Here is how life looks like for Non-Tesla EV drivers at Tesla Superchargers


Not every good news comes without any strings attached. Usually, there’s good news that comes just as a salad with food on the side which is how the latest development for non-Tesla EV drivers who can now use Tesla Supercharger feels. Here is how life looks like for non-Tesla EV drivers at Tesla Superchargers.

In a move forced by the government, Tesla has now allowed people with EVs from other brands to get their cars charged at their charging network. While that right there is four salad-esque good news there are a whole lot of issues that come with this move and calling them the main course would be an understatement.

First of all, it remains to be found out just how many Tesla charge stations support vehicles from other brands and their location which is something people have been helping each other with on various social media websites. Another issue is that charge stations don’t have a particular booth dedicated to non-Tesla EVs and since different brands have charge ports at different places on their car the charge station might be connected more often than not.

Not to mention that Supercharger stations having short cords make it worse. Another problem that exists is the amount of current given out by Tesla’s Superchargers. The more recent car versions that can accept up to 350 kilowatts will be stuck with a 400-volt charger and that means the charging will happen slowly.

And in the long list of problems the last one is that non-Tesla EV owners will see themselves paying more for charging at Tesla stations as compared to their counterparts.

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The motive behind this move can be understood as that is what brands do to make sure their loyal customers aren’t displeased, however, it will do nothing to decrease the wait time at a Tesla charge station in the future.

Now it is known that the national charging network in the US isn’t that great where you may face issues like using tons of apps to make payments or where there are more broken chargers than working ones. Compared to this Tesla is way ahead even though they too have their fair share of problems. Tesla Superchargers are more reliable and in better shape than their counterparts.

So here is how life looks like for non-Tesla EV drivers at Tesla Superchargers as that’s some bittersweet news right there to gulp for non-Tesla EV owners.

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