Solar inverters play a crucial role in solar systems by transforming the electricity generated by panels into a usable form for homes and businesses. Enphase and SolarEdge are well-known companies that offer inverters with features to enhance energy production. In this review guide, we will compare Enphase vs SolarEdge brands to help you make an informed decision.

Enphase Vs SolarEdge

Both solar inverter brands use MLPEs to maximize the output of each solar panel, but they vary in different aspects.

Failure RateLow with decentralized systemHigh, inverter issues affect working of entire system
Warranty25-year warranty (no extra cost)12-year extendable (with extra fee)
PriceExpensiveLess expensive than Enphase


Enphase Micro Inverter :Enphase vs Solar edge
Pic Credit: Enphase

It is a worldwide company that specializes in energy management technology. Enphase offers solar and storage solutions for homes and businesses. Their line of products includes the following.

1. Microinverters: The IQ8 and IQ7 Series Microinverters are designed to work with any solar panel and can operate independently of the grid in case of a blackout.

2. Batteries: The Encharge 3 and Encharge 10 batteries are integrated with the Enphase Microinverters and can be monitored and controlled through the Enphase app.

3. AC Modules: The Enphase Energized AC Modules are compatible with various solar panel brands and models.

4. Communication Devices: The Envoy is the gateway device that collects and transmits data from the microinverters. The IQ Combiner is a smart electrical panel that combines the Envoy and a load center in one enclosure.

5. Accessories: The Q Cable is a plug-and-play cable that connects the microinverters. The Q Aggregator consolidates multiple branch circuits into one. The Consumption CT measures the energy consumption of the home or business.

6. Software: The Enphase Installer Portal, the Enphase Installer App, and the Enphase App allow installers and homeowners to configure, manage, and monitor their energy system.

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Solaredge 2: solar edge vs enphase failure rate
Pic Credit: SolarEdge

They are a global leader in smart energy solutions, providing residential and commercial solar systems that use power optimizers and string inverters to optimize the output and efficiency of each solar panel. SolarEdge deals in the following products.

  • Inverters: They are designed to work with power optimizers that maximize the power output of each solar panel.
  • Power Optimizers: They enable module-level monitoring and safety features, such as rapid shutdown and arc fault detection.
  • Accessories: These include energy meters, environmental sensors, communication devices, smart energy devices, and backup solutions.
  • Software: The company offers various software solutions for installers, homeowners, and grid operators. They include the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform, the SolarEdge App, the SolarEdge Designer, and the SolarEdge Grid Services.

SolarEdge Vs Enphase Efficiency

As less power is wasted during conversion and transmission by SolarEdge inverters, they are considered more efficient than Enphase.

Enphase microinverters have an average efficiency of 97.7%, which means that they waste about 2.3% of the power that they get from the solar panels. The microinverters are highly efficient because they convert DC power to AC power at the panel level. This reduces power losses caused by voltage drop, shading, mismatch, or wiring.

SolarEdge power optimizers are about 99.5% efficient, while SolarEdge string inverters are about 99% efficient. Together, they create an overall efficiency of around 99.25% for the systems. This means that they waste about 0.75% of the power that they get from the solar panels. They are highly efficient because they use MPPT at the panel level, reducing power losses from shading, mismatch, or wiring.

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SolarEdge Vs Enphase Scalability

Both offer scalable solutions for their solar systems, but they have different advantages and disadvantages in this regard. Enphase has higher scalability than SolarEdge. The latter are more complex to install, requiring intricate wiring and design compared to the former.

Enphase microinverters are more flexible and adaptable, as they can work with any type, size, or brand of solar panel, and they can be installed in any configuration or orientation. Their microinverters allow adding more solar panels at any time without changes to existing panels or wiring.

SolarEdge power optimizers are more limited in their scalability, as they require a compatible SolarEdge string inverter and solar panel to work properly. SolarEdge power optimizers limit system size by limiting the number of panels connected to each string inverter.

SolarEdge Vs Enphase Failure Rate

They both claim to have low failure rates and high reliability for their inverters and optimizers. They use technology that allows each panel to work and be monitored independently, but they fail differently. However, Enphase is considered better than SolarEdge as it uses string inverters with optimizers.

In SolarEdge systems, there are optimizers for each panel and a string inverter that converts DC power from the optimizers into AC power. When there are issues with the inverter, the entire system stops functioning until it is fixed or replaced.

Enphase micro-inverters are attached to each panel individually, providing a decentralized system that continues producing electricity even if one inverter fails.

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Enphase Vs SolarEdge Price

Generally, Enphase is more expensive than SolarEdge.

Enphase: Here are the prices of the microinverters from Enphase. To get a quote from Enphase you can visit their official website.

ModelIQ8 SeriesIQ7 SeriesLegacy Series
Price Range$223 to $189$194 to $79$219 to $181

SolarEdge: To get a price quote and information about products from SolarEdge you can contact them by visiting their official website. Here are the prices of the power optimizers and inverters from SolarEdge.

ProductPower Optimizers (MC4) ConnectorInverters
ModelSolarEdge P505 505w Power OptimizerSolarEdge S Series Optimizer rated for 440W/60VSolarEdge Energy Hub SE10000H-US 10.0kW Single Phase Hybrid InverterSOLAREDGE HD WAVE SE5000H-US 5KW INVERTER
Approximate Price$107.99$101.99$3,389.00$1,734.00

Note: The prices are subject to change and you must conduct thorough research before making your choice.

If we take the example of a 5KW on-grid system for both brands, excluding the additional accessories and installation charges, the prices would be

  • An Enphase Inverter system would cost around $3880, assuming that the 5kW system has around 20 solar panels with 20 IQ7 series microinverters.
  • SolarEdge Inverter system would cost around $2900, assuming that the 5kW system has around 20 solar panels with 20 Power optimizers and a 5kW string inverter.

SolarEdge Vs Enphase Warranty

Warranty is an important factor for choosing solar inverters, offering protection and peace of mind in the case of defects. Enphase has a better warranty than SolarEdge as the former offers a 25-year warranty at no extra cost, covering the replacement and labor costs of any defective or malfunctioning microinverters. Whereas you are required to pay an additional fee to increase SolarEdge’s inverter warranty from 12 years to 20–25 years.

Which is Better: Enphase or SolarEdge?

Enphase and SolarEdge are both reputable and reliable brands of solar inverters, they both offer innovative and high-quality products that can enhance the performance, efficiency, and safety of the solar system.

Enphase offers a more user-friendly solar monitoring system with fewer failures.
It also has better customer service and support with fewer complaints and problems with its products. On the other hand, SolarEdge has a cheaper setup cost with better efficiency.

In this Enphase vs SolarEdge comparison, we can conclude that the choice depends on your budget, system size, location, and personal preference. However, before making any final purchase, compare the features and benefits, and get multiple quotes from different solar installers.

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