14 Best Solar Pool Pumps Submersible and Above Ground Models


Choose pumps based on your pool size and volume.

Millions of pool owners worldwide are familiar with the challenges of maintaining clear water, often resorting to expensive grid-powered pumps. However, a smarter solution exists, solar pool pumps. In this guide, we will explore the best solar pool pumps available and provide guidance on selecting the one that suits your needs.

Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above-Ground Models

Say goodbye to traditional pool pumps and hello to a smarter way of pool maintenance. Our list of the best solar pool pumps brings you a lineup of energy-efficient and sustainable options.

1. Sun Pumps 115GPM 240V 60FT Head Solar Pool Pump

JAN 23 Best Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above Ground Models 1
Pic Credit: Sun Pumps

Sun Pumps SCP series introduces solar-powered centrifugal pool pumps featuring reliable brushless DC motors. You have two options: the BC series with a 2” outlet, and the BV High Volume series with a 2 ½â€ outlet, designed for larger pools. These pumps can replace AC-powered pool pumps up to 3 HP, providing ongoing savings as they run solely on solar power.

The versatility of Sun Pumps SCP series extends beyond pool water filtration to include fountains, water features, pond aeration, aquaculture water circulation, and irrigation for small farms. These pumps are designed to work independently, using solar energy to deliver water where needed without relying on traditional electric sources.


  • Flow range is between 80 to 170 gallons per minute (300 to 640 liters per minute).
  • Designed to work efficiently with a head range of 10 to 75 feet (3 to 23 meters).
  • Operates within a DC voltage range of 180 to 240 volts.
  • The controller used for this pump is the PCC 240-BLS-M2 model.
  • For suction, you have the option of sizes 2 inches or 2 1/2 inches NPT.

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2. VEVOR Pool Pump

JAN 23 Best Pool Pumps: VEVOR Pool Pump
Pic Credit: Vevor

Operating at 72VDC, this VEVOR pump is among the best solar pool pumps. It reaches about 62FT with a flow rate of 92GPM. With a 48 mm inlet/outlet diameter, this pump is solar-powered and ideal for pools. It efficiently works with two 330W solar panels arranged in a 36V series setup.

This pump is widely used in homes and industries, especially for saltwater applications. It comes with a 900W stainless motor that ensures durability and power. Its impeller enhances flow and reduces noise, while built-in heat-triggered protection prevents overheating during operation. It is among the best solar-powered pool pumps for above-ground pools.


  • Detachable large filter barrel for easy cleaning; transparent lid provides a clear view of sewage.
  • The highly sealed design prevents water leakage, ensuring reliable water pumping operation.
  • Solar panels provide energy to the pump, harnessing power from the sun.
  • Constructed with sturdy, corrosion-resistant commercial-grade reinforced thermoplastic.
  • Includes controller and cables for seamless connection to solar panels.
  • Plastic wrench included for convenient removal of filter lid.

It is suitable for swimming pools, thermal springs, fishponds, and irrigation systems. In case you are looking for the best solar irrigation system, click the link.

3. Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump

pool pumps: Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump
Pic Credit: INTEX

The Intex® 2,500 GPH Krystal Clear™ Filter Cartridge Pump keeps your pool water clean. With a pump flow rate of 2,500 gallons per hour and a system flow rate of 1,900 gallons per hour, this pump effectively circulates and filters your above-ground pool water, ensuring it stays clear and refreshing. Keeping the pump in good condition is easy—just replace the cartridge every 2 weeks. It requires Type B filter cartridges, which should be swapped out regularly.


  • Hydro Aeration® Technology by Intex® revolutionizes above-ground pools with innovative water aeration methods.
  • Enhanced circulation, improved water clarity, and increased negative ions at the water surface.
  • Specially designed for above-ground pools.
  • Easy installation, attach hoses, and plug-in (partial assembly required).
  • Double insulated pump for safety and an auto timer with preset cycles of 2 to 12 hours.
  • The air release valve prevents air trapping in the filter chamber.
  • Sediment flush valve and one replaceable, easy-to-clean filter cartridge.
  • Meets UL/CSA standards for safety.
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

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4. Harris ProForce Above Ground Pool Pump

JAN 23 Best Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above Ground Models 4
Pic Credit: Doheny’s

It is a very useful solar powered pool pump for above ground pool use. Equipped with a double-sized seal, this Harris ProForce above-ground pool pump ensures an extended motor lifespan through enhanced protection. Its internal threading measures 1.5 inches, while the external threading spans 2.5 inches.

Compliant with all CSA and ETL requirements, it guarantees safe operation. Despite costing less than prominent brands, it delivers dependable performance and exceptional value. The combination of heavy-duty construction and advanced engineering leads to efficient operation and reduced noise.


  • The clear cover enables easy observation of the strainer basket, indicating cleaning needs.
  • A convenient drain plug facilitates effortless winter maintenance.
  • The strainer comes with a large, easily cleaned filter basket.
  • Long motor life ensured by 100% drip-proof, heat-resistant, double-sized seal.
  • Corrosion-proof Stainless Steel motor shaft, paired with a reinforced thermoplastic body, enhances durability and longevity.
  • Reliable, all-weather performance and quiet operation guaranteed.
  • Equipped with a standard three-prong grounded 6ft cord connection, operating at 115 Volt.
  • Backed by a hassle-free 1-year warranty.

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5. Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit

Pool Pumps: Solariver
Pic Credit: Solariver

Talking of the submersible solar water pump, this Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit is a great solution for moving lots of water without needing electricity. It’s ideal for natural pools, big fountains, ponds, waterfalls, gardens, and more. You can use it in places where you don’t want to use electricity or want to save on energy costs. Now, let’s explore the features of this submersible solar water pump:


  • Dry-run protection prevents pump burnout without water.
  • Durable brushless magnetic motor, 20,000-hour life, low noise, submersible in any water.
  • Safe for aquatic life, non-toxic in fresh/salt water.
  • Easy installation, no wiring/electricity/pro skills needed.
  • Powerful 900+ GPH pump for gardens/ponds/waterfalls.
  • Weather-resistant and reliable in any climate.
  • Two 35-watt solar panels for sustainable power.
  • Cuts electricity costs, and lowers environmental impact.
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean.
  • 1-year warranty.

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6. Sunray 0.5HP Solar Pool Pump Brush-Type 72V Motor

JAN 23 Best Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above Ground Models 6
Pic Credit: SunRay

Sunray stands out as a reliable American brand known for its quality. They offer individual solar pool pumps, pump-panel combinations, and all-inclusive packages for hassle-free photovoltaic pool pump systems. Notably durable, their products boast a long lifespan.

This pump, though affordable, features a 0.5HP motor (ideal for small pools) and 72V power. Its cost-effectiveness arises from using a brush-type motor, which typically demands significant maintenance, potentially negating initial savings over brushless options.


  • Durable DC motors with long-life brushes, eliminate the need for belts and pulleys.
  • Constructed from high-performance thermoplastic, these single-stage centrifugal pumps resist mineral and algae deposits while maintaining strength.
  • A built-in basket strainer on the suction side enhances protection.
  • Solar-powered pool pump for an above-ground pool.
  • Designed for simplicity in installation and field servicing without specialized tools.
  • Pollution-free, corrosion-free, self-lubricating, and quiet, they suit remote water supply needs.

This pump finds its application in pool water filtration, fountains, aquaculture, irrigation, and more.

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7. PWS 48V 0.75HP Solar Powered Swimming Pool Pump

JAN 23 Best Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above Ground Models 7
Pic Credit: Amazon

This PWS Pump is among the best solar pool pumps. It is apt for people who are looking for an appealing yet budget-friendly solar pump. Boasting a maximum flow rate of 75GPM and a head of up to 49ft, it operates efficiently with a modest 500W power requirement, thanks to its 0.75HP capacity.


  • Comes with an MPPT controller to ensure optimal performance and provides real-time monitoring. If you want to buy the best MPPT solar charge controller, check out this link.
  • Easy to clean, detachable filter barrel with transparent lid.
  • The sealed design prevents leaks and ensures reliable water pumping.
  • Easy installation, ideal for different water pumping requirements.

It is a versatile pump as it can be used for pools, thermal springs, fishponds, and irrigation.

8. 1.2HP 900W 72V Solar Swimming Pool Pump w/ Controller

JAN 23 Best Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above Ground Models 8
Pic Credit: Amazon

This 1.2HP solar pool pump is quite affordable and durable. It boasts about 1.2 horsepower and 900W. With a maximum flow rate of 92GPM and a head of up to 62 feet, it also includes an MPPT controller like the previous model. Offering greater power at a budget-friendly price, this pump is a good recommendation for those focused on budget considerations.


  • Solar-powered pool pump for an above-ground pool.
  • Includes an efficient MPPT controller, needing fewer solar panels for full-speed pump operation than other types.

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9. Happybuy Solar Swimming Pool Pump

Happybuy Solar Swimming Pool Pump
Pic Credit: Amazon

This Happybuy solar powered pool pump comes with a 72V DC motor, ideal for both homes and industries. It boasts a flow rate of 136 GPM and can reach a height of 62 ft. With a 60 mm inlet/outlet diameter, it’s suitable for use with six 300W 30V solar panels. The robust 1200W DC motor ensures durability, rust resistance, and efficient flow while minimizing noise. A built-in heat-triggered protection system prevents overheating during operation, contributing to its longevity. Please note that solar panels are not included with this pump.


  • Detachable large filter barrel for easy cleaning.
  • The transparent lid offers a clear view of the sewage inside.
  • A highly sealed design prevents water leakage.
  • Constructed with durable, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic.
  • Comes with a controller and cables for solar panel connection.
  • A plastic wrench is included for easy filter lid removal.
  • Convenient installation and usage.

It is a versatile choice for different water pumping needs. It’s ideal for pools, thermal springs, fishponds, and irrigation.

10. Pumpplus Solar Swimming Pool Pump System

Pumpplus Solar Swimming Pool Pump System
Pic Credit: Amazon

Equipped with a 0.68HP full oil permanent magnet brushless DC motor (without Hall), this Pumpplus Solar Swimming Pool Pump is among the best solar pool pumps. It delivers a maximum flow of 4490 GPM and can reach a head of 50 feet.

Driven by solar panels, it offers substantial electricity savings throughout the swimming season. The solar panels themselves boast a lifespan of up to 25 years.


  • Equipped with an MPPT controller for enhanced solar power efficiency and circuit protection.
  • Includes cables for easy connection.

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11. Leblett Solar Swimming Pool Pump

Leblett Solar Swimming Pool Pump
Pic Credit: Amazon

Leblett solar swimming pool pump is a versatile solution for tasks like pool maintenance, cleaning, and hot water circulation. It also enhances water pressure, supports garden sprinkling, and aids irrigation. Powered by solar off-grid energy, it efficiently utilizes sunlight. With a 14-meter delivery head and the capability to suction water from up to 8 meters deep, it guarantees dependable performance in various situations. Importantly, the pump is crucial for maintaining clean and effective pool systems, making it essential for both recreational and practical purposes.


  • Rated Power of 500W.
  • Max pump rate of 15,000L/H or 66GPM.
  • In-built filtration basket prevents fine debris, maintaining clear pool water.
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning; transparent twist-on cover for simple monitoring.
  • LED screen displays live RPM, current, and voltage, ensuring stable performance.
  • Low maintenance and durable, offering long-lasting operation.
  • Comes with an MPPT charge controller.

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12. Yaminie Solar Swimming Pool Pump

Yaminie Solar Swimming Pool Pump
Pic Credit: Amazon

The Yaminie solar pool pump helps maintain a clean pool. It uses a special filter to catch debris, ensuring your pool stays crystal clear. The solar pump controller is smart too – it powers the efficient pump motor using the latest tech, making sure water flows strongly in any situation. Plus, it keeps the pump safe from issues like starting too often in low light, getting too hot, or running without water.


  • Max. pump rate of 15,000L/H or 66GPM.
  • Rated power of 500W.
  • Best open circuit voltage range of 60-90v.
  • Employs advanced MPPT technology for maximum flow.
  • Safeguards submersible pump from low light starts, overheating, and dry running.
  • A durable alloy mechanical seal ensures reliability and a longer lifespan.
  • Intelligent water shortage protection stops the pump when the well is dry, and auto-restarts later.
  • Works for in-ground and above-ground pools, requiring only solar panels.

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13. Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

JAN 23 Best Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above Ground Models 13
Pic Credit: Amazon

The Hayward Super Pump is an advanced, large-capacity pool pump that’s cost-efficient and built to last. It’s designed for all types and sizes of in-ground pools and spas. The pump’s efficient Noryl impeller creates strong water flow using less power, saving you electricity. Its big 110 cubic-inch basket holds more leaves and debris, reducing cleaning frequency.


  • All its components are crafted from durable, corrosion-proof PermaGlass XL material.
  • Convenient swing-aside hand knobs make removing the strainer cover easy.
  • A transparent Lexan cover allows a visual check of the basket for cleaning needs.
  • Easy installation in existing in-ground pools due to a stable base.
  • Robust one-piece housing with full-flow ports for quick priming and ongoing operation.
  • Simple access to internal parts for maintenance.
  • Motor and drive group assembly removal (four bolts) without disturbing pipes or mounts.
  • Guarantees quiet, dependable, and efficient operation with a proven track record.

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14. JENENSERIES Pump 500W DC 48V Solar Water Pumps

JAN 23 Best Solar Pool Pumps: Submersible and Above Ground Models 14
Pic Credit: Amazon

JENENSERIES Pump is a 48V DC submersible solar water pump. It features a 3-inch diameter and a 9.8ft extension cable. With a maximum head of 120m and a flow rate of 1.8m³/h, this pump is equipped with an MPPT controller, making it ideal for various applications including farms, gardens, homes, pools, and industrial settings.

The pump’s versatility is underscored by its compatibility with solar energy. Crafted from 304 stainless steel, it can operate using batteries for on-demand pumping. For optimal performance, connecting it to solar panels is recommended, as they offer high energy conversion rates, environmental friendliness, and lower energy consumption. Let’s take a look at the key features of this submersible solar water pump.


  • Maximum flow rate of 7.9 gallons per minute.
  • PV open circuit voltage range of 42-100V.
  • Intelligent water shortage sensor for automatic protection when water is lacking.
  • The pump motor features an NSK bearing with an efficient permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor.
  • The high-quality controller uses MPPT technology for optimal flow. This prevents issues like low-light starts, overheating, and dry running.
  • LED display for monitoring working conditions.

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Best Solar Pool Pump: Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right solar pool pump involves considering several important factors to match your specific needs. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Pool Size and Volume

The size of your pool matters. Bigger pools need stronger pumps for efficient water circulation. Pick a pump with a gallons per minute (GPM) rating that suits your pool’s size.

2. Solar Panel Efficiency

Good solar panels are crucial. Choose high-quality, efficient panels that generate enough power for the pump. Think about panel size and quantity to meet the pump’s energy requirements and ensure optimal performance. If you already own a panel, here are 16 ways to increase solar panel efficiency.

3. Pump Flow Rate

The pump’s flow rate affects water circulation speed. Decide on your pool’s desired turnover rate, and how quickly all the water cycles through the filter. Larger pools or busy pools benefit from higher flow rates.

4. Maintenance and Durability

Go for a durable, low-maintenance solar pool pump. Select pumps made from quality materials for enduring use in various weather conditions. Opt for easy-to-access filters and strainers for simple cleaning and upkeep.

To conclude, there is a variety of solar pool pumps available in the market, and we have highlighted some top choices for you. To choose the right one, consider factors such as your pool’s size, panel efficiency, flow rate, durability, and maintenance needs. For more such comprehensive reviews, check out this link.

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