely cancel your energy account. If you are wondering how can I leave Direct Energy at any time, you can take down your official Energy account offline by giving a call to the customer service desk. This is a little bit lengthy step. For more details on the process, check out the next pointer which will elaborately discuss how to cancel Direct Energy service.

How to Cancel Direct Energy

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To know how to cancel Direct Energy, there are two ways you must be well aware. The first one is by logging into your online account and feeding your credentials like your Username, Password, and other required details. So, by feeding your login credentials, you can request the provider to cancel your subscription. But how can you cancel direct energy online?

  • You can do that by logging into your Direct Energy Account Manager. This is the very same Direct Energy account that you created and used earlier to place an order.
  • You can view your Energy plan and account information by navigating to the Account Management tab located at the top right corner of the site.
  • If you want to proceed with your cancellation process, then scroll down and click on the Cancel Service tab.
  • This will redirect you to a cancellation form where you can request the termination of the current plan.

The second option in how can you cancel Direct Energy is to call customer service and request them to cancel your service, which is explained below:

  •  You need to call the customer service desk and have to keep your details ready for the customer care representative.
  • You have to share your account number and other customer details with that desk person.
  • After providing your account details, you have to request the desk person to end your Direct Energy service and recurring payments.
  • Once you share the correct information and specific concern, you will get a confirmation response in your given mail-id.

This is how you can cancel Direct Energy service and unsubscribe from their existing plans. So, is there a cancellation fee for Direct Energy? Check out the next segment to get an idea about it.

Note: You should inform your electricity provider at least three days before you wish to end and cancel your plan and clear all dues that are left from the subscription plans, if any.

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Is There a Cancellation Fee for Direct Energy?

In order to cancel or unsubscribe your Direct Energy account, you can log in to your Direct Energy Online Account Manager and complete the necessary steps. You can also follow the offline process mentioned above. This may be subject to a fee that you have to pay based on your current plan and the provider’s rules and regulations.

You have to pay your bill until your subscription ends and it does not matter whether you have canceled your Direct Energy service plan or not. Whatever the case, you will receive a confirmation mail on your email ID once you cancel your subscription and also for the invoices that contain your payment details.

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What are the Factors of the Best Direct Energy Plans?

The important factors to find the best Direct Energy plans include researching the benefits of a particular plan, its rates, prices, and subscription time length before choosing the plan. Choose the one that goes with your personal preference such as family size, electricity needs, and your lifestyle.

In conclusion, you can cancel your Direct Energy subscription by contacting their customer service department, submitting your account information, requesting cancellation, and completing all the terminating formalities. If you cancel before the end of your term, you may be charged a cancellation fee. So, now you are aware of how can I leave direct energy at any time. Well, always request a cancellation confirmation number or email, and maintain track of your final charge. Therefore, canceling your Direct Energy service can be a simple process if you follow these instructions. Moreover, you must study the market rates in your area and your energy needs before choosing the next energy service provider that suits your lifestyle preferences.

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